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American English: /skwɛr/
British English: /skwɛː/

Translation of square in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (shape)
    (in fabric design) cuadro (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • He arranges thin rectangles, squares, triangles and trapezoids in complex patterns on the wall.
    • The 2 X 0.5 m board was divided into four equal sections, with each section divided into 25 squares of equal size.
    • In all the pieces, the 12 squares are subdivided into four equal sections by painted lines that stop short of the middle.
    Example sentences
    • The walls were lined in mirrored squares and there were even small spotlights reflecting off everything.
    • Over breakfast he got a Weetabix carton and cut out two squares and glued them together.
    • We selected a small square of sand bordered by several logs and overhung with a leafy screen and set our bags to the ground.
    1.2 (of cloth, paper)
    cuadrado (masculine)
    trozo (masculine) cuadrado
    a silk (head) square
    un pañuelo de seda cuadrado
    1.3 (on chessboard)
    (in crossword) casilla (feminine)
    to go back to square one
    volver a empezar desde cero
    volver a fojas cero
    (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • Each player in her turn chooses one of the squares of the board and writes a number from 1 to 6 in the square with her colored pen.
    • This game is superior in complexity to English draughts by virtue of the fact that it is played on a board ten squares by ten squares and that capturing moves have an extended scope.
    • Elaborating on the Braille chessboard, he said, the black squares on the board were slightly more raised than the white ones.
  • 2 2.1 (in town, city)
    Example sentences
    • The next morning, I head out early and stop first at Plaza Mayor, a huge square surrounded by some of the oldest buildings in the city.
    • The center of town was a tree-lined square, surrounded by quaint-looking stores and antique shops.
    • There will be free performances in the square every day next week, around lunch and tea-time.
    2.2 (in barracks)
    Example sentences
    • Senior Army officers tell us that these camps are little more than squares for drills and target practices.
    • They filled the parade square of Howe Barracks as the soldiers arrived by coach from nearby Manston Airport where they had touched down a couple of hours earlier.
    • I recall ‘unflattering remarks’ aimed at me on the drill square.
  • 3 (Mathematics) the square of 5 is 25
    el cuadrado de 5 es 25
    Example sentences
    • Consider, for example, the Pythagorean theorem that the square on the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides.
    • After giving further results of this type he gives his famous result that the distance that a body moves from rest under uniform acceleration is proportional to the square of the time taken.
    • In other words, the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the triangle's two legs.
  • 4 (instrument)
    Example sentences
    • Hold a carpenter's square with the long tongue against the back wall and slide it into the corner.
    • Be sure, therefore, that each line is running exactly along each arm of the square.
    • Then mark the ends of the joists at this point and draw a line across them with a combination square.

adjective squarer, squarest

  • 1 1.1
    the room is 15 feet square
    la habitación mide 15 (pies) por 15 (pies)
    Example sentences
    • There are both round and square tables with excellent access for wheelchairs and walking frames.
    • He sat down at the small, square table across from her, chuckling a little.
    • In the middle of the room was a large square table.
    Example sentences
    • He handed me a square flat black box with a white ribbon.
    • With a light shake of his head, Michael laughed and drained the last of his Coke, square ice cubes clinking against the clear glass.
    • There was at least one other pocket watch that he could see, and several wristwatches, and square jeweler's boxes in worn blue and green velvet.
    1.2 (having right angles)
    en ángulo recto
    a escuadra
    to cut something on the square
    cortar algo a escuadra
    cortar algo al hilo
    to be out of square
    estar en falsa escuadra
    to be on the square (person)
    ser honrado
    ser derecho [colloquial]
    estar en regla
    Example sentences
    • Failing to make your foundation square is the easiest way to have an awful time building a greenhouse.
    • No angle is square, so it's more time consuming and is much more expensive.
    • Take the optical cable that came with your MD Recorder and plug the square end into your sound card.
    1.3 (of body)
    of square build
    de complexión fornida or robusta
    Example sentences
    • You can see the determination in the square outline of his jaw, the jutting staunchness of his features.
    • Certainly, with his impressive build and square jaw, McConaughey looks like he could take on Matt Damon and Ben Affleck simultaneously without breaking a sweat.
    • He has a square jaw, a scar above his top lip and a gold stud in his left nostril.
    Example sentences
    • She had a square face and long broad facial features.
    • His solid, square face is red from the cold air outside, and when he bends down to kiss Cynthia she pulls back from his cold lips, laughing.
    • The warden was a tall, square woman with broad shoulders and a horsey face.
  • 2 (Mathematics) (before noun)
    fifty square kilometers
    cincuenta kilómetros cuadrados
    Example sentences
    • It has been estimated that an individual polar bear will cover an area equal to 259,000 square kilometres during its lifetime.
    • Real estate agents said the four units have a total floor area of about 5,700 square feet.
    • The two-storey Victorian property has 242 square metres of living space.
    Example sentences
    • They were clinging to a rock about 4 metres square and barely one metre above the sea.
    • He had begun work on a small cabin, approximately twelve to thirteen feet square.
    • At present our sports hall is tiny - about nine metres square.
  • 3 3.1 (fair, honest) he'll give you a square deal
    no te va a engañar
    to be square with somebody
    ser franco con alguien
    I'll be square with you
    3.2 (large and wholesome) (before noun)
    he hasn't had a square meal for days
    hace días que no come como Dios manda or que no hace una comida decente
    3.3 (even) (predicative) let's call it all square
    digamos que estamos en paz or (Latin America also) a mano
    the teams were (all) square
    los equipos iban empatados or iguales
    to get square with somebody
    ajustarle las cuentas a alguien
    Example sentences
    • It seems to have escaped the attention of certain parts of the BBC that we are all square with two tests still to play.
    • Andy Day had given them the lead with a 40-yard shot into the top corner, but by the half-time whistle it was all square as the Swans replied with a Scott strike.
    • Wilsden then equalised from a corner to make it all square at the break.
  • 4 (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • When he eventually tries a square pass to van Persie, some defender makes a desperate sliding clearance.
    • Hogg then outpaced the Beckwithshaw defence during a swift break and his square pass into the penalty-area was gleefully blasted home by Braithwaite from 12 yards.
    • There were 12 minutes left on the watch when he received a square pass from Yorke 20 yards inside the Tottenham half.
  • 5 (conventional) [colloquial]
    soso [colloquial]
    rígidamente convencional
    carroza (Spain) [colloquial]
    zanahorio (Colombia) (Venezuela) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • From now on, he would no longer be boring old Harry the square Republican.
    • I was reminded of a study that suggests children who develop a fascination with celebrities are likely to be more popular and better adjusted than their squarer peers.
    • I think he was either too square or too hip to even know who Mike Read was.


  • square in the middle of something
    justo en el medio de algo
    en pleno centro de algo
    he hit me square on the mouth
    me dio de lleno en la boca
    me dio en plena boca
    to look somebody square in the eye
    mirar a alguien (directamente) a los ojos
    Example sentences
    • Sheldon grabbed a piece of wood, twisted her body around and hit the man square in the face.
    • I punched him square in the face, but he did not let go.
    • He turns around and kicks the photographer square in the forehead.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (make square)
    he squared his shoulders
    se puso derecho
    Example sentences
    • The island is particularly well known for its whaling boats, pointed at both ends (most Caribbean boats have squared keels) and up to about thirty feet long.
    • The trigger is gently curved and smooth, as all good double action triggers should be, and the front of the trigger guard is squared slightly and grooved.
    • Cut the roll into six equal pieces and square off the ends.
    1.2 (mark squares on) (usually passive)
    Example sentences
    • One-third of the island's population converges daily into Fort-de-France, whose narrow symmetrically squared streets are as congested during the day as they are empty at night.
    • Try to copy one of the designs on squared paper in such a way that each unit square has only one colour.
  • 2 (Mathematics)
    Example sentences
    • If you square the radius times the pi, you will get the circle's space.
    • Such a sequence consists of the remainders, or residues, after squaring consecutive whole numbers, then dividing them by a given prime number.
    • ‘When air traffic doubles, the risk of collision is squared,’ he said.
  • 3 3.1 (settle, make even)
    to square something with somebody
    arreglar algo con alguien
    Example sentences
    • Austin promised Telenor a consultancy invoice to square their accounts.
    • Punishment was meted out to suit the offense; once it had been administered, the account was squared, and no wise clan lord or war leader continued to hold the past against his followers.
    • If the other pitcher threw at one of your players, then you had to square the account.
    Example sentences
    • Unfortunately for Peregrine, investors' interest in the bonds disappeared when the financial crisis broke and it was unable to square its position.
    • Although it did recover its poise for a time, it fell away towards the close as traders decided to square any outstanding positions.
    • Later, as we enjoyed a complimentary drink back at the cabin while we squared up the bill, he attempted his first bit of chitchat with me.
    3.2 (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • The Swede, one of the top putters on the European tour, missed another four-foot birdie on the 12th that would have squared the match.
    • Twist, the number one seed, missed a great chance to square the match at 8-8.
    • By his own standards, Bowe struggled at times but he did produce a magnificent birdie when most needed at the testing 17th to square the match.
    Example sentences
    • The Norwegian midfielder squared the ball to Viduka, who simply side-footed home what proved to be the winner.
    • Giggs was never going to be caught and he squared a ball into the centre at speed.
    • A minute later Kendal's new recruit Simon Garner missed his tackle on the left and Craig Hopkins raced to the byline before squaring the ball to Taylor.
    3.3 (reconcile)
    to square something with something
    conciliar algo con algo
    I couldn't square it with my conscience
    mi conciencia no me lo permitía
    Example sentences
    • How will she square this with her conscience?
    • All this and yet no one had the nerve to stand up and publicly ask the deceitful politician how he squared his public policy positions with his private life?
    • He is asked how he can square the bellicose God of the Old Testament with his ideas on peace and love.

intransitive verb

  • (ideas/arguments)
    to square with something
    concordar or cuadrar con algo

Phrasal verbs

square off

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (make square)
1.2 (divide into squares)
2verb + adverb (esp US) square up 1 2

square up

1verb + adverb 1.1 (settle debts) [colloquial]to square up (with somebody)
arreglar cuentas (con alguien)
1.2 (prepare to fight)
ponerse en guardia
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1
2.2 [colloquial]

square up to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
hacer frente a
no one had the guts to square up to him
nadie se atrevía a hacerle frente or a enfrentársele
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