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American English: /ˈstændərd/
British English: /ˈstandəd/

Translation of standard in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (level) your typing is not of the required standard
    tu mecanografía no está al nivel de lo que se exige
    the standard of acting was disappointing
    el nivel interpretativo fue decepcionante
    the standard of education leaves much to be desired
    la calidad de la educación deja mucho que desear
    her work is of a consistently high standard
    su trabajo es siempre de muy buen nivel
    la calidad de su trabajo es siempre muy alta
    I was appalled at their standard(s) of behavior
    su comportamiento me horrorizó
    standard of living
    1.2 (norm) the association sets standards for the conduct of its members
    la asociación impone ciertas normas de conducta a sus miembros
    the standard(s) set by her parents
    lo que sus padres le exigen or esperan de ella
    she sets impossibly high standards
    exige un estándar or nivel imposible de alcanzar
    her work is not up to the standard set by …
    su trabajo no está a la altura or al nivel de lo exigido por …
    the product was below standard
    el producto no era de la calidad requerida
    the work is up to standard
    el trabajo es del nivel requerido or de la calidad requerida
    Example sentences
    • Another feature of this bill is the implicit incentive to maintain a required level of safety standards.
    • These goggles meet the applicable safety standards and requirements.
    • All areas of learning were marked good quality and met the standards required.
    1.3 (official measure)
  • 2 2.1 (yardstick) they are applying 20th-century standards to the 16th century
    están aplicando criterios or parámetros del siglo XX al siglo XVI
    the attacks have been brutal even by Mafia standards
    incluso para la mafia, los ataques han sido brutales
    her performance was excellent by any or anybody's standards
    se mire por donde se mire or desde cualquier punto de vista su interpretación fue excelente
    Example sentences
    • Compared to world standards, our Indian norms are quite strict.
    • If it was measured by today's standards, it would qualify as a great fight.
    • It manages to be both an industry standard, and a daring departure from the norm.
    also: standards plural
    (moral principles)
    principios (masculine plural)
    she talks of declining standards in society at large
    habla de decadencia moral en la sociedad en general
    Example sentences
    • It has been a bad week for those of us who believe that people in positions of power and influence are governed by the same standards of decency and integrity with which we conduct our own lives.
    • Society is creating an underclass without standards, principles or decency, but nobody seems to recognise this, let alone be doing anything about it.
    • Victory implies doing what is right; doing what is right implies morality; morality implies standards of conduct.
  • 3 (flag, emblem)
    Example sentences
    • Sir Marcus Worsley gave a tribute to the Queen Mother and members of the Malton and Norton branch of the Royal British Legion carried a standard.
    • A single-headed eagle, grasping a swastika, was carried on German flags and standards between 1933 and 1945.
    • Led by a military band and with standards flying, they march onto the town square.
  • 4 4.1 (Botany)
    (planta podada de manera tal que el tallo central crece erecto y desprovisto de ramas)
    Example sentences
    • Of the soft fruits, gooseberries and redcurrants can be left as a bush or grown as a standard.
    Example sentences
    • She trains this fast-growing shrub as a standard, sending the blooms up rather than out.
    • Pineapple Beauty, which has yellow-green leaves that turn gold, is one of the taller varieties and can be trained as a standard.
    • On Talkback Gardening, local rose expert, Dean Stringer, explained the finer points of pruning a bush rose and a standard.
    4.2 (upright support)
    Example sentences
    • This paradise, five miles from the standard at Cornhill.
  • 5 (Music) a jazz standard
    un clásico del jazz
    Example sentences
    • A lot of songs go country-western; others take on the form of jazz standards and bossa nova pop.
    • Naylor likes to sing a jazz standard over a rock instrumental, or vice versa.
    • Renditions of blues standards are played in a late '60s style of rock.


  • 4 (Botany)
    (con tallo central largo y sin ramas)
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