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American English: /skɪn/
British English: /skɪn/

Translation of skin in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 uncountable
    (of person) piel (feminine)
    (esp of face; in terms of quality, condition) cutis (masculine)
    piel (feminine)
    (in terms of color) tez (feminine)
    piel (feminine)
    I can't wear wool next to my skin
    no puedo soportar la lana en contacto con la piel
    she has good/bad skin
    tiene muy buen/mal cutis
    his dark skin
    su tez or piel oscura
    they're sisters under the skin
    en el fondo son muy parecidas
    he really gets inside the skin of his characters
    se identifica totalmente con sus personajes
    by the skin of one's teeth
    por un pelo [colloquial]
    por los pelos [colloquial]
    she caught the plane by the skin of her teeth
    no perdió el avión por un pelo or por los pelos [colloquial]
    it's no skin off my nose
    a mí me trae sin cuidado
    ¿a mí qué me importa?
    it's no skin off her nose or back if you don't see a doctor
    no es ella la que se perjudica si tú no vas al médico
    to be all skin and bones
    estar hecho un esqueleto
    estar en los huesos
    to get under somebody's skin [colloquial]
    crisparle los nervios a alguien
    sacar a alguien de quicio
    to have a thick skin
    ser insensible a las críticas
    to have a thin skin
    ser muy susceptible a las críticas
    to have somebody under one's skin [colloquial]
    estar loco por alguien [colloquial]
    to give somebody some skin (US)
    chocar las manos con alguien (para celebrar)
    to jump or leap or be frightened out of one's skinI nearly jumped out of my skin when …
    casi me muero del susto cuando …
    me llevé tremendo susto cuando … [colloquial]
    (before noun) (cream)
    para la piel
    de la piel
    skin care
    cuidado (masculine) de la piel or del cutis
    skin wound
    herida (feminine) superficial
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    Example sentences
    • Typical teen problems like zits had not touched his flawless pale skin.
    • His lightly muscled tanned bare skin glistened in the sun and he felt very much like an article on display.
    • The light never touched his soft, tan skin.
    1.2 uncountable and countable (of animal, bird, fish)
    Example sentences
    • The Inuit made all their clothing from various animal skins and hides.
    • The Sun Dance ceremony practised by Plains Indians required the skins of dead animals in order to glorify the spirit of the wolf.
    • He doffed his cap, also made from the skin of a dead animal - I later learned it was a raccoon.
    1.3 uncountable and countable (of tomatoes, plums)
    (of potatoes, bananas) piel (feminine)
    cáscara (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Wheat bran and the skins of fruits and vegetables are sources of insoluble fiber.
    • Peel the skin from the roast pepper halves and cut the stem off the aubergine halves.
    • Simply peel away the outer skin of the kiwi and place in a hard-cooked egg slicer.
    1.4 uncountable and countable (of sausage)
    Example sentences
    • In developing countries gut skins dominate the sausage market.
    • Then, I imagine, it is pumped into sausage skins and served in a bun smothered in ketchup and mustard.
    • It is a pudding in the old sense of something enclosed in a sausage skin.
    1.5 uncountable (on milk, custard)
    (on paint) capa (feminine) dura
    Example sentences
    • Meanwhile, thick layers of slate-colored skins began covering their exposed muscles.
    • Islam is just the outer skin of an onion covering animism, Hinduism and other ancient mysteries.
    • The distinctive bumpy skins are used to cover up wounds and to protect them from infection while they heal.
    Example sentences
    • To make matters worse, spinach was often on the menu and there was a skin on the milk they served for breakfast.
    • It is chilly enough that where the water is calm a skin of ice has formed.
    • Air must be excluded from the can by a tight-fitting lid, or a skin can form in the can.
  • 2 uncountable (of vehicle, plane, ship, building)
    Example sentences
    • The hole in the floor was covered with a sliding panel flush with the aircraft's skin.
    • With the wing structure complete, the wings were then covered with aircraft grade mahogany skin.
    • The longerons were good and did not need replacement but we did replace some skins on the lower fuselage.
  • 5 countable (Computing)
    skin (masculine) (conjunto de imágenes o archivo que permiten cambiar la apariencia de un programa)
    Example sentences
    • They swapped modding techniques and hundreds of custom skins over the website message board.
    • The white console is customisable too, with the ability to swap everything from the console's faceplate to the skins on the software interface.
    • For example, will it be possible to use custom skins or will you release tools to allow users to build custom levels?

transitive verb present participle skinning past tense, past participle skinned

  • 1 to skin somebody alive
    desollar vivo a alguien
    arrancarle la piel a tiras a alguien
    skin the tomatoes
    quíteles la piel a los tomates
    pele los tomates
    Example sentences
    • Cows are still skinned and dismembered alive, and pigs are still scalded to death, just like chickens are.
    • He is shown feeding the sheep and skinning a rabbit.
    • Then, when he had finished, he got Zi to help him skin the deer and preserve the meat, in case they ever ran out of food.
  • 2 (scrape)
    Example sentences
    • I'm thinking about skinning my knee, getting rug burns or ‘Indian’ burns, things like that.
    • If you fell and skinned your knee or caught a cold, it was because God had seen you do something wrong.
    • I, however, did seriously skin both my knees and so completely stuff myself it took about 2 hours to recover.
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