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Pronunciation: /spiːtʃ/


  • 1 1.1 u (act) habla (f‡) we communicate through speech nos comunicamos mediante el habla freedom of speech libertad (f) de expresión or de palabra 1.2 u (faculty) habla (f‡) to recover one's speech recuperar el habla to lose the power of speech perder* el habla (before n) speech defect defecto (m) del habla or de pronunciación speech impediment impedimento (m) del habla
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    • I'd long since lost the ability to understand human speech.
    • Their research could have implications for discovering how the developing brain processes sound and speech.
    • One of the most compelling is the marked improvement of our ability to understand speech if we can observe the speaker's lips moving.
    1.3 u (manner of speaking) forma (f) de hablar
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    • Each has an idiosyncratic style of dress and speech.
    • She had an excellent ear for accents and individual styles of speech, but otherwise did not alter her voice drastically.
    • His soothing, mannered style of speech and genuine affection for his film kept my attention throughout the duration of the commentary.
    1.4 u c (language, dialect) habla (f‡) in casual speech en el habla coloquial (before n) a speech community una comunidad lingüística
  • 2 c 2.1 (oration) discurso (m), alocución (f) [formal] the Queen's/King's speechdiscurso pronunciado por el monarca en el que se detallan los planes del Gobierno speech! speech! [humorístico/humorous] ¡que hable! ¡que hable! to make o [formal] deliver a speech (on o about sth) dar* or [formal] pronunciar un discurso (sobre or acerca de algo) 2.2 [Theat] parlamento (m)
    More example sentences
    • Other cassettes sport Agatha Christie tales and one cassette in particular is all about the great speeches by famous characters in various Shakespearean plays.
    • And then in the middle of my long speech I forgot my lines.
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    • The manner in which he conducted branch meetings or indeed his professionalism in his delivery of addresses and speeches at formal functions would be sadly missed.
    • Formal speeches were delivered at the main gate but were drowned out by a low flying army helicopter.
    • At 81, he can get the full attention of an audience while delivering a speech or singing a song..
  • 3 [Ling] direct/indirect o reported speech estilo (m) or discurso (m) directo/indirecto

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