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Pronunciation: /saɪt/


  • 1 1.1 (location) emplazamiento (m) [formal]; (piece of land) terreno (m), solar (m) built on the site of a Roman temple construido en el lugar que ocupaba un templo romano this is the site of the battle este lugar fue el escenario de la batalla
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    • Historical monuments, sites and buildings also came under the scrutinising eye of the engineers preparing the draft plan.
    • They are urging planners to tighten controls to prevent developers from building on greenland sites in the area.
    • The group is seeking planning permission on several sites and will begin building on others.
    (building site)
    obra (f) on site in situ, en la obra
    (archeological site)
    yacimiento (m) or emplazamiento (m) (arqueológico) this is a Greek site este es un emplazamiento griego a burial site una necrópolis
    camping (m)
  • 2 [Med] (of fracture) lugar (m), punto (m); (of infection) zona (f)
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    • In the event, 57 farms sites were infected before the first case was diagnosed.
    • They now intend seeking permission to retain and continue using the landfill site at Emo Park.
    • They allow unlimited travel on all trains and access to all event sites on the railway.
  • 3 (on Internet) sitio (m) (before n) site map mapa (m) del sitio
    More example sentences
    • There needs to be URL blocking of spyware sites, and spyware should be in antivirus signature databases.
    • New techniques allow criminal hackers to compromise legitimate sites to download malware to your computer.
    • Now that you have made it possible to create a Weblog, return to your site's home page.

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There are 2 translations of site in Spanish:



  • (often pass) [building/factory] situar*, ubicar* (esp AmL) , emplazar* [formal]
    More example sentences
    • There are concerns about siting a new hall on the recreation field and uncertainty the current building needs as much work as is suggested.
    • Some residents are concerned that new bus stops being sited outside their homes will bring noise and disruption.
    • Siting new power lines is fraught with even more resistance than siting a new power plant.

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