There are 2 translations of stomach in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈstʌmək/


  • 1.1 (organ) estómago (m) I have an upset stomach ando mal del estómago on an empty stomach con el estómago vacío, en ayunas I've got a weak stomach sufro del estómago it turns my stomach me revuelve el estómago you need to have a very strong stomach to sit through one of his films se necesita tener estómago para ver sus películas to be sick to one's stomach (nauseated) tener* náuseas (disgusted) estar* asqueado to have no stomach for sth I've got no stomach for fried food so early in the day no me apetece comer frituras tan temprano they had no stomach for an all-out strike no se atrevieron a hacer una huelga general (before n) stomach lining revestimiento (m) del estómago stomach muscle músculo (m) del estómago stomach pains dolor (m) del estómago stomach ulcer úlcera (f) estomacal or del estómago stomach upset problema (m) estomacal, trastorno (m) gástrico or estomacal [formal] stomach wall pared (f) del estómago
    More example sentences
    • For most other common solid tumours such as those of lung, oesophagus, stomach, or pancreas, only limited survival gains have been achieved.
    • Smooth cells make up the stomach, intestine, blood vessels and other organs.
    • The idea was that fibre fills the stomach and reduces the desire to overeat.
    1.2 (belly) barriga (f), panza (f) [familiar/colloquial], guata (f) (Chi) [familiar/colloquial] stomachs in! chests out! ¡adentro esa barriga! ¡saquen pecho! she lay on her stomach estaba tendida boca abajo
    More example sentences
    • My favourite part of a guy's body is his stomach and then his chest.
    • He stood in front of me, looking down at his stomach and chest.
    • Furtive glances dissect her at thighs, hips, stomach, chest and face.

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There are 2 translations of stomach in Spanish:



(usu neg)
  • 1.1 [food/drink] tolerar
    More example sentences
    • Just days after her birth, Stacey was diagnosed with the disease when doctors found a tube in her intestine was blocked and she could not stomach any food.
    • While he could actually stomach the food, I couldn't and choose a banana and water.
    • All my meals were on the set, when I could actually stomach food.
    1.2 [insults/insolence/person] soportar, aguantar
    More example sentences
    • From soundings I've taken inside the Labour Party, people cannot stomach a war and some are going to leave the party.
    • Ideologies that affirm a set of basic truths, such as feminism and classical or neo-Marxism, cannot stomach postmodernism.
    • Howard's government ‘cannot stomach the truth of their policy failings’.

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