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American English: /stæk/
British English: /stak/

Translation of stack in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (pile)
    (of wood, books, plates) montón (masculine)
    pila (feminine)
    (of wheat, hay) almiar (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • ‘Come in,’ she called absently, slaving over a stack of papers neatly arranged on her desk.
    • Emanuelle frowned as she traced her fingers down the stack of folders neatly piled inside.
    • ‘These should be your size,’ she handed him a stack of neatly folded clothes.
    Example sentences
    • From another hole came the straw that was again piled into a stack.
    • Our only pickup truck was used to operate the overshot stacker that piled the hay into stacks.
    • We used to build stacks mainly in the stackyard by the farm buildings but occasionally we built some in the field.
    Example sentences
    • Coronach if you get 9 more rifles you could set up a table in your living room where each leg is a rifle stack.
    • I recall M/Sgt Widner, a high school ROTC instructor, demonstrating that this arrangement, when properly done on a grass parade field, was strong enough that a soldier could stand (one legged) on the stack.
    • This won't be as sturdy as a stack made by three M1s or three '03s.
    1.2 (many, much) [colloquial] (often plural) I've got stacks or a stack of homework
    tengo montones or un montón de deberes
    tengo pilas or una pila de deberes (South America) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Kearsley and Horwich piled up a stack of runs in an entertaining draw.
    • I still have plenty to do, and a stack of emails that are waiting for replies, but they will have to wait until later in the week.
    • Yet a growing stack of academic research this year suggests that playing Doom or Half-Life can sharpen your physical reactions and improve your social life.
  • 2
    also: chimney stack
    cañón (masculine) de chimenea
    chimenea (feminine)
    also: smoke stack
    columna (feminine) de humo
    blow1 1 3 3
    2.3 (Geology)
    Example sentences
    • A team of scientists investigating ruins atop a remote sea stack in the Western Isles this summer have been using a Troylean sling to get to the remains of a medieval castle.
    • The Old Man of Stoer comes into view shortly after this, and you follow the cliff edge round to the right and then down steeply to look over the sea stack.
    • The sea stack of Am Buachaille stands to the south end of the bay although it is best viewed from the middle or the northern end.
  • 3 3.1 (in library) (often plural)
    Example sentences
    • Perhaps it took that long to declare the book lost from the stacks of the Geneva Public Library District.
    • They're the smell of yellowed book pages in the stacks of an abandoned library.
    • People will want to live in a coffee shop, talking to people about books, not in the stacks at the library or the warehouse at Amazon.
    3.2 (Computing)
    Example sentences
    • The search engines are virtual librarians who take your order and retrieve documents from the stacks in less time than it takes your browser to load the next page.
    • The gateway holds the hardware interfaces and software protocol stacks to get all the various technologies talking nicely to one another.
    • Within the protocol stack, SSL / TLS is situated underneath the application layer.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1

    stack (up)

    (pile up)
    Example sentences
    • A desk spanned the width of the room, and there were files folders and CDs stacked in neat piles on the desk, and a computer built into it.
    • I'd stack hatboxes covered in floral-print paper in a corner.
    • The banker can stack the appropriate number of chips on top of the puck to indicate how many consecutive wins he has.
    1.2 (load, fill)to stack something with somethinghe stacked the shelves with the cans
    llenó los estantes de latas
    colocó las latas sobre los estantes
    the table was stacked high with crockery
    sobre la mesa había un montón de loza
    Example sentences
    • Compared to Watkins, Atlantis is a bit grubby and poorly lit and the place is stacked with arcane junk.
    • Every surface is stacked with knick-knacks; every chair piled with quilts.
    • If you want a knot garden in your own space, stack the central spaces in the middle of your evergreen outline now with as many herbaceous perennials as you can.
  • 2 2.1 (prearrange) to stack the deck or (British) cards
    arreglar la baraja
    the cards or odds are stacked against them
    las circunstancias les son desfavorables
    llevan las de perder
    Example sentences
    • While the odds were stacked against them, the trio were able to establish contact with Wellington-based Maritime Radio which relayed their plight to Bay of Plenty Coastguard.
    • Frye's turnout surprised San Diego voters partly because, from a practical standpoint, the odds were stacked against her.
    • Wolff Reik, cloning expert at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge, said even if the woman became pregnant the odds were stacked against the baby.

intransitive verb

  • do the chairs stack?
    ¿se pueden colocar las sillas unas sobre otras?

Phrasal verbs

stack up

verb + adverb
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