There are 2 translations of sow in Spanish:


(past tense of/pasado de sowed past participle of/participio pasado de, sowed or , sown)
Pronunciation: /səʊ/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 (plant) [seeds/barley/field] sembrar* to sow a field with wheat sembrar* un campo de trigo to sow (the seeds of) discord/hatred sembrar* la discordia/el odio to sow (the seeds of) doubt in sb's mind sembrar* (la semilla de) la duda en algn
    More example sentences
    • Three seeds were sown and plants thinned to one per pot when the first trifoliate leaf emerged.
    • With wheat, for example, men tend to prepare the earth and sow the seed, while women and children do much of the weeding.
    • Four seeds were sown per pot and thinned to a single plant nearest the center.
    More example sentences
    • They are otherwise treated as annuals and a fresh crop is sown from seed yearly.
    • However, food supply has deteriorated as fewer and fewer farmers exist and little or no grain crops are sown.
    • Afghan farmers have returned to cotton cultivation, sowing the crop over 6,000 hectares of land in the northern Kunduz province after decades of strife.
    More example sentences
    • As a result, 14,313 acres of land were sown a second time around.
    • ‘In previous years, no one even bothered to plant crops because our lands were dry like a desert, but that has all changed and everyone is sowing their land,’ he said.
    • The drought has caused great harm to the growing of wheat in the province, with more than about 733,000 hectares of wheat land unable to be sown.
    1.2 [mines] plantar, poner* to sow a field with mines sembrar* un campo de minas
    More example sentences
    • After the Soviet Army sowed the passes with mines it ceased and has never, so far as I know, recommenced.
    • Mines can be sown in deep water, and are propelled at high speed towards a target, like a miniature homing torpedo.
    • They had sown a lot of mines in the roads and fields nearby and when walking from our house to the flight line we had to stay within a yardwide path which had been cleared of mines and marked with strips of white tape.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • sembrar* as you sow, so shall you reap [Bible] lo que siembres cosecharás

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There are 2 translations of sow in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /saʊ/


  • 1 [Agric] [Zoology/Zoología] cerda (feminine), puerca (feminine)
    More example sentences
    • A day before the sows are ready to farrow, the farrowing boxes are set up in the rooms.
    • In the fall, he makes a daily chore out of selecting the best ears to plant the following season and feeding the culled ears to his gestating sows on pasture.
    • Claw lesions were reported to be more common in loose-housed sows than in either tethered or stallhoused sows.
    More example sentences
    • If the sow has not eaten enough to sustain herself over the hibernation, the egg will not implant.
    • Management of the trial was designed to minimise adverse welfare effects on the badgers and included a three-month period in the spring during which no culling took place in order to protect lactating sows and their cubs.
    • Bill and Madeline had even schooled the children in poses for various combinations of bears: a solo male, a sow with cubs.

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