There are 2 translations of smile in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /smaɪl/


  • sonrisa (f) a welcoming smile una sonrisa de bienvenida to give sb a smile sonreírle* a algn she gave him the sweetest of smiles le sonrió muy dulcemente, le dedicó la mejor de sus sonrisas come on! give us a smile! vamos, sonríe he had a smile on his face when he said that lo dijo sonriente or con una sonrisa en los labios he had a big smile on his face sonreía de oreja a oreja the good news certainly put a smile on her face por cierto que la buena noticia la alegró mucho take that smile off your face ¡déjate de sonrisitas! we'll soon wipe that smile off your face se te van a acabar pronto las ganas de reír she had a bit of a tantrum but now she's all smiles again le dio una rabieta pero ya está otra vez que es un encanto
    More example sentences
    • His shimmering bright blue eyes glittered at me from a tanned face, a warm smile showing a row of white teeth.
    • We're also researching how to interpret facial expressions - smiles and frowns - and how to read eyes.
    • She gave him the winning smile, which now crinkled her middle-aged face.

Definition of smile in:

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There are 2 translations of smile in Spanish:



  • 1.1 sonreír* smile, please! sonríe, por favor what are you smiling about? ¿de qué te ríes?, ¿a qué viene esa sonrisa? keep smiling! ¡que no decaiga el ánimo! to smile with joy/pleasure sonreír* de felicidad/placer to smile at sb sonreírle* a algnto smile at sth she smiled at her daughter's pranks veía con indulgencia las travesuras de su hija he smiled at danger se reía del peligro to smile on sb sonreírle a algn fortune/Heaven smiled on us la fortuna/el cielo nos sonrió or nos fue favorable to come up smiling salir* bien parado 1.2
    (smiling pres p)
    [face/eyes/person] sonriente
    More example sentences
    • The auntie in front turned back and smiled at me while I smiled back sheepishly.
    • His eyes twinkled and when he smiled, his teeth looked bigger and whiter than ever.
    • He looked me straight in the eyes and smiled, showing a mouth only half full of teeth.


  • she smiled her thanks dio las gracias sonriendo or con una sonrisa welcome! she smiled —¡bienvenidos! —dijo sonriendo or sonriente to smile a smile of resignation sonreír(se)* con resignación she smiled a sad/bitter smile sonrió tristemente/amargamente

Definition of smile in: