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American English: /ˈsɑri/
, /ˈsɔri/
British English: /ˈsɒri/

Translation of sorry in Spanish:

adjective sorrier, sorriest

  • 1 (predicative) 1.1 (grieved, sad) I'm sorry
    lo siento
    oh, I am sorry; when did it happen?
    ¡cuánto lo siento!; ¿cuándo ocurrió?
    I'm very sorry, but I can't help you
    lo siento mucho or lo siento en el alma, pero no te puedo ayudar
    to feel or be sorry for somebodyI feel so sorry for you/him
    te/lo compadezco
    I felt or was so sorry for him when he got turned down
    me dio mucha pena or lástima cuando lo rechazaron
    to feel sorry for oneself
    lamentarse de su ( or tu etc. ) suerte
    he was looking very sorry for himself
    tenía un aspecto muy triste or abatido
    to be sorry about somebody/somethingI'm very sorry about what happened
    siento or lamento mucho lo que ocurrió
    I'm sorry about Clara having to have that operation
    siento que Clara tenga que operarse
    to be sorry to + infinitiveI'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job
    siento que no te hayan dado el puesto
    I wasn't sorry to see the back of him
    no me apenó or no lamenté que se fuera
    I'm sorry to have to tell you that …
    siento tener que decirte que …
    to be sorry (that)
    sentir que + subjunctive
    I'm sorry you can't come
    siento or lamento que no puedas venir
    Example sentences
    • ‘I am sorry for Mrs McCabe and I'm sorry her husband was killed - we have no argument with her,’ Mr Adams added.
    • They are sorry for the inconvenience to customers, but not that sorry.
    • I'm sorry for being so damned insensitive in the first place, and I'm sorry about the whole Steve thing.
    1.2 (apologetic, repentant) to say sorry
    pedir perdón
    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you
    perdóname or lo siento or disculpa, no fue mi intención ofenderte
    sorry to bother you, but …
    perdone or disculpe que lo moleste, pero …
    to be sorry for/about something
    arrepentirse de algo
    you'll be sorry (for this)!
    ¡te arrepentirás (de esto)!
    ¡me las vas a pagar!
    aren't you the least bit sorry for what you've done?
    ¿no sientes ningún remordimiento por lo que has hecho?
    I'm really sorry about the dull meal
    siento mucho que la comida sea tan pobre
    I'm very/terribly/awfully sorry about last night
    siento muchísimo lo de anoche
    mil perdones por lo de anoche
    to be sorry (that)I'm sorry I didn't make it to your party
    siento no haber podido ir a tu fiesta
    I'm only sorry I didn't leave sooner
    lo único que lamento es no haberme ido antes
    Example sentences
    • We are very sorry that Mrs Collins has experienced distress, and we are still waiting to establish the facts.
    • One juror identified as Roy said a lot of people want you to have sympathy for her and feel sorry.
    • I am sorry to hear of your distress, but I assure you that this is not an uncommon problem.
  • 2 (as interjection) 2.1 (expressing apology)
    lo siento
    (awfully/so) sorry! (British)
    sorry, I didn't realize it was you
    perdona or perdóname or disculpa or discúlpame, no me había dado cuenta de que eras tú
    Example sentences
    • I may post more later, if I can sort out my thoughts better (my brain is slush at the moment, sorry!)
    • But if pre-Christians come expecting God - sorry!
    • And I lost his answer, sorry!
    2.2 (asking speaker to repeat) (British)
    ¿cómo (dice)?
    sorry? I didn't quite catch that
    ¿cómo? no le he oído bien
    Example sentences
    • So sorry, just to understand your question, if an ET1 is received, what would we like to be doing immediately?
    2.3 (expressing disagreement)
    lo siento
    (I'm) sorry, but I disagree
    lo siento pero no estoy de acuerdo
  • 3 (pitiful, miserable, regrettable) (before noun) he was a sorry sight
    tenía un aspecto lamentable
    daba pena verlo
    the house was in a sorry state when we got back
    la casa estaba en un estado lamentable cuando volvimos
    Example sentences
    • A neglected garden is a sorry sight and a poor producer.
    • Pity instead the poor public, those sorry souls into whose lives the media machine has pumped a decade's worth of pouting.
    • You've proved that your a bunch of sorry pitiful bastards.
    Example sentences
    • Add to these charges the negligence and incompetence shown throughout this sorry affair.
    • Update: that was just me moaning because my bank account was in a sorry state.
    • There then follows the sorry account, previously reported in these sports pages, of an Italian sausage and a brutal beating from a Pittsburgh Pirate.
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