Translation of status in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈstætəs; ˈsteɪtəs/

n (pl -tuses)

  • 1 1.1 u c (category, situation) member status categoría (f) de socio the status of women la condición jurídica y social de las mujeres what's his legal status? ¿cuál es su situación legal? this will has no legal status este testamento no tiene validez marital status estado (m) civil the group has no official status el grupo no está oficialmente reconocido como tal financial status situación (f) or posición (f) económica (before n) status inquiry (BrE) [Busn] investigación (f) de calificación crediticia, consulta (f) de situación financiera 1.2 u
    (social status)
    posición (f) social, estatus (m)
    1.3 u (kudos) estatus (m), prestigio (m), standing (m) (before n) status symbol símbolo (m) de estatus or de prestigio
    More example sentences
    • I watched him grow through college and Minor ranks to Senior star status over the years.
    • Many observers noted that this system worked only as long as the officer enjoyed high social status.
    • Even in a community steeped in wealth and status, the Tanners were a distinguished clan.
  • 2 u (state, condition) situación (f) (before n) status meeting reunión (f) de seguimiento status report informe (m) de progreso
    More example sentences
    • What is the status of professional codes of ethics relative to federal regulations?
    • Ever since our liberation from the British, the social statuses of those who are involved in agriculture have declined drastically.
    • As he points out, winning a major wasn't easy for a British professional of his status.
    More example sentences
    • I want regular reports on our status, and the legions are to be kept on constant alert.
    • A spokesman for Aberdeen also refused to shed any light on the status of the bidding process.
    • The SHB annual report also reveals the status of a number of capital projects in the county.

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