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American English: /steɪt/
British English: /steɪt/

Translation of state in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (condition) liquid/solid state
    estado líquido/sólido
    state of siege/war
    estado de sitio/guerra
    state of emergency state of readiness State of the Union message (US)
    mensaje (masculine) presidencial sobre el estado de la Nación
    informe (masculine) presidencial sobre el estado de la Nación
    it's in a poor state of repair
    está en bastante mal estado
    state of health
    estado (masculine) de salud
    salud (feminine)
    state of mind I was in no (fit) state to make a decision
    no estaba en condiciones de tomar una decisión
    what a (dreadful) state of affairs!
    ¡qué situación tan lamentable!
    the state of play (British)
    la situación
    el estado de cosas
    Example sentences
    • And final confirmation of my poor state of mind from lack of sleep came when Mark returned from going out.
    • At times she is combative, at times submissive, according to the situation and her state of mind.
    • A positive state of mind is also thought to be of great help in protecting against such problems.
    1.2 (poor condition) [colloquial]just look at the state of your fingernails!
    ¡mira cómo tienes esas uñas!
    my bedroom's in a state
    tengo el dormitorio hecho un caos
    tengo el dormitorio patas (para) arriba [colloquial]
    she always leaves the kitchen in a state
    siempre deja la cocina hecha un asco [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • One day one of his students came to see him in a state of some agitation.
    • Eric is hopping about in a state of excited agitation.
    • He became fearful and went back into the bedroom in a state of agitation, his heart beating loudly.
    Example sentences
    • Sometimes the pool areas and the cubicles were in a disgustingly dirty state.
    • The couple have paid the charges since they bought the flat but have been complaining to the council about the state of the communal area.
    • But now parish councillors have heard that he has written to complain about the state of the area's toilets.
    1.3 (anxious condition) [colloquial]to be in/get (oneself) into a state about something
    estar/ponerse nervioso por algo
    don't get yourself into such a state!
    ¡no te pongas así!
  • 2 2.1 countable (division of country) the State of Texas
    el estado de Tejas
    the States (before noun) state highway (US)
    autopista (feminine) del estado
    (in US) del estado
    state prison (US)
    prisión (feminine) estatal
    State Representative (US) (Politics)
    Representante (masculine or feminine) del Estado
    Example sentences
    • Mexico is a federal republic, consisting of thirty one states and one federal district.
    • As you know, she and the president have been making their rounds throughout the various states and the areas that were hardest hit.
    • Your vote is still counted and since we have an electorial college it allows for people in smaller states and from rural areas to have a vote as well.
    2.2 countable (nation) independent state
    estado independiente
    (before noun) state apartments
    (aposentos donde se recibe a monarcas o altos funcionarios)
    state banquet
  • 3 uncountable and countable (government) affairs of state
    asuntos (masculine plural) de estado
    Church and State
    la Iglesia y el Estado
    (before noun) (esp British)
    state education
    enseñanza (feminine) pública
    the state sector
    el sector estatal or público
    state security
    seguridad (feminine) nacional
    Example sentences
    • Therefore reformists deduce that no direct challenge to the state is necessary and civil society can be reformed.
    • Thereafter, in bad health, he took little part in military or civil affairs of state.
    • Now, the attack on executives is at the forefront of the state's intrusion on civil liberties.
  • 4 uncountable (pomp) to lie in state
    yacer en capilla ardiente
    to dine in state
    cenar con mucha ceremonia
    (before noun) state occasion
    ocasión (feminine) solemne

transitive verb

  • (person)
    (orally) decir
    I'm merely stating the facts
    simplemente estoy exponiendo los hechos
    you have half an hour to state your case
    tiene media hora para exponer su caso
    he stated that he had seen her there earlier
    afirmó haberla visto antes allí
    to state one's views
    dar su ( or mi etc. ) opinión
    exponer su ( or mi etc. ) punto de vista
    he clearly stated that he would not stand for election
    dijo or manifestó claramente que no se presentaría a las elecciones
    the contract states that …
    el contrato establece or estipula que …
    as stated in the minutes
    como figura or consta en las actas
    as stated above
    como se indica más arriba
    Example sentences
    • As the newspaper's report clearly stated, the activity has been taking place since February this year.
    • The report clearly stated that the quality of the clergy had to be improved.
    • It states clearly that the aim of cannabis legislation should be to focus on preventing under-age use.
    Example sentences
    • The fact is I have stated a case, and unless someone seeks to dissolve it, perhaps you should get on with it.
    • The applicant now applies with leave for judicial review of the Justices' refusal to state a case
    • Subsequently the Crown Court stated a Case - there is now an appeal by way of Case Stated against the ruling.
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