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American English: /stim/
British English: /stiːm/

Translation of steam in Spanish:


  • the engine is driven by steam
    el motor funciona a vapor
    full steam ahead!
    ¡a todo vapor!
    his work is going full steam ahead
    su trabajo va viento en popa
    to get up steam (person/worker)
    ponerse en movimiento (lit) (engine/driver)
    dar presión
    to let off or blow off steam
    dar rienda suelta a su ( or mi etc. ) indignación ( or energía etc. )
    to run out of steam (person/project)
    perder ímpetu
    under one's own steam
    por sus ( or mis etc. ) propios medios
    (before noun) (boiler/locomotive/turbine)
    de or a vapor
    Example sentences
    • Murrays' Mills in Ancoats are 200 years old and were among the first buildings in the world to use steam to power machines.
    • With the arrival of steam as a power source, doctors could treat hysteria in the office using new devices developed for this purpose.
    • They can be cut and burnt to produce steam to power turbines.
    Example sentences
    • For generations, its very name has conjured up the glory days of Britain's railways when steam was king and every town had a station.

transitive verb

  • 1 (Cooking)
    cocinar or cocer al vapor
    cocinar or cocer al baño (de) María
    Example sentences
    • Remove the plastic wrap and steam the bread until cooked.
    • Place the dumplings on the prepared steaming rack and steam the dumplings until the skins are soft, about 15 minutes.
    • Just brown the pasta in oil first, add broth and cook until the pasta is tender, then steam some seafood quickly on top.
    Example sentences
    • There is not a human being in sight but food still steams on a cooker inviting the hungry parents with its aromas.
    • With the flavours intensifying as the food simultaneously steams and roasts, and no juices lost or boiled away, the end result is bags of flavour (sorry).
    • Yellow rice wine, pork meat steamed on lotus leaves, eight ingredients cake and zongzi are the specialities of Xitang and you can taste them in all the restaurants in the town.
  • 2 (apply steam to) (+ adj or adv compl) to steam a letter open
    abrir una carta con vapor
    he steamed the stamps/the label off
    despegó los sellos/la etiqueta con vapor
    Example sentences
    • You can get to know them even better if you steam the letters open first.
    • He went to the kitchen and boiled water, then took the letter and steamed the envelope open so as not to damage it.
    • Carefully, in case she found that she needed to reseal it, she steamed the envelope open and peeled away the fold.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (give off steam)
    echar vapor
    (hot food)
    Example sentences
    • As I type, an angry thunderstorm is rolling across the skies and the rain is lashing down onto the scorched pavements; now gently steaming.
    • As my train arrived, the monsoon abruptly stopped, the sun came out, leaving me gently steaming on platform five at Reading.
    • You'll get delicate, herb-infused fish steamed gently in their own juices.
  • 2 (+ adverb complement) 2.1 (move under steam power) the train steamed into the station
    el tren entró en la estación echando vapor
    2.2 (move quickly) [colloquial]I was steaming along on my bike
    iba volando or a toda velocidad en la bici
    our class is steaming ahead
    nuestra clase avanza a todo vapor or a toda máquina
    Example sentences
    • Moves are steaming ahead to honour an Atherton-born boffin whose vision of a high speed hovertrain was dismissed.
    • It is an approach that gains steam as the movie moves forward and gives the film's climax a powerful sense of the inevitable.
    • But having been here for a considerable length of time, it has struck me that as Shanghai steams ahead in the new millennium, it still remains inextricably linked with its near-forgotten past.

Phrasal verbs

steam over

steam up 1

steam up

1verb + adverb
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
to be/get steamed up about somethingpeople are getting steamed up about the issue
se están caldeando los ánimos al respecto
she was all steamed up about his critical remarks
estaba indignada por sus críticas
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