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American English: /smɪr/
British English: /smɪə/

Translation of smear in Spanish:


  • 1 (stain) there was a smear of lipstick on his collar
    tenía una mancha or una marca de lápiz labial en el cuello
    Example sentences
    • He slid down the wall, leaving a smear of blood to mark his trail, he struggled to keep his eyes open as he saw a figure move towards him.
    • This is because the tubular orange or yellow flowers end with the petals opening wide to look like a mouth which has a large glossy black splodge on it that looks like a smear of sticky jam.
    • Across one cheek was a scrape; tiny smears of dried blood speckled her mottled skin below her eye.
  • 2 (slander, slur) he was the subject of an attempted smear
    intentaron difamarlo or desprestigiarlo
    Example sentences
    • Prime Minister Tony Blair and his colleagues took Gilligan's report as a serious smear on their reputations.
    • Secondly, many if not most false negative smears can be detected on re-examination, but what does this mean from the legal point of view?
    • Yesterday The Guardian printed a report by John Sutherland branding bloggers of unfairly smearing Rachel Corries' good name - the article then proceeded to indulge in some choice smears of its own.
  • 3 (Medicine) 3.1 (sample)
    Example sentences
    • At external examination, blood smears on the body surface resulting from hematemesis or melena were present in 40 cases.
    • Diagnosis in leishmaniasis depends on microscopic detection of amastigotes in smears of tissue aspirates or biopsy samples.
    • Immunophenotyping is beneficial clinically because in many situations variant types of benign and malignant lymphoid cells resemble one another in routinely stained tissue sections and smears.
    3.2smear (test)
    Example sentences
    • Editor Cuzick et al have reported that testing for human papilloma virus might be used for triage of women with low grade abnormal smears in the NHS cervical screening programmes.
    • In addition, sputum smears and cultures, immunologic assessments, and chest X-ray interpretations were performed without knowledge of treatment assignment.
    • A skin test and sputum smears for tuberculosis were negative.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (spread, daub)to smear something on(to)/over something
    embadurnar algo de algo
    untar algo con algo
    the child smeared paint all over the mirror
    el niño embadurnó todo el espejo de pintura
    he smeared the butter thinly on the bread
    untó el pan con una capa fina de mantequilla
    to smear something with somethingshe smeared her face with cream
    se embadurnó la cara de or con crema
    the walls were smeared with filth
    las paredes estaban cubiertas de mugre
    her face was smeared with blood
    tenía la cara manchada de sangre
    tenía la cara ensangrentada
    Example sentences
    • ‘Honey,’ the therapist says as he smears a new substance onto my back.
    • They smeared chocolate and vanilla ice cream all over each other's faces.
    • Amy set the soon-to-be pizza crust in front of her children, who smeared the pasta sauce from a jar across it.
    Example sentences
    • She didn't completely understand why the sepia still photos looked like they'd been smudged, smeared or painted.
    • The place of meeting was written in her red lipstick and was slightly smeared, but Delilah could manage to decipher its message.
    • Overweight local opera would-be stars were splattered in mid-aria, and in wiping away the blue paint, it smeared and didn't come off.
    1.2 (smudge)
    don't smear my lipstick
    ¡no me corras el lápiz de labios!
  • 2 (slander, libel)
    Example sentences
    • At the press conference, Tsai signed a statement promising not to abuse any person's character, smear anyone's reputation or engage in personal attacks.
    • There's almost nothing you can do when people are determined to smear you like this to completely contain the damage.
    • We naturally assumed that ‘Bring it on’ meant Boyd had the guts to meet us face to face in a fair debate, rather than smearing us in a hit-and-run attack on the pages of his own newspaper.

intransitive verb

  • (paint/ink/lipstick)
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