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American English: /smoʊk/
British English: /sməʊk/

Translation of smoke in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (from fire) the smoke-filled room
    la habitación llena or cargada de humo
    to go up in smoke (hopes)
    quedar en agua de borrajas
    there's no smoke without fire, where there's smoke there's fire
    cuando el río suena … (piedras lleva or agua lleva or (Río de la Plata) agua trae or (Chile) piedras trae)
    (before noun) smoke blue
    azul (masculine) grisáceo
    smoke gray
    gris (masculine) humo
    Example sentences
    • Choking acrid smoke from the burning building engulfed nearby streets and flames could be seen leaping high into the sky.
    • When Mr Glister opened the back door to the club he was met by intense heat and thick smoke from his burning car.
    • He said the large volume of smoke was caused by burning tar.
    1.2 (London) (British) [colloquial] [dated] the Smoke
  • 2 2.1 countable (cigarette) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Chandler pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lit his smoke, after leaning me against the building so I didn't fall over.
    • I heard a voice say hey youngfella, have you got a smoke. I gave him one and we start talking. I ask him how long he has been here.
    • "I came to smoke and talk with my cousin," said Slim Coyote, "so give me a smoke while I'm waiting. He won't mind, he's my cousin."
    Example sentences
    • Expect quiet here today, as I'm off to The Smoke for the day.
    • As you know I had high hopes for this trip to the Smoke.
    • Apparently you can get an illegal handgun down in the Smoke for as little as 2-300.
    2.2 (act) (no plural) to have a smoke
    fumarse un cigarrillo
    I must have a smoke
    me muero por fumarme un cigarrillo
    Example sentences
    • Plus, when he went outside the apartment to take a quick smoke, he just looked like those fathers on the 50's sitcoms.
    • He says that he'd like one of his cigarettes for a smoke, then runs and smashes his hand through the window and gets a carton.
    • Although I was trying to quit smoking, the beer gave me a bad craving and when Mike went for a smoke, I followed and asked to bum one.
    2.3 uncountable (marijuana) [slang]

intransitive verb

  • 1
    do you smoke?
    do you mind if I smoke?
    ¿te molesta que fume or si fumo?
    Example sentences
    • The report also showed 10 per cent of pupils were tobacco smokers - smoking at least one cigarette a week.
    • There are indications that using smokeless tobacco could be as detrimental to fetal health as cigarette smoking.
    • There is no ventilation system that reduces or eliminates the carcinogenic products of second-hand smoke or the sidestream smoke from cigarette smoking.
  • 2 (give off smoke)
    echar humo
    the fire was still smoking
    todavía salía humo de la hoguera
    la hoguera todavía humeaba
    the chimney was smoking in the distance
    se veía a lo lejos el humo de la chimenea
    that wood is smoking badly
    esa madera echa mucho humo
    Example sentences
    • The fire smoked on, until eventually a fireman was given the all-clear to escort me safely to my door.
    • The fires had to be lit and sometimes were left burning all night if there was a smoke problem, as a ‘clear’ fire never smoked.
    • Ships were still smoking and fires kept breaking out on the harbor and Matt knew that no matter what happened after this, he would never forget it.

transitive verb

  • 1
    I smoke ten a day
    (me) fumo diez al día
    he smokes a pipe
    fuma en pipa
    do you mind if I smoke my pipe?
    ¿te molesta si enciendo or (Latin America also) prendo la pipa?
  • 2 (cure)
    Example sentences
    • Smoked salmon can be substituted by any oily fish or even smoked venison or duck.
    • The latter are dumplings made with Bauernspeck, carefully cured and smoked bacon, a prominent speciality of the whole of the Tyrol.
    • Use a smoked gammon knuckle, smoked ham hock or whatever smoked bacon bones you can find - or talk your butcher into selling you the ham bone when they get to the end of carving off the meat.

Phrasal verbs

smoke out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (flush out)
hacer salir (ahumando su guarida etc)
poner al descubierto
2 (fill with smoke) (British) smoke up

smoke up

verb + adverb + object, verb + object + adverb (US)
llenar de humo
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