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American English: /stɑrt/
British English: /stɑːt/


  • 1 1.1 (beginning) at the start from the start
    desde el principio or comienzo
    from start to finish
    del principio al fin
    desde el principio hasta el fin
    the start of the academic year
    el comienzo del año escolar
    el inicio del año escolar [formal]
    to make a start(on something)
    empezar algo
    at least we've made a start
    por lo menos hemos empezado
    let's make a start on that painting job
    empecemos a pintar de una vez
    to make an early start
    empezar temprano
    (on a journey) salir temprano
    ponerse en camino a primera hora
    to make a fresh or new start
    empezar or comenzar de nuevo
    to get (something) off to a good/bad start
    empezar (algo) bien or con el pie derecho/mal or con el pie izquierdo
    to give somebody a good start in life
    darle a alguien la base para un buen porvenir
    he didn't have a very good start in life
    tuvo una infancia difícil
    Example sentences
    • From start to finish the whole operation was ill-conceived, hurriedly executed and bungled.
    • The start and finish of this linear route are poorly served by public transport.
    • From start to finish, the treatment of the defendants was a travesty of legal due process.
    1.2for a start
  • 2 (Sport) 2.1 (of race) false start
    salida nula or en falso
    Example sentences
    • He ate, drank and stretched and at 9am lined up at the start, to begin his second marathon.
    • However today my race was really over when I stalled the car at the start and had to begin my race from the pit lane.
    • It begins with a mass start and the aim is simply to cross the finishing line first.
    2.2 (lead, advantage) this gave him a start over his competitor
    esto le dio (una) ventaja con respecto a su contrincante
    Example sentences
    • Sulamani was not too well away and gave most of his rivals plenty of start.
    • It world take forever to find the pair in town, especially with nearly an hour head start.
    • His oldest brother, Tory, would give him an hour's head start before following in his car.
    2.3 (starting line, gate)
    salida (feminine)
    línea (feminine) de partida
  • 3 (jump)to give a start (person/horse)
    dar un respingo
    to give somebody a start
    darle or pegarle un susto a alguien
    asustar a alguien
    I woke up with a start
    me desperté sobresaltado

transitive verb

  • 1 (begin)
    the newspaper started life as a weekly magazine
    el periódico comenzó or empezó siendo una revista semanal
    I start work at eight
    empiezo or entro a trabajar a las ocho
    don't start that again!
    ¡no vuelvas con eso!
    to start -ing, to start to + infinitive
    empezar a + infinitive
    they started arguing
    empezaron a discutir
    she started to laugh
    se empezó a reír
    se echó a reír
    Example sentences
    • I should continue what I started and take more classes so I can get a certificate out of it.
    • As we approached the coast we started to fly over buildings and roads, growing denser the closer we got to the airport.
    • Riley starts to push me forward, but I turn around and push his hands off of me.
    Example sentences
    • They are set to start work today and will follow recommendations from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
    • And now the man who started cutting hair as a boy is beginning to out-Sassoon Vidal.
    • She started night classes in 1997 and quickly developed a taste for medieval and early modern history.
  • 2 (cause to begin)
    dar comienzo a
    largar (Southern Cone) (Mexico)
    (war) (country)
    we want to start a family
    queremos empezar a tener hijos
    stop hitting her! — she started it
    ¡deja de pegarle! — fue ella la que empezó
    don't (you) start anything with me! [colloquial]
    ¡no te metas conmigo!
    to start somebody on something/-ingI'll start you on some filing
    primero te voy a poner a archivar
    I start my students on Dickens
    primero les doy a leer Dickens a mis alumnos
    to start somebody -ingher words started me wondering
    sus palabras me dieron que pensar
    this will start them talking!
    ¡esto les dará que hablar!
    the noise started the baby crying
    el ruido hizo que el niño se pusiera a llorar
    to get somebody started [colloquial]
    darle cuerda a alguien [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Fire chiefs believe the blaze may have been started by arsonists.
    • A Hampshire firefighter became an arsonist so that he would be called out to the blazes he had started himself.
    • There were also more than 2,000 rubbish blazes started by firebugs in Bradford.
    Example sentences
    • Then he starts a Slam Dunk competition between Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady.
    • She took centre stage when starting last year's junior race before joining in to raise more cash for Francis House.
    • He started the first running race and cheered the young athletes on in the warm sunshine.
  • 3 (establish)
    his father started him in his own business
    el padre le montó or le puso un negocio
    I need $20,000 to get me started
    necesito 20.000 dólares para empezar
    Example sentences
    • Now, a sports column is nothing more than a springboard, a gig that starts you on your way to becoming a multimedia star.
    • It was no doubt the arrival of the ZX Spectrum that started him on his career.
    • She credits childhood reading of Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov for starting her on her career.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (begin)
    iniciarse [formal]
    when can you start?
    ¿cuándo puede empezar or comenzar?
    the day started badly
    el día empezó mal
    the party starts at eight
    la fiesta empieza or comienza a las ocho
    prices start at $30
    cuestan a partir de 30 dólares
    to get started right then, let's get started don't you start as well! [colloquial]
    ¡no empieces ahora tú también!
    to start again or (US also) over
    volver a empezar
    empezar or comenzar de nuevo
    to start by-ing
    empezar por + infinitive
    you can start by reading this
    puedes empezar por leer esto
    to start from somethingthe tour starts from the station at two o'clock
    la excursión sale de la estación a las dos
    starting (from) next January
    a partir del próximo mes de enero
    Example sentences
    • The film starts at 7.45 pm and there will be a smoking ban during the performance.
    • Training camp for officials begins Friday, and the regular season starts Nov. 2.
    • The gates will open at 4.45 pm, one hour before the concert starts.
    1.2to start withwe'll have soup to start with
    para empezar tomaremos sopa
    to start with, we'll have to draw up a plan
    primero or para empezar vamos a tener que trazar un plan
    I was optimistic to start with, but …
    al principio estaba llena de optimismo, pero …
  • 2 2.1 (originate)
    it all started from an idea I had as a student
    todo surgió de una idea que tuve cuando era estudiante
    the fire started in an upstairs room
    el incendio empezó en una habitación del piso alto
    el incendio se inició en una habitación del piso alto [formal]
    2.2 (be founded)
    ser fundado
    the business/society started some years ago
    la empresa/la sociedad fue fundada or se fundó hace algunos años
  • 3 (set out) (+ adverb complement) to start back
    emprender el regreso
    to start up/down the stairs
    empezar a subir/bajar la escalera
    it's time we started (for) home
    es hora de volver a casa
    es hora de que nos pongamos en camino a casa
    we start from the hotel at six
    salimos del hotel a las seis
    Example sentences
    • Gently closing the door behind her she started down the stairs rubbing her eyes free from sleep as she did so.
    • Renfrew started forward, suddenly aware that he had not just been talking to himself.
    • I started towards the double doors, thinking that I should explain in person.
  • 4 (begin to operate)
    empezar a funcionar
    ponerse en marcha
    the car won't start
    el coche no arranca or (Chile) no parte
    Example sentences
    • Soon, she heard the engine starting and the sound of the Land Rover rolling out of the driveway.
    • They returned to their nearby home, went to bed and shortly afterwards, the car alarm started.
    • The caboose starts suddenly, then eases to a gentle roll.
  • 5 (move suddenly)
    dar un respingo
    (be frightened) asustarse
    I started (up) from my chair
    me levanté de la silla de un salto
    she started at the noise
    el ruido la sobresaltó or la asustó
    se asustó or se sobresaltó con el ruido
    she started out of her dream
    se despertó de su sueño sobresaltada
    tears started to her eyes
    los ojos se le llenaron de lágrimas
    Example sentences
    • Everyone started, surprised, until they realised it had been the Queen speaking.
    • She started and jumped up, looking at Tobias with an expression that was close to fright.
    • Cinaed started slightly in surprise as he heard the door he had set his back to start to open.
  • 6 (protrude)
    salirse de las órbitas
    Example sentences
    • Then she came wriggling back, with repentant doleful eyes starting upward and a knife behind her back.
    • She looked at me with her round eyes starting from her face, and then turned over her shoulder to see if her gasp had alerted anyone.

Phrasal verbs

start in

verb + adverb
[colloquial] to start in -ing or to + infinitive
ponerse a + infinitive
they started in making or to make a terrific racket
se pusieron a hacer un barullo terrible
to start in on something/-ing
empezar con algo/a + infinitive
we'd better start in on the meal/writing the report
más vale que empecemos con la comida/a escribir el informe
to start in on somebody
meterse con alguien
agarrársela(s) con alguien (Latin America) [colloquial]

start off

1verb + adverb 1.1start out 1 1.2 (begin moving) 1.3 (begin) to start off by-ing
empezar + gerund or por + infinitive
he started off by thanking his hosts
empezó agradeciendo or por agradecer a sus anfitriones
to start off on somethingshe started off on a lengthy explanation
se embarcó en una larga explicación
empezó a dar una larga explicación
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (begin)
3verb + object + adverb (get somebody started) I'll do the first one, just to start you off
yo haré el primero, para ayudarte a empezar
to start somebody off on somethingI started them off on some scales don't start him off on politics! [colloquial]
¡no le des cuerda para que empiece a hablar de política! [colloquial]
the postman started the dog off (barking) [colloquial]
el cartero hizo que el perro empezara a ladrar

start on

verb + preposition + object
1 (begin)
empezar (con)
I'd better start on all this ironing
más vale que empiece a planchar or que me ponga a planchar esta ropa
can we start on the dessert?
¿podemos empezar a comer el postre?
2 (criticize) [colloquial]
meterse con [colloquial]
don't start on him, he's doing his best
no te metas con él, lo hace lo mejor que puede

start out

verb + adverb
1 (set out)
partir [formal]
2 (in life, career) he started out as a farmhand
empezó como peón
3 (begin)to start out (by) -ingwe'll start out by finding a place to make camp
empezaremos por encontrar un sitio para acampar
I started out liking him
al principio me gustaba
we started out (by) thinking it would be easy
empezamos pensando que sería fácil
to start out to + infinitivewe didn't start out to buy up all their shares
no empezamos con la idea de comprar todas sus acciones

start over

1verb + adverb
volver a empezar
empezar or comenzar de nuevo
2verb + object + adverb
volver a empezar
empezar or comenzar de nuevo

start up

1verb + adverb 1.1start 3 4 1.2 (begin business) 1.3 (begin activity)
empezar a sonar
empezar a tocar
if I mention my lumbago, she starts up about her arthritis
cada vez que menciono mi lumbago, ella empieza con su artritis
they've started up again, those two upstairs
ya están otra vez esos dos de arriba
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1
poner en marcha
hacer partir (Chile)
2.2 2.3
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There are 2 entries that translate start into Spanish:

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American English: /stɑrt/
British English: /stɑːt/


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