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American English: /ˈsəmˌθɪŋ/
British English: /ˈsʌmθɪŋ/

Translation of something in Spanish:


  • 1 something different/interesting
    algo distinto/interesante
    something has happened to her
    algo le ha pasado
    something must be broken
    debe de haber algo roto
    have something to eat/drink
    come/bebe algo
    give him something to eat/drink
    dale algo de comer/beber
    may I ask you something?
    ¿puedo preguntarte algo or una cosa?
    have you considered trying something else?
    ¿has pensado en probar con otra cosa?
    do you know something? I think we're lost
    ¿sabes una cosa or sabes qué? creo que nos hemos perdido
    he caught sight of something white
    vio una cosa blanca
    it sounded like something out of a novel
    parecía de novela
    she looks like something out of a fashion magazine
    parece salida de una revista de modas
    or something of the kind
    o algo por el estilo
    there may be something in what she says
    puede ser que tenga algo de razón
    it's not something to be proud of
    no es como para estar orgulloso
    that was something I hadn't expected
    eso no me lo esperaba
    is it something I said?
    ¿qué pasa? ¿qué he dicho?
    it must be something you ate
    te habrá sentado mal algo (que comiste)
    it's not much, but it's something
    no es mucho, pero algo es
    Example sentences
    • It is something like Bob said earlier on, it is something we do in our own time.
    • One of the women hands me a sharp metal lance, something between a sword and a skewer.
    • An impressive high score on an early machine was something like two thousand points.
  • 2 2.1 (in vague statements or approximations) in eighteen hundred and something
    en mil ochocientos y pico or y algo
    she's 30 something, I reckon
    digo yo que tendrá unos 30 y tantos años
    digo yo que tendrá unos 30 y pico [colloquial]
    he said it was because of the traffic or something
    dijo que era por el tráfico o qué se yo
    didn't she say she was going to France or something?
    ¿no dijo que se iba a Francia o no sé dónde?
    have you gone mad or something?
    ¿te has vuelto loco o qué?
    ¿es que te has vuelto loco?
    something in the region of $50,000
    alrededor de 50.000 dólares
    it was something over 12m long
    medía algo más de 12 metros
    Example sentences
    • Probably would be a good idea to stop for something to eat and drink after this, get some energy back.
    • They had stopped at a service station, had something to eat and still caught up with us!
    • It seemed so fitting for a gathering of people remembering something so terrible.
    2.2something likesomething like 200 spectators
    unos 200 espectadores
    the leaves taste something like spinach
    las hojas saben como a espinacas
    he looks something like his brother
    se parece algo a su hermano
    2.3something of (rather)she's something of an eccentric
    es algo excéntrica
    the quartet has earned itself something of a reputation
    el cuarteto se ha ganado una cierta reputación
    he became something of a hermit
    se convirtió en una especie de ermitaño
    it came as something of a surprise
    me ( or nos etc. ) sorprendió un poco
    it's something of a drawback
    no deja de ser un inconveniente
  • 3 (something special) it was quite something for a woman to reach that position
    era todo un logro que una mujer alcanzara esa posición
    no era moco de pavo que una mujer alcanzara esa posición [colloquial]
    that party was something else! [colloquial]
    ¡la fiesta estuvo genial or fue demasiado! [colloquial]
    she's quite something, isn't she?
    (in looks) está bien ¿eh?
    (in general) ¡qué mujer ( or chica etc. )! ¿no?
    there's something about him
    tiene algo
    tiene un no sé qué
    to have (got) something (be talented)
    tener algo
    (perceive something significant) I think you might have something there
    puede que tengas razón


  • (no plural) won't you have a little something (to eat/drink)?
    ¿no quieres comer/beber algo?
    I've prepared a little something, so I hope you're hungry
    he preparado alguna cosita, así que espero que tengas hambre
    she has that certain something
    tiene ese no sé qué


  • [colloquial]my back's playing me up something chronic
    ¡la espalda me tiene … !
    la espalda me está fastidiando de mala manera
    Example sentences
    • It must hurt something terrible.
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