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American English: /slip/
British English: /sliːp/

Translation of sleep in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable and countable I need my eight hours' sleep
    yo necesito mis ocho horas de sueño
    her eyes were heavy with sleep
    se le caían los ojos de sueño
    to go to sleep
    she went to sleep almost immediately
    se durmió or se quedó dormida casi inmediatamente
    my foot has gone to sleep to get to sleep
    I can't get to sleep
    no puedo dormirme
    no puedo conciliar el sueño
    try and get some sleep I didn't get any sleep last night
    anoche no dormí nada or no pude dormir
    he is suffering from (a) lack of sleep
    lo que tiene es falta de sueño
    I'm not tired: I had a sleep on the train
    no estoy cansado, dormí un poco en el tren
    I haven't had a decent night's sleep in weeks
    hace semanas que no duermo una noche entera
    to put somebody to sleepI'll give you an injection to put you to sleep
    le voy a dar una inyección para dormirlo
    the cat had to be put to sleep [euphemistic]
    hubo que sacrificar al gato [euphemistic]
    to send somebody to sleep
    (hacer) dormir a alguien
    the motion of the car sent her to sleep
    el movimiento del coche la hizo dormir or la durmió
    his conversation sends me to sleep
    su conversación me duerme
    su conversación me resulta soporífera
    to wake somebody out of her/his sleep
    despertar a alguien
    to walk in one's sleep
    ser sonámbulo
    to talk in one's sleep
    hablar dormido
    deep sleep (Physiology)
    sueño (masculine) profundo
    the big sleep [euphemistic]
    el sueño eterno [euphemistic]
    not to lose any sleep over somebody/something
    no perder el sueño or no preocuparse por alguien/algo
    he's not worth losing any sleep over
    no vale la pena perder el sueño por él
    to sleep the sleep of the just
    Example sentences
    • Based on the results of this study, seven hours of sleep per night seems optimal for longer life.
    • Is there anything else that might allow me at least three hours of continuous sleep at night?
    • As they get older they may need only nine or ten hours of sleep at night, but it varies just as it does for adults.
  • 2 uncountable (in eyes)
    lagañas (feminine plural)
    legañas (feminine plural)
    to rub the sleep from one's eyes
    quitarse or limpiarse las lagañas or legañas
    Example sentences
    • Immediately, the chief appeared at the palisades, rubbing sleep from his eyes, but still awake enough to raise the alarm.
    • It was the same for several human villagers who exited shabby tents, rubbing sleep from their eyes.
    • She rolled to face the door, rubbing sleep from her eyes with one loose fist.

intransitive verb past tense & past participle slept

  • to sleep well/badly
    dormir bien/mal
    he was sleeping soundly when we left
    dormía profundamente cuando nos fuimos
    she slept on despite the noise
    siguió durmiendo a pesar del ruido
    to sleep late
    dormir hasta tarde
    goodnight, sleep tight!
    hasta mañana, que duermas bien or que descanses
    his bed had not been slept in
    no había dormido en su cama
    New York, the city that never sleeps to sleep like a log or a baby or (British) a top [colloquial]
    dormir como un tronco or como un lirón or como un bendito [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I was very tired after the game, having slept badly all week due to the adrenalin of doing gigs or nerves at the upcoming poker.
    • I was worried that I might not have handled it very well and slept badly.
    • Not sleeping had become a constant agitation - and the more he worried about it, the worse he slept.

transitive verb past tense & past participle slept

  • the hotel sleeps 200 guests
    el hotel tiene 200 camas or puede alojar a 200 personas
    Example sentences
    • The package said sleeps six, but I say more comfortably 4 or 5 people.
    • The hotel sleeps over 100 guests, and every bedroom is unique.
    • The Norman Rockwell Room sleeps 4 with one double\full bed and two single beds.

Phrasal verbs

sleep around

verb + adverb
[colloquial] [derogatory]
acostarse con cualquiera

sleep in

verb + adverb
1 (sleep late)
quedarse en la cama
dormir hasta tarde
vivir en (la) casa ( or hospital etc. )

sleep off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
he's still sleeping it off [colloquial]
todavía está durmiendo la mona [colloquial]
they had a huge meal and went to bed to sleep it off
se atiborraron de comida y se fueron a dormir para reponerse

sleep on

verb + preposition + object
consultar con la almohada
I'll sleep on it
lo consultaré con la almohada

sleep out

verb + adverb
1 (outdoors)
dormir al aire libre
vivir fuera

sleep over

verb + adverb (US)
quedarse a dormir

sleep through

1verb + preposition + objecthe slept through the alarm clock
no oyó el despertador y siguió durmiendo
she'll sleep through anything
es capaz de seguir durmiendo aunque haya mucho ruido
he slept through the whole film
durmió durante toda la película
2verb + adverb
seguir durmiendo

sleep together

verb + adverb
tener relaciones (sexuales)

sleep with

verb + preposition + object
acostarse con [euphemistic]
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