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Pronunciation: /saɪt/


  • 1 u
    1.1 vista (f) to lose one's sight perder* la vista or la visión to have poor sight tener* mala vista, ver* mal
    More example sentences
    • Likewise, the quality of each sense perception is embodied as a sense consciousness - sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.
    • Our brain gets stimulatory inputs through the special sensory stimuli of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.
    • So in addition to the usual five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, the mental function is counted as the sixth.
    1.2 (eyes) in sb's sight to be equal in the sight of the Law ser* iguales ante la ley in our sight, he was a hero para nosotros, era un héroe
  • 2 u (range of vision) to come into sight aparecer* to lose sight of sth/sb perder* algo/a algn de vista he lost sight of her in the crowd la perdió de vista entre la muchedumbre they've lost sight of the most important thing han perdido de vista lo más importante the finishing line was now in sight ya se veía la meta we were within sight of victory, victory was within sight la victoria estaba cercana as soon as we were out of sight, we began to run cuando ya no nos veían, empezamos a correr she watched until they were out of sight los siguió con la mirada hasta que los perdió de vista (get) out of my sight! ¡fuera de aquí! you'd better keep out of her sight for a while va a ser mejor que no te vea por un rato keep it out of their sight que no lo vean I daren't let him out of my sight for a second no me atrevo a dejarlo solo ni un minuto out of sight, out of mind ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente
    More example sentences
    • For some time now dog snatching has been prevalent in our area and all dogs should be within sight at all times.
    • Indeed, you can find some marvellous fishing within sight and sound of Copenhagen airport itself.
    • The men were drowned within sight and sound and near touching distance of frantic relatives.
  • 3 (act of seeing, view) (no pl) at first sight, she looks younger than Fred a primera vista parece más joven que Fred I took a dislike to him at first sight me cayó mal desde el primer momento it was love at first sight [set phrase] fue amor a primera vista, fue un flechazo at the sight of blood al ver sangre to catch sight of sth/sb we caught sight of them going up the mountain los vimos or los avistamos subiendo la montaña as he opened the drawer, I caught sight of the gun cuando abrió el cajón, pude ver el revólver to know sb by sight conocer* a algn de vista to play at o by sight [Mus] tocar* a primera vista deserters will be shot on sight los desertores serán fusilados en el acto the sight of a cat drives the dog wild el perro se enloquece en cuanto ve un gato I can't stand the sight of him [colloquial/familiar] no lo puedo ver [familiar/colloquial] he bought the goods sight unseen compró los artículos sin haberlos visto antes
    More example sentences
    • We had not one look, glance, sight, glimpse, sound, whisper, touch, tap, smell, scent.
    • Yet worse then all that was the fact that the very sight of him made her hunger for his touch all over again…
    • The sight of the blood and the use of the blade were obviously the key to his sexuality, according to forensic psychologists.
    More example sentences
    • The first step on the road to heaven for each of us is to realize our true spiritual state in the sight of God.
    • The prelude to this is the acknowledgement that all people are equal in the sight of God, which is the enduring logic for the juridical equality of all citizens.
    • Vigilance and piety prevailed over the brute force of nature, and Juliet and John are married in the sight of God as well as of the State of New Jersey.
  • 4 c 4.1 (thing seen) the sparrow is a familiar sight in our gardens el gorrión se ve con frecuencia en nuestros jardines it's not a pretty sight [colloquial/familiar] no es un espectáculo muy agradable it is/it was a sight for sore eyes da/daba gusto verlo your smiling face is a sight for sore eyes da gusto ver tu cara sonriente 4.2 (of untidy or absurd appearance) a sight [colloquial/familiar] I look a sight! ¡estoy horrorosa!, ¡qué parezco! she looks a sight in that dress ese vestido le queda espantoso your room's a real sight tu habitación es un desastre [familiar/colloquial] 4.3
    (sights pl)
    (famous places) the sights los lugares de interés to see o [colloquial/familiar] do the sights visitar los lugares de interés
    More example sentences
    • Most of the city's top tourist sights lie within a single wide bend in the river.
    • They want McDonald's to take down the outsize golden arches that obscure some of the city's tourist sights.
    • Usually, it is the final stop of foreign tourists looking for pretty sights and interesting places to the north of Varna.
    More example sentences
    • Traditional Dutch street organs are a familiar sight in Holland as you would expect, but Territorians don't have to travel overseas to see and hear them.
    • Over the next three years, the bus became a familiar sight to local residents, was visited by the Queen, and won a national award presented by Princess Anne.
    • It's a familiar sight in the middle of the Christmas table or perhaps in a living room window, but their creator explains that one of the four candles should be lit during each week of December.
  • 5 5.1 c (of gun) mira (f) she had the hare in her sights tenía la liebre en la mira 5.2
    (sights pl)
    (ambition) to have sth in one's sights, to have one's sights on sth tener* la mira puesta en algo she's set her sights on the gold tiene la mira puesta en la medalla de oro you have to raise your sights tienes que aspirar a más or [familiar/colloquial] apuntar más alto
    More example sentences
    • And they said the same things but they added that some of their weapons, thermal sights and night vision devices needed updating.
    • Today's armoured battle might take place at night, using thermal imaging devices that are in many ways better than optical sights even on a clear day.
    • There are backup open sights in case the optical sight becomes damaged or is removed.
  • 6 (lot) [colloquial/familiar] a (far o damn) sight happier/richer muchísimo más feliz/rico it's a (far o damn) sight better es muchísimo mejor he's a sight too clever se pasa de listo
    More example sentences
    • I must have been a sight in my blood stained wedding dress and shoes that were still oddly contorted from the crash.
    • Clad in my nightgown and untied work boots, I must have been a sight.

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There are 2 translations of sight in Spanish:



  • 1 [land/ship] divisar, avistar; [person/animal] ver*
    More example sentences
    • Once prey is sighted it is caught by a short, steep dive from the perch.
    • When one observer sighted a whale or whales at the surface, the other would record data.
    • When a scout has sighted a rhino he radios the camp and interested parties then drive and walk to where the [usually sleeping] rhino has been seen.
  • 2 [gun/bow] ajustar la mira de
    More example sentences
    • I sighted carefully down the barrel of my pistol and fired.
    • I yelped and drew my pistol out of its holster faster than I have ever drawn in my life, raised the weapon and sighted down the barrel.
    • He sighted over the barrel of his Winchester and blew apart the skull of the drone nearest to him.

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