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Pronunciation: /ˈspɪrət; ˈspɪrɪt/

Translation of spirit in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 uncountable/no numerable (life force, soul) espíritu (masculine) the needs of the spirit las necesidades espirituales or del espíritu I'll be with you in spirit estaré contigo en espíritu, te tendré presente (en mis pensamientos) the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak a pesar de las buenas intenciones, la carne es débil
    Example sentences
    • I believe in this way that the soul/spirit is reflected by the body, that the soul gives life to the body and without a spirit or soul the body and brain are dead.
    • No doubt you've guessed that I think I believe in reincarnation - the doctrine of the rebirth of the spirit / soul in different bodies.
    • And most amazing, we get to receive the Eucharist into our spirits, souls and bodies.
    Example sentences
    • YET I remained basically sceptical when it came to the idea that the spirit survives death.
    • If something survives, if a spirit continues, it sure isn't me.
    • According to spiritualists, the spirit dwells in the physical body, but can leave it temporarily or permanently.
    1.2 countable/numerable (apparition) espíritu (masculine) evil spirits espíritus malignos
    Example sentences
    • In this sense, ‘ghosts’ mean the spirits, the apparition of the dead or the devils.
    • Men in the mode of goodness worship the demigods; those in the mode of passion worship the demons; and those in the mode of ignorance worship ghosts and spirits.
    • The movie Ghost also involves spirits who have unfinished business on planet Earth, but in this case, the ghost is here to assist the living.
    Example sentences
    • The kami can be likened to nature spirits, and Shinto shrines are usually found in areas of natural beauty.
    • Surya, God of the Sun, is worshiped and the nature spirits are thanked.
    • The Japanese culture and arts have been strongly influenced by a wide-spread belief in ghosts, demons and supernatural spirits.
  • 2 countable/numerable (person) persona (feminine) a free spirit una persona a quien no preocupan los convencionalismos one of the leading spirits of the age una de las figuras más destacadas de la época they realized they were kindred spirits se dieron cuenta de que eran almas gemelas
    Example sentences
    • He has demonstrated quality leadership, and embodies both entrepreneurial spirit and business excellence.
    • This revolutionary spirit is not just about changing the world, but also about what Jim calls ‘tuning people's ears to poetry.’
    • Lucy herself is a powerful character, an independent spirit with a thirst for revenge that threatens to consume her.
  • 3 uncountable/no numerable (vigor, courage) espíritu (masculine), temple (masculine) a man of spirit un hombre de mucho espíritu or de mucho temple this horse/child has plenty of spirit este caballo/esta niña tiene mucho brío to break sb's spirit quebrantarle el espíritu a algn put some spirit into it pon más alma or más brío en lo que haces he tried to put spirit into his team intentó infundirles ánimo a los jugadores they showed their spirit in the hour of defeat mostraron su entereza or temple a la hora de la derrota
    Example sentences
    • Swans have shown great spirit, courage, determination and team unity this year but the most important ingredient to the Swans outfit has been an increase in skill.
    • As these and dozens of other contributions came in from people all over the world who had met Peter and admired his spirit and energy, his family had to take up where he left off.
    • The Chelsea coach had commented that his team are far behind Manchester United ‘not in terms of quality but in terms of spirit and determination’.
  • 4 4.1 (mental attitude, mood) (no plural/sin plural) espíritu (masculine) the party/Christmas spirit el espíritu festivo/navideño team/community spirit espíritu de equipo/de comunidad the spirit of the age/times el espíritu de la época/de los tiempos the match was played in a spirit of sportsmanship el partido se jugó con espíritu deportivo in a great spirit of self-sacrifice con gran espíritu de sacrificio that's the spirit! ¡así se hace!, ¡así me gusta! he took what I said in the wrong spirit (se) tomó a mal lo que dije she entered into the spirit of things entró en ambiente 4.2 (deeper meaning) the spirit of the law el espíritu de la ley
    Example sentences
    • We have despatched a wealth of business together over a short period in a spirit of optimism.
    • It was a change in attitude, a spirit of openness and mutual trust because that clearly was at the crux of the matter.
    • The perception, he admits, might be that government is handing down what is right for people, and an election gives an opportunity to listen to people in a spirit of humility.
  • 5
    (spirits plural)
    (emotional state) to be in good/bad spirits estar* animado/abatido, tener* la moral alta/baja to be in high spirits estar* muy animado or de muy buen humor to be in low spirits estar* decaído or alicaído or desanimado to keep sb's spirits up animar a algn, darle* ánimos a algn I began to whistle to keep my spirits up empecé a silbar para darme ánimos keep your spirits up ¡arriba ese ánimo or esos ánimos! his spirits rose/fell se animó/se desanimó or se desmoralizó she failed to raise o lift their spirits no pudo levantarles el ánimo or la moral, no pudo animarlos
  • 6
    (spirits plural)
    (alcohol) bebidas (feminine plural) alcohólicas ([ de alta graduación ]) licores (masculine plural) I never drink spirits nunca tomo bebidas fuertes or licores
    Example sentences
    • The type of alcohol ranged from beers, lagers and cider to spirits, wine and designer drinks such as Hooch, Bacardi Breezers and Maverick Ice.
    • Most of them are used to mature spirits: various brandies, rums, and whiskies.
    • It is the home of a drinking establishment known as the Old Devil Inn, purveyors of strong ales, stronger spirits and artery-clogging pub food.
  • 7 [Chemistry/Química] alcohol (masculine) spirits of wine espíritu (masculine) de vino (before noun/delante del nombre) spirit burner mechero (masculine) de alcohol
    Example sentences
    • In recent years, however, and mostly in urban areas, high - octane fuel and methylated spirit have been added to enhance potency.
    • The tanker he was driving was carrying more than 32,000 litres of petroleum spirit and 5,000 litres of diesel fuel.
    • In January 1929, for instance, only two loaded vessels arrived, one with petroleum spirit from Liverpool and the other with cement from London.
    Example sentences
    • Spots on all finishes except lacquer can be treated with a cloth dampened with spirits of camphor, essence of peppermint or oil of wintergreen.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • to spirit sth away hacer* desaparecer algo como por arte de magia the prisoner was spirited away during the night el prisionero desapareció or se esfumó durante la noche como por arte de magia it's gone, as if it was just spirited away desapareció misteriosamente or como por arte de magia

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