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American English: /ˈsɑləd/
British English: /ˈsɒlɪd/

Translation of solid in Spanish:

adjective solider, solidest

  • 1 1.1 (not liquid or gaseous) solid food
    alimentos (masculine plural) sólidos
    to become solid
    at what temperature does carbon dioxide become solid?
    ¿a qué temperatura se solidifica el anhídrido carbónico?
    to freeze solid
    congelarse por completo
    Example sentences
    • When heated this produces methane gas and a solid residue of sodium carbonate.
    • A third type, called a hybrid, combines a solid fuel with a liquid oxidizer.
    • The firm began with Mr Wilson selling small amounts of coal, and is now the oldest solid fuel firm in the area, with a very loyal customer base.
    1.2 (not hollow)
    (rubber ball/tire)
    Example sentences
    • The theater is a cavernous space, seemingly carved from a solid mass of desert rock, like Petra, in Jordan.
    • I think of it as arising from pain fibers that are not mucosal but deeper in hollow organs or in solid masses.
    • In the process of being buried under other sediments, these ooids can fuse into a solid mass of sedimentary rock called oolite.
    1.3 (Mathematics) solid figure
    Example sentences
    • He also gives rules for measuring both plane and solid figures, often using arches as examples.
    • Theodosius defines a sphere to be a solid figure with the property that any point on its surface is at a constant distance from a fixed point (the centre of the sphere).
    • This is the first solid figure, the three-dimensional form of the triangle.
    Example sentences
    • The first students of conic sections, and possibly Theaetetus, the creator of solid geometry, were members of the Academy.
    • He goes on to consider solid geometry giving results on prisms, cylinders, and spheres.
    • In the Republic, Plato is critical of the solid geometry of his day, but his criticism makes no mention of the use of instruments.
  • 2 2.1 (unbroken) a solid mass
    una masa compacta
    the traffic's solid all the way from here to town
    la caravana de coches va desde aquí hasta la ciudad
    Example sentences
    • A hypothetical rectangular habitat is outlined by a thick solid line.
    • Thin solid lines enclose a region in which 95% of the simulated data points are expected to lie.
    • The solid line, the dotted line, and the dashed line represent the cases of, and, respectively.
    2.2 (continuous) [colloquial]
    for four solid hours
    durante cuatro horas seguidas
    it was solid rain for another hour
    llovió sin parar una hora más
    Example sentences
    • No reason at all, unless it was the fact that I had a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!
    • I'd been among their ranks for a solid six hours by the time we got to question period, and honestly, by this point all I could think about was getting the hell out of there.
    • Give yourself about six solid months of training to prepare for your first ultra.
    2.3 (Linguistics)solid compound
    (palabra compuesta escrita sin espacio ni guión)
  • 3 3.1 (physically sturdy)
    a man of solid build
    un hombre de complexión robusta
    to have/build solid foundations
    tener/crear una base sólida
    Example sentences
    • Imagine that you are surrounded by an outer shell that is made of a solid material - so strong that nothing can get through to hurt you.
    • The leather steering wheel is bigger than the average, the door handles strong and solid and the pedals sporty.
    • Stacking large slabs on one another against a spine of uprights within a revetment wall seems a very effective way to create an illusion of a well built and solid cairn.
    3.2 (substantial, valuable)
    a solid business
    un negocio sólido
    solid work
    trabajo (masculine) concienzudo
    a good solid worker
    un trabajador serio y responsable
    Example sentences
    • The Nissan Cefiros have had a good reputation all over the world as good, solid, reliable and dependable transport.
    • Aquarius, you only want what every other human being wants: a life that's solid, dependable, and fun.
    • The real man was solid, dependable, loyal, uncomplaining, quick to act and slow to forgive.
    3.3 (firm, definite)
    en firme
  • 4 4.1 (pure)
    touch this arm, solid muscle!
    toca este brazo ¡puro músculo!
    Example sentences
    • The house measures 167 square metres and has solid timber flooring throughout, a maple kitchen and an ADSL line in the study.
    • The apartment itself has solid oak flooring throughout and the inner hall features built-in floor to ceiling fitted wardrobes.
    • The elevated front door opens into a roomy hall decorated in pale aqua and floored in the solid maple that features throughout the living quarters.
    4.2 (unanimous)
    we're absolutely solid on that point
    sobre ese punto estamos en absoluta unanimidad
    to be solid for/against something
    estar unánimemente a favor/en contra de algo
    Example sentences
    • One fact, at least, shows that a change in the law has less solid support than suicide self-help groups might like to think they have.
    • This one-time Democratic bill about reforming the accounting industry now has very, very solid support in the Senate.
    • The controversial talks with Springfield Residents, first revealed on Thursday, are said to have the solid support of the Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast.


  • 1 1.1 (Chemistry, Physics) solids and liquids
    los sólidos y los líquidos
    Example sentences
    • I was reminded of high school physics where we learned that solids conduct sound better than both liquids and gases.
    • All common solids will typically go through one of three types of transformations when heated.
    • But then scientists unexpectedly discovered that the only difference between solids and space was the degree to which the same atoms that composed both were packed more or less closely together.
    1.2 (Mathematics)
    Example sentences
    • In particular he identified the five elements, fire, earth, air, water and celestial matter with the five regular solids, the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron and the dodecahedron.
    • In several smaller wall pieces from 1990, bent cardboard planes are connected by segments of translucent plastic to create lozenge-shaped geometric solids.
    • He abandoned his cherished idea of a universe based on geometric solids when it was obvious that it simply did not fit the evidence.
  • 2
    also: solids plural
    2.1 (in, from liquid)
    sólidos (masculine plural)
    sustancias (feminine plural) sólidas
    milk solids
    sólidos lácteos
    blood/plasma solids
    corpúsculos (masculine plural) de la sangre/del plasma
    2.2 (food)
    alimentos (masculine plural) sólidos
    Example sentences
    • I learned to chew on my left side, and eat only soft foods such as ice cream, rarely touching true solids, like swirls.
    • There is no added salt or corn syrup solids.
    • His diet should start with liquids, then soft foods, and then solids.


  • [colloquial]to be packed/jammed solid
    estar lleno hasta el tope or hasta los topes
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