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American English: /stɑk/
British English: /stɒk/

Translation of stock in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (supply) (often plural) stocks of coal
    reservas (feminine plural) de carbón
    get in a good stock of food/drink for the party
    compra bastante comida/bebida para la fiesta
    we need to get some stocks in
    necesitamos abastecernos or aprovisionarnos
    her vast stock of knowledge on the subject
    sus amplísimos conocimientos sobre el tema
    Example sentences
    • Co-op stores around Swindon have been running low on stock after a regional distribution warehouse in Oxford was flooded.
    • He thought the thieves would dispose of the shop's stock at car boot sales or use them for family gifts.
    • We are always looking for willing volunteers to help with everything from sorting and preparing stock to merchandising and sales.
    1.2 uncountable (of shop, business)
    existencias (feminine plural)
    estoc (masculine)
    stock (masculine)
    to have something in stock
    tener algo en estoc or en existencias
    we're out of stock of green ones
    no nos quedan verdes
    las verdes se han agotado or están agotadas
    to take stock
    (review situation) hacer un balance
    evaluar la situación
    (lit: make inventory) hacer el inventario
    to take stock of somebody
    formarse un juicio sobre alguien
    to take stock of something
    hacer un balance de algo
    evaluar algo
  • 2 (Finance) 2.1 uncountable (shares)
    acciones (feminine plural)
    valores (masculine plural)
    (government securities) bonos (masculine plural) del Estado
    papel (masculine) del Estado
    I have some stock in that company
    tengo algunas acciones en esa compañía
    common stock (US) Treasury stock (US)
    (of UK government) títulos (masculine plural) de la deuda pública
    to put or take stock in something (US)
    dar crédito a algo
    (before noun) stock certificate
    título (masculine) de acciones
    certificado (masculine) de acciones
    stock dividend
    dividendo (masculine) en acciones
    stock rating
    calificación (feminine) de valores
    Example sentences
    • However, when you start your Open Annuity, you also buy a special preference share in the insurance company operating it.
    • In 1997 they retained their first preference share but lost more than half their seats because their vote was spread over too many candidates.
    • Company head Dan Brown said at the meeting that existing shareholders would have an opportunity to purchase one preference share at $1.00 for every five ordinary share currently owned.
    2.2stocks and bonds or (British) stocks and shares
    acciones (feminine plural)
    (including government securities) acciones (feminine plural) y bonos (masculine plural) del Estado
    2.3 (reputation) his stock with the other teachers is high
    los demás profesores tienen muy buen concepto de él
    his stock is rising in the eyes of the electorate
    está ganando cada vez más prestigio entre el electorado
  • 3 uncountable (livestock) (before noun) stock farmer stock farming
    ganadería (feminine)
    cría (feminine) de ganado
    Example sentences
    • Perhaps he would enthusiastically support moves for greater commercial use of kangaroos, rather than the hoofed stock, sheep and cattle, that break the crust.
    • Other potential agricultural applications of Fantesk include sprays, coatings for nursery stock, and livestock feed additives.
    • The club also organizes visits to leading dairy farms and research institutes, holds dairy stock judging events and herds competitions.
  • 4 uncountable (descent) I'm of Spanish/pioneer stock
    soy descendiente de españoles/pioneros
    to come of good stock
    ser de buena familia
    Example sentences
    • The Dogras inhabiting the hilly tract bounding the mountains of the Kashmir Valle on the south and extending to the plains of the Punjab, are descended from Aryan stock.
    • During these difficult times he was faithfully supported and encouraged by his wife, who was descended from good Puritan stock.
    • Much of my Yorkshire stock descended from the Viking Raids of the 9th century.
  • 5 countable 5.1 (stem)
    (of vine) cepa (feminine)
    (for grafting onto) patrón (masculine)
    portainjerto (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • Always try to plant bare-root stock as soon as you get home.
    • With container grown stock, the plant has been growing in a container for a period of time.
    • Yet, there are many budget-minded owners who still believe that money can be saved by planting smaller seedling stock.
    Example sentences
    • Many of the modern roses in commerce today are grafted onto these stocks.
    • Of particular concern are roses grafted onto R. fortuniana root stocks - stocks with notoriously shallow root zones.
    • Grey rectangles indicate the presence of a rooted stock.
    5.2 (for cuttings)
    planta (feminine) madre
  • 6 countable 6.1 (of gun)
    Example sentences
    • It halved the rifle where the stock joined the barrel, and two fingers from the weasel's right paw fell to the forest floor.
    • Rolling left to lie prone, I shoved the rifle stock to my shoulder and dared to reconnoiter by peeping over a twisted root.
    • Making a splint from a rifle stock, he again treated himself and managed to crawl back to an aid station.
    6.2 (of fishing rod, whip)
    Example sentences
    • The silky voice became a bark as he fingered the stock of a whip lying across his knees.
  • 7 uncountable (Cooking) chicken stock
    caldo de pollo
    Example sentences
    • Use the caramel-colored water for soup, stock and gravy.
    • Keep the basics on hand: frozen marinara and pesto for quick pasta meals, and a simple vegetable or chicken stock for fast soups.
    • Even the soup of the day is an intentional creation, using freshly prepared vegetables and stock with fresh meat, fowl, or fish added.
  • 8 countable (plant, flower)
    Example sentences
    • To prolong bloom time on pansies, stock, sweet alyssum, snapdragons and other cool-weather plants, clip off flowers as they fade.
    • They hold pink cyclamen, maidenhair fern, pink polka-dot plant, and fragrant pink stock.
    • Yellow and orange calendulas bloom through winter, as will pink and white English daisies and sweet-scented stock.
  • 9
    also: stocks plural
    9.1 (in shipbuilding) to be on the stocks
    (in preparation) estar en preparación
    (lit: of ship) estar en construcción
    Example sentences
    • After bracing the bulkheads to the stocks, the longitudinal framing can start going on.
    9.2 (History) (for punishment)the stocks
    el cepo
    Example sentences
    • Every confinement of the person is an imprisonment, whether it be in a common prison, or in a private house, or in the stocks, or even by forcibly detaining one in the public streets.
    • A believer in strict discipline, he preferred forms of punishment like putting a prisoner in stocks or shackling him to a ball and chain.
    • Among the other stunts for charity, they plan to don wet suits at Sea World and get in the stocks at Stirling Jail.

transitive verb

  • 1 (Business) we don't stock that brand
    no vendemos esa marca
    no trabajamos esa marca
    Example sentences
    • The High Street giant wants to add potency to its sales performance by stocking products which would really set pulses racing.
    • The shortbread is seen as a luxury product principally stocked by dollar-based supermarkets.
    • She did a roaring mail-order trade and stocked her products in ‘fine’ chemists.
  • 2 (fill)
    the store is well stocked with the latest fashions
    la tienda tiene un gran surtido de prendas de última moda
    to stock (up) the freezer
    llenar el congelador
    the poultry farm was stocked with good layers
    el criadero tenía buenas ponedoras
    to stock a lake with fish
    poblar un lago de peces
    Example sentences
    • Muleteers provide aid stations stocked with Peruvian cheese sandwiches, coca tea, and other energy foods along every trail; camps await runners at the end of each day.
    • Like any analog-oriented operation, Remote Recording is stocked with loads of outboard gear and 200 microphones from all major manufacturers.
    • The Blue Horizon was stocked with a large supply of caffeinated drinks and she was delighted to have so much to live on.

adjective before noun

  • 2
    a stock phrase
    un cliché
    una frase hecha
    she got the stock rejection letter
    le mandaron la típica or consabida carta de rechazo
    a stock subject of conversation
    un manido tema de conversación

Phrasal verbs

stock up

verb + adverb
hacer un estoc
proveerse de existencias
to stock up on/with somethingwe'd better stock up on coffee before it goes up
más vale que compremos bastante café or hagamos una buena provisión de café antes de que suba
they are stocking up with fancy goods for Christmas
están haciendo un estoc de artículos para regalo para Navidad
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