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American English: /steɪdʒ/
British English: /steɪdʒ/

Translation of stage in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (platform) to go on stage
    salir a escena or al escenario
    to hold the stage
    cautivar al público
    an important figure on the world/international stage
    una importante figura de la escena mundial/internacional
    to set the stage for something
    crear el marco para algo
    (before noun) stage costumes stage designer stage director
    director (-tora) (masculine, feminine) de escena
    stage effects stage lighting
    iluminación (feminine) escénica
    stage set stage show
    función (feminine) teatral
    representación (feminine) teatral
    Example sentences
    • An actor gets on stage and performs and you have a moment of true inspiration.
    • A properly trained voice is an asset to any actor, especially to those who perform on stage.
    • Ms Carey will perform the stunt on stage at the Hull New Theatre during the run, from tonight until Saturday.
    1.2 (medium) the stage
    el teatro
    he doesn't write exclusively for the stage
    no escribe solo obras de teatro
    his ambition was to appear on the London stage
    su ambición era actuar en los escenarios londinenses
    (before noun) stage adaptation
    adaptación (feminine) teatral or para la escena
    1.3 (profession) the stage
    el teatro
    las tablas [colloquial]
    to go on the stage
    hacerse actor/actriz
    to leave the stage
    dejar el teatro
    abandonar las tablas [colloquial]
    (before noun) (actress)
    de teatro
  • 2 (in development, activity) the project is in its final stage(s)
    el proyecto está en su última fase or etapa
    the various stages of development of the fetus
    las distintas fases del desarrollo embrionario
    las distintas etapas del desarrollo embrionario
    los distintos estadios del desarrollo embrionario [formal]
    the early/late stages of pregnancy
    los primeros/últimos meses del embarazo
    at a later stage at this late stage, there is little we can do
    a estas alturas, poco es lo que podemos hacer
    we'll need to discuss this at some stage
    en algún momento vamos a tener que hablar de esto
    at this stage in the game
    a esta altura del partido
    I'd reached the stage where I didn't care any more
    había llegado a un punto en que ya no me importaba
    by this stage, we were all exhausted
    a esas alturas, ya estábamos todos agotados
    it's just a stage she's going through
    no es más que una etapa que está atravesando
    to do something in stages
    hacer algo por etapas
    French grammar in or by stages
    la gramática francesa paso a paso
    Example sentences
    • Lastly there may be a stage of exhaustion, tiredness and weakness.
    • All stages of the re-entry went according to plan.
    • The argument at this point proceeds in three stages.
  • 3 (of rocket) a three-stage rocket
    un cohete de tres fases
    Example sentences
    • The first, second, and third stages of the Soyuz launch vehicle fired and separated by 11 minutes into the rocket's flight.
    • Russian and European engineers will work together to develop reusable liquid engines, reusable liquid stages and experimental vehicles.
    • Three of the four stages exhausted their solid propellants through a single adjustable nozzle which guided the missile along its flight path.
  • 4 (stagecoach) [archaic]
    Example sentences
    • Besides this there were passengers coming in on the stage and mail from Silver Reef and Pioche.
    • A four horse teem mail stage operated over this route daily, except Sunday, going west one day and returning eastward the following day.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (carry out, hold)
    the team staged a dramatic recovery
    el equipo se rehabilitó de forma espectacular
    she staged a comeback five years later
    hizo su reaparición cinco años más tarde
    Example sentences
    • The event was staged by concert organisers, Young Voices.
    • The new service is already in talks with several high profile public sector organisations about staging large-scale forums.
    • He also thanked the venues for hosting the events and the rest of the committee members for their work in organising and staging the event.
    1.2 (engineer, arrange) the interview was obviously staged
    la entrevista fue obviamente arreglada or orquestada
    Example sentences
    • Whenever I watch England when they're in a leading position, the possibility of their opponents staging an unexpected comeback is always at the back of my mind.
    • Trailing by ten points with less than ten minutes left, Malton staged a dramatic comeback to snatch the win.
    • They're listening intently or with anger to a master of sound bytes who staged a dramatic comeback.
  • 2 (Theatre)
    poner en escena
    Example sentences
    • Adult performers will be staging a one-act play as part of the drama night in December.
    • Although they stage the same play, the performance is different each night.
    • For Joan D' Mello, Assistant Director of Aliyavar, staging the play was a dream come true.
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