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Pronunciation: /saɪd/

Translation of side in Spanish:


  • 1 countable/numerable (surface — of cube, record, coin, piece of paper) lado (masculine), cara (feminine); (— of building, cupboard) lado (masculine), costado (masculine); (— of mountain, hill) ladera (feminine), falda (feminine) this side up este lado hacia arriba we laid the wardrobe on its side colocamos el armario de costado or de lado they threw him over the side lo arrojaron por la borda the reverse side of the form el reverso del impreso 1,000 words is about three sides 1.000 palabras son más o menos tres carillas the right/wrong side of the fabric el derecho/revés de la tela you've got it wrong side out lo tienes al revés coin 1 1
    Example sentences
    • The policemen had taken up battle positions on the other side of the gate.
    • The man then sat down across the table from him and folded his arms on the desk as the guards took up positions at the sides of the door.
    • Your arms should be directly in front of your body or slightly out to the sides in the start position.
    Example sentences
    • There is a side entrance from the front of the house into the kitchen pantry area.
    • Turn it over and look at the top, front, back, sides and bottom.
    • The house has a side entrance, large garden to the rear and off street parking.
    Example sentences
    • Cuboid cores are prepared blocky-like cubes of chert, with blades often produced on six sides.
    • The album cover can only have been designed, and approved, by someone who owns dice with more than six sides.
    • However, some have pointed out that many crystals have six sides rather than four.
    Example sentences
    • Encouraged, though shy, Moon started using both sides of the paper.
    • Most campus printers are way cheaper when you use both sides of the paper.
    • Staff and children alike reused paper, photocopied on both sides and shredded waste paper.
    Example sentences
    • You requested three or four numbers, so I have filled up one side of a cassette tape.
    • There are six tracks split over two sides of vinyl, featuring daytime recording on one side and night-time workouts on the flip.
    • Reliably, however, she woke up each time it was time to change sides on the tape.
  • 2 countable/numerable (boundary, edge) he left it on the side of his plate lo dejó en el plato, a un lado or (River Plate area/Río de la Plata) a un costado they were playing by the side of the pool estaban jugando junto a or al lado de la piscina the house is by the side of a lake la casa está a orillas de un lago a hamburger with salad on the side (American English/inglés norteamericano) una hamburguesa con una guarnición de ensalada write it here at the side escríbalo aquí al margen
  • 3 countable/numerable (of person) costado (masculine); (of animal) ijada (feminine), ijar (masculine) he sleeps on his side duerme de costado or de lado a side of beef media res (feminine) a side of pork medio cerdo (masculine) Roy stood at her side Roy estaba a su lado he flew in from Washington to be at her side voló desde Washington para estar con ella or para acompañarla they sat side by side estaban sentados uno junto al otro or uno al lado del otro the houses were built side by side las casas estaban construidas una al lado de la otra various ethnic groups live side by side here varios grupos étnicos conviven aquí to work side by side with sb trabajar codo con codo con algn to get on the wrong side of sb ganarse la antipatía de algn to stay o keep on the right side of sb no predisponer* a algn en contra de uno
    Example sentences
    • Preserved pork, including sides salted to make bacon, held a place of primary importance in the British diet in past centuries.
    • Mounds of oysters, long sides of smoked salmon and busy chefs cooking right in front of you are assurance enough of simple stuff done well.
    • Murdoch arrived just a little bit later driving a wagon laden with sides of beef and pork for the barbecue.
  • 4 countable/numerable (contrasted area, part, half) lado (masculine) the driver's/passenger's side el lado del conductor/pasajero they drive on the left-hand side of the road conducen por la izquierda the church is on the left-hand side la iglesia está a mano izquierda put it on the far side of the table ponlo en el otro extremo or en la otra punta de la mesa shut up, he snarled out of the side of his mouth —cállate —masculló from side to side de un lado al otro on both sides/either side of sth a ambos lados/a cada lado de algo Mary sat on one side of him and Helen on the other tenía a Mary sentada de un lado y a Helen del otro to move to one side hacerse* a un lado move this box to one side corre la caja hacia un lado to take sb to one side llamar a algn aparte to put sth on/to one side I'll put it to one side until I have more time lo voy a dejar hasta que tenga más tiempo if you pay a deposit, we'll put it to one side for you si nos deja un depósito se lo reservamos or se lo guardamos they live the other side of the border viven al otro lado de la frontera he swam to the other side of the river nadó hasta la otra orilla or hasta el otro lado del río she walked past on the other side of the street pasó por la acera de enfrente this side of sth the bank is this side of the station el banco está antes de llegar a la estación you won't find a better goulash this side of Budapest solo en Budapest podrá comer un 'goulash' mejor que este it won't happen this side of the election no sucederá antes de las elecciones he's the right/wrong side of 40 tiene menos/más de 40 años she received support from all sides recibió apoyo de todos los sectores on the side he repairs cars on the side arregla coches como trabajo extra he was having an affair on the side tenía una amante track 1 6 1
    Example sentences
    • This is an opening in the central wall of the heart that divides the right side from the left.
    • Cut off the arms and neck hole and divide the two sides in two to make four dusters: dampen them slightly and they work a treat without the use of polish.
    • The heart is a muscular pump divided into two sides.
    Example sentences
    • The first man received nine stab wounds to his chest and the left-hand side of his body.
    • Nurses turned my body slowly on its side, so I could sleep and get feeling back in my legs.
    • They keep me even on both sides of my body, and I can stand up without falling backwards or tipping too far forwards.
    Example sentences
    • The Evening Press reported how a van driver had come across the woman slumped in an armchair at the side of the road near shops.
    • She looked up at her surroundings, surprised to note that she was near the side of a road.
    • The two cars, a Volvo and a Metro, had been parked safely at the side of the road outside his home in Foxwood Lane, York.
    Example sentences
    • The public deserve to hear both sides of the argument because this is the single most important decision to face this country.
    • She is a much needed conservative voice in an often liberal media, and will fight to have both sides of every argument heard.
    • On Monday a planning inspector heard both sides of the argument before visiting the site.
  • 5 5.1 countable/numerable (faction) to change sides cambiarse de bando to take sides tomar partido to take sb's side ponerse* de parte or del lado de algn whose side are you on? ¿tú de parte de quién estás? representatives from the union/management side representantes del sindicato/de la patronal she worked for the other side trabajó para el enemigo he came down on the side of the union falló a favor del sindicato 5.2 countable/numerable [Sport/Deporte] equipo (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • Previous England rugby sides, and England teams in many other sports, would have crumbled under the weight of such errors.
    • Overall it was a battling team performance from both sides with the man of the match award going to Liam Chipman.
    • They'll face better sides than this Monaco team, but you can only beat what's put in front of you.
    Example sentences
    • He put a lot of left hand side on the cue ball, sending it round the table.
    5.3 (part) on my/his side por mi/su parte or lado
  • 6 countable/numerable (area, aspect) lado (masculine), aspecto (masculine) the seamy side of New York life el lado or aspecto sórdido de la vida neoyorquina the changes have their positive side los cambios tienen su lado or aspecto positivo to see only one side of the question ver solo un aspecto del asunto a woman with many sides to her character una mujer polifacética or de muchas facetas my brother deals with that side of the business mi hermano se ocupa de esa parte or de ese aspecto del negocio you must listen to both sides of the story hay que oír las dos versiones or las dos campanas this is only one side of the problem este no es sino un aspecto del problema we've kept our side of the bargain nosotros hemos cumplido con nuestra parte del trato it's a little on the short/expensive side es un poco corto/caro the price was a bit on the high side el precio era más bien tirando a caro to look on the bright o sunny/gloomy o black side of sth ver* el lado positivo or bueno/negativo or malo de algo let's look on the bright side; he may still come seamos optimistas, quizás todavía venga
    Example sentences
    • The negative side of this aspect is that self-indulgence may cause physical problems.
    • According to the young bride, her wedding was the bringing together of the emotional and business sides of her character.
    • His delivery and facial expressions expose the many sides of his character and even hint at his own hypocrisy.
  • 7 countable/numerable (line of descent) on her father's side por parte de su padre or por el lado paterno she gets her temper from her father's side el mal genio le viene de la familia del padre, sacó el mal genio de la familia del padre


(before noun, no comparative/delante del nombre, sin comparativo)
  • 1.1 [door/entrance/wall] lateral a side street una calle lateral, una lateral 1.2 (incidental, secondary) [benefit] indirecto, secundario; [issue] secundario 1.3 [Cookery/Cocina] a side order of vegetables una porción de verduras como acompañamiento or guarnición a side salad una ensalada ([ como acompañamiento ])

Phrasal verbs

side with

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
ponerse* de parte or del lado de, tomar partido por

Definition of side in:

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