There are 2 translations of stable in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈsteɪbəl/

adjective/adjetivo (-bler, -blest)

  • 1.1 (firm, steady) [structure/platform] estable, sólido; [relationship/government] estable; [economy/currency] estable the patient's condition is stable el estado del paciente es estacionario
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    • All those recent results suggest a flexibility of the backbone conformational structure and several stable configurations are proposed and debated.
    • It is very important to make sure the three legs are firmly locked into place and the whole structure is stable.
    • Among the possible geometries, tetraplexes are very stable structures in which the four strands are held together via repetitive guanine tetrads.
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    • If I need to prove myself to you, then I will: Scott and I have been in a stable relationship for six years - and legally married for the last year and a half.
    • Furthermore, as Blackboard is an established, stable system, we experienced few, if any, technical difficulties.
    • Vector lengths are short in lodgepole pine and red fir-western white pine forests indicating that these forest groups are compositionally stable.
    1.2 [Psychology/Psicología] equilibrado
    More example sentences
    • Let's just say that for me, now, the world is a somehow colder but far more reliable, sane, and stable place than it was before.
    • Liberal societies are sane, tolerant, stable, pluralistic and therefore well behaved.
    • And I felt completely trapped because I had to be sensible and responsible and stable.
    1.3 [Chemistry/Química] [Physics/Física] estable
    More example sentences
    • Davy had developed a technique by which unusually stable compounds could be decomposed into their constituent elements.
    • Eventually the matter is stable and no longer radioactive.
    • Soy oil polymers must be heated to over 400°C before they degrade, making them more thermally stable than polyethylene or polystyrene.

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There are 2 translations of stable in Spanish:



  • 2 (training establishment) cuadra (feminine) another movie from the same stable as … otra película de la productora de …
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    • There are many cases where one model from a given automaker is outstanding when it comes to instrumentation and yet another product from the same stable can be less than ideal.
    • Diageo, on the other hand, plans to add the product to its own stable.
    • Curious heads walked into the campus to check out what was to unfold from the stables of the School of Commerce and International Business.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • poner* or guardar en la cuadra

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