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American English: /sun/
British English: /suːn/

Translation of soon in Spanish:

adverb sooner, soonest

  • 1 (shortly, after a while)
    dentro de poco
    soon the days will be growing longer
    pronto or dentro de poco empezarán a hacerse más largos los días
    I left soon afterward
    yo me fui poco después
    it'll soon be spring
    ya falta poco para (que empiece) la primavera
    they're coming soon after eight
    vienen poco después de las ocho
    we shall soon know her answer
    pronto sabremos su respuesta
    see you soon sooner or later sooner or later they will have to give in
    tarde o temprano tendrán que ceder
    Example sentences
    • Zoe soon arrived and we headed back to Gee's where we sat outside and tried not to sound geeky.
    • Go the other way and you will soon arrive on one of the fabulous southern beaches.
    • I know of men who are in danger of losing their home if the money doesn't arrive soon.
  • 2 2.1 (early, quickly) how soon can you be here?
    ¿cuándo puedes llegar?
    ¿qué tan pronto puedes llegar? (Latin America)
    I finished sooner than I expected
    terminé antes de lo que esperaba
    how soon can you have it ready? — Tuesday at the soonest
    ¿para cuándo me lo puedes tener listo? — para no antes del martes
    all too soon the holidays were over
    las vacaciones pasaron volando
    none too soon, not a minute or moment too soon
    no antes de tiempo
    to speak too soon
    hablar antes de tiempo
    thank God she's gone — don't speak too soon
    gracias a Dios que se ha ido — no cantes victoria
    it'll be here tonight — as soon as that?
    estará aquí esta noche — ¿tan pronto?
    as soon as possible
    lo antes posible
    a la brevedad [formal]
    the sooner the better
    cuanto antes mejor
    the property becomes yours in ten years or upon my death, whichever is the sooner
    la propiedad pasa a ser tuya dentro de diez años o cuando yo me muera, lo que ocurra primero
    she'd steal your purse as soon as look at you
    no tendría ningún escrúpulo en robarte el monedero
    Example sentences
    • At this early stage it is too soon to say whether it has been a good or bad thing to do or what the repercussions of it all might be.
    • I kept putting her off, telling her it was too soon and if we bought it too early it would go off.
    • Sadly, we have also seen, all too soon, the bitter truth that lives are lost in wars.
    2.2 (as conjunction) as soon as as soon as he told me
    en cuanto me lo dijo
    tan pronto como me lo dijo
    as soon as you've finished, you can go
    en cuanto hayas terminado or tan pronto como hayas terminado, te puedes ir
    no sooner had we set out than it began to rain
    apenas nos habíamos puesto en camino cuando empezó a llover
    no bien nos pusimos en camino, empezó a llover
    no sooner said than done
    dicho y hecho
  • 3 (in phrases) as soon … (as)we'd as soon you didn't tell our father
    preferiríamos que no se lo dijeses a papá
    I'd as soon quit as work under a boss like that
    antes que trabajar con un jefe así, me voy
    I'd just as soon stay at home (as go out)
    no me importaría quedarme en casa
    tanto me da quedarme en casa (como salir)
    sooner … (than)I'd sooner not go, to be honest sooner than go against her principles, she handed in her notice
    antes que actuar en contra de sus principios, prefirió dimitir
    sooner you than me!
    mejor tú que yo
    me alegro de no ser yo el que tiene que hacerlo
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