There are 2 translations of stand in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /stænd/


  • 1 1.1 (position) lugar (m), sitio (m) I took (up) my stand at the entrance ocupé mi lugar or me coloqué en mi sitio en la entrada
    More example sentences
    • She took her stand at the podium in the center of the room.
    • One after another they all tried, each man rising in his turn and taking his stand before the threshold.
    • Taking her stand in the centre of the room, she waited.
    1.2 (attitude) postura (f), posición (f)stand on sth what is your stand on this issue? ¿cuál es su postura or posición en cuanto a este problema? to take a stand on sth adoptar una postura or posición con respecto a algo she took a stand against the merger adoptó una postura or posición contraria a la fusión
    More example sentences
    • It had also been adopting a different stand from the left parties on various public issues.
    • I take a more critical stand towards the Prime Minister.
    • The leader of the British Columbia Green Party also took a stand, siding with the con team members.
    1.3 (resistance) resistencia (f) to make a stand against sth oponer* resistencia a algo she'd had enough and decided to make a stand ya estaba harta y decidió ponerse firme Custer's Last Stand la última batalla de Custer
    More example sentences
    • I was there to take a stand against a global system that increasingly places more value on economic progress than on human and ecological welfare.
    • For me, to honor my heritage as I was raised to understand it, I am obligated to take a stand against what I know to be wrong.
    • The British Printing Industries Federation is the first to take a stand against the practice.
  • 3 (at fair, exhibition) stand (m), caseta (f); (larger) pabellón (m) newspaper/fruit stand puesto (m) de periódicos/frutas
    More example sentences
    • At one end of the market, a few stands sold a variety of local spices, sauces, tea and jams.
    • He said his ice-cream stand will have sold more than 5,000 cones by the end of the three-day festival.
    • The event will kick off at 9.30 am and at 4pm roads in the town centre will be closed to allow market stands and crowds to overflow into the streets.
    More example sentences
    • Cheered to the rafters as he briefly appeared on the conference stage and glowingly welcomed as he toured the exhibition stands, the former leader took all before him.
    • As duty officer he was manning an exhibition stand and casting an eye over some display boards when a familiar name caught his eye.
    • Upfront Exhibitions was set up to fill a need for the design and construction of trade stands, exhibition, stage sets and props.
  • 4 (for spectators) (often pl) tribuna (f)
    More example sentences
    • The 30,000 spectators will be seated in two tiered stands that reflect each other across the pitch.
    • The stands are half-full, spectators jostling to reach their seats.
    • Sturdy steel fences surrounding the arena have been constructed, preventing close contact with the spectators sitting in the stands.
  • 5 (witness box) (AmE) estrado (m) to take the stand subir al estrado
    More example sentences
    • Edwards called his witness to the stand.
    • He was given to walking around the courtroom before stopping abruptly to bellow questions at the witness in the stand.
    • Prosecutors don't want to put her on the stand without corroboration, because her bias is so evident.
  • 6 (of trees) grupo (m) a stand of poplars una alameda a stand of wheat un trigal
    More example sentences
    • Since the American elm generally was regarded as the optimal urban tree, extensive stands were planted, something no city would do today.
    • Eventually we came to a stand of birch trees growing in a circle.
    • He planted a number of stands of spruce, larch and fir trees many of which still exist.

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There are 2 translations of stand in Spanish:


vi (past & past p stood)

  • 1 1.1 (to be, to remain upright) [person] estar* de pie, estar* parado (AmL) he was tired of standing estaba cansado de estar de pie or (AmL tb) de estar parado she had to stand for the whole of the journey tuvo que hacer todo el viaje de pie or (AmL tb) parada I was so tired I could hardly stand estaba tan cansado que apenas podía tenerme en pie they left no stone standing no dejaron piedra sobre piedra 1.2 (to get to one's feet) levantarse, ponerse* de pie, pararse (AmL) she tried to stand trató de levantarse or ponerse de pie or (AmL tb) pararse her hair stood on end se le pusieron los pelos de punta, se le pararon los pelos (AmL) see also stand up 1.3 (to measure in height) he stands 1.90m in his socks mide 1,90 sin zapatos the tower stands 30 meters high la torre tiene or mide 30 metros de altura
  • 2 2.1 (to move, to take up position) ponerse*, pararse (AmL) stand over there ponte or (AmL tb) párate allí stand clear! ¡apártense! he stood on a chair se subió a or (AmL tb) se paró en una silla to stand aside hacerse* a un lado, apartarse she's not one to stand aside and let a rival take the prize no es de las que se hacen a un lado para que un rival se lleve el premio can you stand on your head? ¿sabes pararte de cabeza or (Esp) hacer el pino? you stood on my toe! ¡me pisaste! I had to stand on the brakes [colloquial/familiar] tuve que pisar el freno a fondo 2.2 [Nautical] to stand for Calais ir* en dirección a or con rumbo a Calais to stand out from port zarpar, hacerse* a la mar
  • 3 3.1 (to be situated, located) she was standing at the window estaba junto a la ventana against the wall stood a writing desk había un escritorio contra la pared the chapel stands on the site of a pagan temple la capilla ocupa el lugar or [literario/literary] se yergue en el lugar de un antiguo templo pagano a church stood here long ago hace mucho tiempo aquí había una iglesia beneath the crest stands a motto bajo el escudo puede leerse un lema his name stood at the top of the list su nombre ocupaba el primer lugar en la lista or encabezaba la lista I won't stand between them no me interpondré entre ellos I won't stand in your way no seré yo quien te lo impida 3.2 (to hold a position) where do you stand on this issue? ¿cuál es tu posición en cuanto a este problema? she stands to the left of the socialists está a la izquierda de los socialistas she stands second in line to the throne ocupa el segundo lugar en la línea de sucesión al trono where do the Dolphins stand in the league? ¿qué lugar ocupan los Dolphins en la liga? ecological issues stand high on the agenda los temas ecológicos ocupan un lugar preferente en el orden del día he stands high in their esteem lo tienen en mucha estima you never know where you stand with him con él uno nunca sabe a qué atenerse at least now I know where I stand por lo menos ahora sé a qué atenerme 3.3 (to be mounted, fixed) a hut standing on wooden piles una choza construida or que descansa sobre pilotes de madera
  • 4 4.1 (to stop, to remain still) [person] they stood and stared open-mouthed se quedaron mirando boquiabiertos she just stood there estaba allí parada don't just stand there; do something! ¡no te quedes ahí parado! ¡haz algo! I was left standing there looking like a fool me dejaron allí plantado como un tonto I haven't time to stand around gabbing no tengo tiempo para estar or quedarme de charla can't you stand still for two minutes? ¿no puedes estarte quieto un minuto? time stood still el tiempo se detuvo the train standing at platform five el tren que está en el andén número cinco no standing (AmE) estacionamiento prohibido, prohibido estacionarse tears stood in her eyes tenía los ojos llenos de lágrimas beads of sweat stood on her brow tenía la frente perlada de sudor [literario/literary] stand and deliver! [archaic/arcaico] ¡la bolsa o la vida! to stand firm o fast mantenerse* firme to leave sb standing dejar muy atrás a algn she left the rest of the field standing dejó muy atrás al resto de los corredores in electronics, the Japanese leave the rest of the world standing en electrónica, los japoneses dejan muy atrás or le dan cien vueltas al resto del mundo 4.2 (to stay undisturbed) [batter/water] remove from heat and leave to stand retirar del fuego y dejar reposar water stood in puddles on the floor había charcos de agua en el suelo his books stood untouched on the shelf los libros estaban en el estante tal como los había dejado 4.3 (to survive, to last) [building] these walls have stood for centuries estas paredes tienen cientos de años the tower is still standing la torre sigue en pie
  • 5 (to stay in force) [law/agreement] seguir* vigente or en vigor the invitation/offer still stands la invitación/oferta sigue en pie what I said still stands lo que dije sigue siendo válido let the first paragraph stand que el primer párrafo quede tal (y) como está his argument stands or falls on this point todo su argumento depende de este punto
  • 6 6.1 (to be) the house stands empty la casa está vacía he stands accused of treason se lo acusa de traición to stand mute [Law] permanecer* en silencio I stand corrected tienes razón 6.2 (to be currently) as things stand tal (y) como están las cosas as it stands, the phrase is meaningless tal (y) como está, la frase no tiene sentidoto stand at sth unemployment stands at 17% el desempleo alcanza el 17% receipts stand at $150,000 el total recaudado asciende a 150.000 dólares the score stands at two all van empatados dos a dos 6.3 (to be likely to)to stand to + inf he stands to lose a fortune puede llegar a perder una fortuna what does she stand to gain out of this? ¿qué es lo que puede ganar con esto ?
  • 7 7.1 (to take on the role of) he agreed to stand godfather to the child aceptó ser padrino del niño he stood proxy at the wedding actuó en representación del novio en la boda 7.2 (in elections for office) (BrE) presentarse (como candidato) he is unlikely to stand a second time no es probable que se presente otra vezto stand for sth she is standing for the presidency se va a presentar como candidata a la presidencia to stand for treasurer presentarse como candidato para el cargo de tesorero see also stand for

vt (past & past p stood)

  • 1 (to place) poner*; (carefully, precisely) colocar* she stood the bottles in a row puso or colocó las botellas en hilera he stood the ladder against the wall puso or colocó or apoyó la escalera contra la pared she stood us in a row nos puso en fila he stood himself near the door se puso cerca de la puerta
  • 2 2.1 (to tolerate, to bear) (with can, can't, won't) [pain/noise] aguantar, soportar I can't stand him no lo aguanto or soporto, no lo trago [familiar/colloquial] I can't stand the sight of him no lo puedo ni ver I can't stand it any longer! ¡no puedo más!, ¡no aguanto más!to stand -ing she can't stand being interrupted no soporta or no tolera que la interrumpan 2.2 (to withstand) [heat/strain] soportar, resistir she won't be able to stand another disappointment no va a poder soportar otro desengaño the chair won't stand your weight la silla no te va a aguantar or no va a aguantar tu peso to stand the test pasar la prueba to stand the test of time resistir el paso del tiempo
  • 3 (to pay for) [drink/dinner] invitar a she stood us a lavish meal nos invitó a una opípara comida

Phrasal verbs

stand apart

v + advto stand apart (from sth) 1.1 (be distinguished) distinguirse* (de algo) 1.2 (hold aloof) distanciarse (de algo)

stand back

v + adv
1.1 (move away) to stand back (from sth) apartarse or alejarse (de algo) you should stand back from the painting deberías mirar el cuadro desde cierta distancia 1.2 (become detached) to stand back (from sth) distanciarse (de algo)

stand by

v + adv 1.1 (remain uninvolved) mantenerse* al margen people just stood by and did nothing la gente estaba allí mirando sin hacer nada 1.2 (be at readiness) [army/troops] estar* en estado de alerta we'll be standing by in case you need us allí estaremos por si nos necesitan stand by for take-off! ¡listos para despegar! please stand by for an important announcement por favor presten atención: se va a hacer un anuncio importante 1.1v + prep + o 2.1 (uphold) [promise] mantener*; [decision] atenerse* a I stand by what I said earlier me atengo a lo que dije antes I stand by my offer mi oferta sigue en pie 2.2 (support, help) [friend] apoyar, no abandonar

stand down

v + adv 1.1 (relinquish position) retirarse; (resign) renunciar, dimitir 1.2 [Law] [witness] abandonar el estrado 1.1v + o + adv (relieve of duty) (esp BrE) [troops] desacuartelar, poner* fin al estado de alerta de

stand for

v + prep + o
1.1 (represent) [initials/symbol] significar* what does PS stand for? ¿qué significa PS? CTI stands for … CTI son las siglas de … our name stands for quality nuestro nombre es sinónimo de calidad he has betrayed everything he once stood for ha traicionado todo aquello con lo que se lo solía identificar 1.2 (put up with) (usu with neg) consentir*, tolerar I won't stand for it any longer! ¡no lo pienso consentir or tolerar ni un minuto más!

stand in

v + adv
to stand in for sb sustituir* a algn

stand off

v + adv
[Naut] mantenerse* a distancia

stand out

v + adv
1.1 (project) to stand out (from sth) sobresalir* (de algo) 1.2 (be conspicuous, contrast) sobresalir*, destacar(se)* the phrase is underlined to make it stand out la frase está subrayada para que resalte 1.1 (be firm, hold out) to stand out against sth/sb oponerse* firmemente a algo/algn to stand out for sth luchar por algo

stand over

v + prep + o
(supervise, watch closely) vigilar I can't work with somebody standing over me no puedo trabajar con alguien mirándome

stand to

v + adv estar* en estado de alerta 1.1v + o + adv poner* en estado de alerta

stand up

v + adv 1.1 (get up) ponerse* de pie, levantarse, pararse (AmL) she stood up on a chair se subió a una silla or (AmL tb) se paró en una silla he stood up and left se levantó y se fue to stand up and be counted dar* la cara por sus ( or mis etc) principios ( or creencias etc) 1.2 (be, remain standing) stand up straight ponte derecho I had to stand up all the way tuve que ir de pie or (AmL tb) parado todo el trayecto I arrived with nothing but the clothes I stood up in llegué con lo puesto the tripod won't stand up properly el trípode no se sostiene bien 1.3 (endure, withstand wear) resistir this evidence wouldn't stand up in court cualquier tribunal desestimaría estas pruebas to stand up to sth [to cold/pressure] resistir or soportar algo the argument doesn't stand up to close examination el argumento no resiste un análisis minucioso see also stand up to 1.1v + o + adv 2.1 (set upright) poner* de pie, levantar 2.2 (not keep appointment with) [colloquial/familiar] dejar plantado a [familiar/colloquial], darle* (el) plantón a [familiar/colloquial], darle* or tirarle la plancha a (Méx) [familiar/colloquial] we were stood up nos dejaron plantados [familiar/colloquial], nos dieron (el) plantón [familiar/colloquial], nos dieron or nos tiraron la plancha (Méx) [familiar/colloquial]

stand up for

v + adv + prep + o
defender* I can stand up for myself me puedo defender solo you've got to stand up for your rights tienes que defender or hacer valer tus derechos

stand up to

v + adv + prep + o
[person/threats] hacerle* frente a see also stand up 1 3

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