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past tense spoke or [archaic] spake past participle spoken
American English: /spik/
British English: /spiːk/

Translation of speak in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (say something) sorry, did you speak?
    perdón ¿dijiste algo? or ¿me hablaste?
    to speak to or (esp US)with somebody
    hablar con alguien
    hablarle a alguien
    could I speak to or with you for a moment?
    ¿puedo hablar contigo un momento?
    ¿puedo hablarte un momento?
    wake up Mark, speak to me!
    ¡Mark despierta, di algo!
    he doesn't speak to me
    no me habla
    no me dirige la palabra
    they are not speaking (to each other)
    no se hablan
    no se dirigen la palabra
    I don't know her to speak to
    solo la conozco de vista
    I'll have to speak to her about her behavior
    tendré que hablar con ella acerca de su comportamiento
    tendré que llamarle la atención sobre su comportamiento
    I've often heard her speak about it
    a menudo la he oído hablar de eso
    to speak of something/somebody/-ing
    hablar de algo/alguien/+ infinitive
    people still speak of him with enormous respect
    aún hoy la gente habla de él con mucho respeto
    you spoke once of making way for someone younger
    una vez mencionaste la idea or hablaste de dejarle el camino libre a alguien más joven
    you never spoke of this to anyone?
    ¿nunca hablaste de esto con nadie?
    ¿nunca le mencionaste esto a nadie?
    his face spoke of terrible suffering
    su rostro tenía la huella de enormes sufrimientos
    the meeting is on Friday, speaking of which …
    la reunión es el viernes, y a propósito …
    they don't have much money to speak of
    no tienen mucho dinero, que digamos
    to speak well/ill of somebody
    hablar bien/mal de alguien
    speaking personally, I think … speaking as a parent/teacher, I think …
    como padre/maestro, creo que …
    en mi calidad de padre/maestro, creo que …
    roughly/generally speaking
    en términos generales
    he's not, strictly speaking, a member
    no es, en realidad, socio
    no es un socio en el sentido estricto de la palabra
    legally/morally speaking
    desde el punto de vista legal/moral
    so to speak
    Example sentences
    • I stood silent, unable to speak as the information slipped into my mind.
    • During their gigs, the six-some regularly distributes pamphlets of information and speaks on stage about causes they feel strongly about.
    • Israel was quiet, as if digesting that bit of information and then he spoke, harshly and firmly.
    1.2 (on telephone) hello, accounts department, Jones speaking
    buenos días, contaduría, Jones al habla
    hello, Barbara Mason speaking, could you …
    buenas tardes, habla or (Spain also) soy Barbara Mason ¿podría … ?
    could I speak to Mrs Hodges, please? — speaking!
    ¿podría hablar con la Sra. Hodges, por favor? — con ella (habla)
    who's speaking, please?
    (to caller) ¿de parte de quien?
    (to person answering a call) ¿con quién hablo?
  • 2 (make speech) then the chairman spoke
    luego habló el presidente
    luego hizo uso de la palabra el presidente [formal]
    he spoke for two hours
    habló durante dos horas
    the delegate rose to speak
    el delegado se levantó para hacer uso de la palabra [formal]
    I'm a bit worried about speaking in public
    la idea de hablar en público me pone un poco nerviosa
    to speak on or about something
    hablar acerca de or sobre algo
    she spoke for or in favor of/against capital punishment
    habló a favor/en contra de la pena de muerte
    Example sentences
    • During his long speech, he finally speaks about the silence in which he has brought up his beloved son.
    • I also heard him speak at a lecture, which I found inspirational.
    • And in hearing her speak, I think she comes off very differently.
  • 3 (address)to speak to somebody/something
    dirigirse a alguien/algo
    lines that speak to the heart
    líneas que apelan a los sentimientos

transitive verb

  • 1 (say, declare) nobody spoke a word
    nadie dijo nada
    nadie abrió la boca [colloquial]
    to speak one's lines
    decir or recitar su ( or mi etc) parlamento
    to speak one's mind or thoughts
    hablar claro or con franqueza
    to speak the truth
    decir la verdad
  • 2
    do you speak English?
    ¿habla inglés?
    English spoken
    Example sentences
    • They were also very intelligent and able to speak every language naturally.
    • Prospect New Town, for its part, speaks the language of community and celebrates authenticity.
    • Do you know which ones are able to speak the language you know?

Phrasal verbs

speak for

1verb + preposition + object
hablar por
I think I speak for all of us when I say that …
creo que hablo por todos or en nombre de todos al decir que …
we'd love to meet him — speak for yourself!
nos encantaría conocerlo — ¡eso lo dirás por ti! or ¡a mí no me incluyas!
I can't speak for the others, but I …
no sé los demás, pero yo …
the facts speak for themselves
los hechos son elocuentes
2to be spoken for (engaged) (dated or humorous)
estar comprometido
(reserved) estar reservado

speak out

verb + adverb
I decided it was time to speak out
resolví que había llegado el momento de expresar mi opinión ( or declarar mi postura etc. )
to speak out for/against somethinghe spoke out against corruption
denunció la corrupción existente
she spoke out for the strikers
defendió a los huelguistas

speak up

verb + adverb
1 (speak loudly, clearly)
hablar más fuerte or más alto
2 (speak boldly)
decir lo que se piensa
to speak up for somebody
defender a alguien
to speak up for something
hablar a favor de algo
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