There are 2 translations of stop in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /stɑːp; stɒp/


  • 1 (halt) to work without a stop trabajar sin parar, trabajar sin hacer una pausa or un alto work progressed in stops and starts el trabajo avanzaba a trompicones or a tropezones work was at a stop for months el trabajo estuvo interrumpido or paralizado durante meses to bring sth to a stop detener* or parar algo [conversation/proceedings] poner* fin a or interrumpir algo the accident brought the traffic to a complete stop el accidente paralizó el tráfico to come to a stop [vehicle/aircraft] detenerse* [production/conversation] interrumpirse to put a stop to sth poner* fin a algo, acabar con algo to put a stop on a check dar* orden de no pagar un cheque
    More example sentences
    • It was almost a disappointment when we came to a stop at the edge of clearing where a herd of deer were grazing.
    • After completing a number of revolutions, the carousel began to slow and came to a stop.
    • The game we'd been playing with the boys came to a stop, and I rolled my eyes.
  • 2 2.1 (break on journey) parada (f) we made a stop at a service station to have coffee paramos en una estación de servicio para tomar un café after an overnight stop in Madrid después de hacer noche or de pasar la noche en Madrid 2.2 (of bus) parada (f), paradero (m) (AmL exc RPl) ; (of train, underground) estación (f) you have to get out/off at the next stop se tiene que bajar en la próxima (parada)
    More example sentences
    • The bus goes off on its merry way and picks up a zillion passengers at the next stop.
    • Buses could also pick up passengers without pulling into stops.
    • Designated stops will be constructed, with special ramps to allow easy access by passengers onto the taxis and buses.
    More example sentences
    • As the self-confessed ‘biggest slob in the world’ he enjoys sailing holidays filled with impromptu tea breaks and pub stops.
    • When traveling long distances, plan the trip to include rest stops and breaks.
    • Also, make stops for bathroom breaks, leg-stretching, sightseeing and drink refills.
  • 4 [Mus] (on organ) registro (m) to pull out all the stops tocar* todos los registros, hacer* uso de todos los recursos posibles
    More example sentences
    • Specific ranks of pipes may be brought into and out of play by means of stops.
    • These organs were played only with sliding stops, not a keyboard like a modern organ.
    • It also has a cathedral housing the biggest organ in the world: 17,388 pipes and 231 stops.
  • 5 5.1 (stopping device) tope (m); (on typewriter) marginador (m) 5.2 [Phot] diafragma (m)
    More example sentences
    • When you go through the finished prints you will be able to see the results of 2 complete stops of exposure difference.
    • Remove the film, stop down 4 stops, and give a flash exposure.
    • Underexposing by one to two stops intensifies the effect.
  • 6stop (consonant) [Ling] (consonante (f)) oclusiva (f)
    More example sentences
    • Taiwanese has final consonant stops, and Mandarin doesn't.
    • Many varieties of Chinese, including both Mandarin and Cantonese, do not distinguish voiced and voiceless stops and affricates.
    • For example, the aspirated series of stops and affricates are written by adding a horizontal stroke to the letters for the plain series.

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There are 2 translations of stop in Spanish:


vt (-pp-)

  • 1 1.1 (halt) [taxi/bus] parar; [person] parar, detener* I stopped a passing car to ask for help paré (a) un coche que pasaba para pedir auxilio we were stopped by the police nos paró la policía he stopped the ball with his foot paró la pelota con el pie demonstrators stopped the traffic los manifestantes pararon or detuvieron el tráfico
    More example sentences
    • He was stopped, ordered out of the car and a computer check showed the car had been reported stolen.
    • She tried to get upstairs but was stopped and also ordered to get down onto the floor.
    • But there was no mechanical defect which would have caused the car to have been stopped and parked.
    1.2 (from escaping) detener*, parar 1.3 (brake) [vehicle] parar, detener* I stopped the car and got out paré or detuve el coche y me bajé
    More example sentences
    • Early Friday morning, the captain announced that the engine had stopped and the ship was taking on water.
    • The problem is, what if the engine stops while he is already on the fast lane of a nearby toll road?
    • You would be cruising along and, suddenly without warning, the engine just stopped.
    1.4 (switch off) [machine/engine] parar
  • 2 2.1 (bring to an end, interrupt) [decline/inflation] detener*, parar; [discussion/abuse] poner* fin a, acabar con stop that noise! ¡deja de hacer ruido! his statement stopped speculation sus declaraciones pusieron fin a la especulación the trial was stopped se suspendió el juicio the company has stopped production of this model la compañía ha dejado de producir este modelo the aim is to stop the cancer in its early stages el objetivo es detener el avance del cáncer en su fase inicial rain stopped play la lluvia interrumpió el partido 2.2 (cease) stop what you're doing and listen to me deja lo que estás haciendo y escúchame stop it! ¡basta ya! stop that nonsense! ¡déjate de tonterías! to stop -ing dejar de + inf do stop arguing! ¡dejen de discutir! I'm trying to stop smoking estoy tratando de dejar de fumar I couldn't stop laughing no podía parar de reírme it hasn't stopped raining all day no ha parado de llover en todo el día he never stops talking habla sin parar stop saying that! ¡no sigas diciendo eso! stop beating about the bush déjate de rodeos
    More example sentences
    • One child was so traumatised by the experience she could not stop vomiting and had to be hospitalised.
    • I'm trying to stay calm but every time I see the adverts on the telly, I can't stop smiling or giggling.
    • The others managed not to laugh and my girlfriend poked me to make me stop giggling, but that just made it funnier to me.
    More example sentences
    • They're going to try to do it and I don't think they are going to be capable of stopping the political process.
    • It's a lot harder to stop a ritual process midway than to avoid the process entirely.
    • And so far, the injections have only stopped the degenerative process, not reversed it.
  • 3 (prevent) I'm going, and you can't stop me me voy y no puedes detenerme or impedírmelo who's/what's stopping you? ¿quién/qué te lo impide? there's no stopping us now nadie nos puede parar ahora I had to tell him, I couldn't stop myself tuve que decírselo, no pude contenerme to stop sb (from) -ing (esp BrE) impedirle* a algn + inf, impedir* que algn + subj the bad weather stopped us (from) going out el mal tiempo nos impidió salir try to stop her (from) coming trata de impedir or de evitar que venga we had to lock him up to stop him (from) escaping lo tuvimos que encerrar para impedir que se escapara to stop sth -ing impedir* que algo + subj to stop sth happening impedir* que ocurra algo we're trying to stop the airport being built here estamos tratando de impedir que construyan el aeropuerto aquí
    More example sentences
    • But she is certain that the lack of a bike and the fact the she is not a fan of exercise will not stop her.
    • We didn't let that stop us and we continued to court and we were always together.
    • I love flying both types and will continue until someone stops me, but the fact remains that a mistake in a sailplane is much more likely to kill you than in a hang glider.
  • 4 4.1 (cancel, withhold) [subscription] cancelar; [payment] suspender to stop (payment of) a check dar* orden de no pagar un cheque 4.2 (deduct) (BrE) descontar*, retener* the boss stopped £30 out of my wages el jefe me descontó or me retuvo 30 libras del sueldo
    More example sentences
    • The defendant stopped the cheque, which was accordingly dishonoured by the drawee bank.
    • Don't try and stop the cheque if you want to pay online or over the phone instead.
    • Most banks charge, typically £10, for stopping a cheque.
  • 5 5.1 (block) [hole] tapar, taponar; [gap] rellenar; [tooth] empastar I stopped my ears with my fingers me tapé los oídos con los dedos 5.2 [Mus] [string] apretar*; [pipe] ponerle* un registro or una sordina a; [French horn] hacerle* sordina a (con la mano)
    More example sentences
    • Take the coconut shell and fill with yolk, stopping the hole with your finger.
    • Engineers have now secured the hole with wooden boards and an emergency plumber managed to stop the water leak and get the heating back on.
    • He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on.
  • 6 6.1 (bring down) derribar 6.2 (parry) [blow/punch] parar, detener* he stopped a bullet recibió un balazo, lo balearon
    More example sentences
    • He defended the title another three times, stopping his opponents on each occasion, to put himself in line for the WBA world belt.
    • Jones goes on to make six defenses of the IBF super middleweight title, stopping all six of his opponents.
    • Ouma did go ahead with the fight, stopping Woods in the 11th round.

vi (-pp-)

  • 1 1.1 (halt) [vehicle/driver] parar, detenerse* I stopped to ask a policeman the way paré para pedirle indicaciones a un policía stop, thief! ¡al ladrón! stop or I'll shoot! ¡alto o disparo! stop, police! ¡alto, policía! stop right there ¡alto ahí! to stop at nothing estar* dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa, no pararse en barras 1.2 (interrupt journey) [train/bus] parar does this train stop at Reading? ¿este tren para en Reading? let's stop here and have a rest hagamos un alto or paremos aquí para descansar they stopped in a small village for the night hicieron noche or pasaron la noche en un pueblecito 1.3 (cease operating) [watch/clock/machine] pararse has your watch stopped? ¿se te ha parado el reloj? her breathing has stopped ha dejado de respirar his heart has stopped se le ha parado el corazón, su corazón ha dejado de latir
  • 2 2.1 (cease, be discontinued) the rain has stopped ha dejado or parado de llover, ya no llueve the pain/bleeding has stopped ya no le ( or me etc) duele/sale sangre the noise stopped dejó de oírse el ruido this squandering must stop este derroche tiene que terminar production has stopped at the factory la fábrica ha suspendido la producción production of this model has stopped este modelo ya no se fabrica más 2.2 (interrupt activity) parar I think I'll stop for a while creo que voy a parar un rato she never stops no para un minuto you've done enough work for today: it's time you stopped basta por hoy, ya has trabajado bastante I didn't stop to think no me detuve a pensar
    More example sentences
    • Remember, your muscle growth stops when your protein does.
    • If applied to the scalp twice daily, it may produce some hair growth but is expensive and hair growth stops when treatment is stopped.
    • The man slumped down and signalled for an inhaler so a medic was called, but the ordeal did not stop there.
  • 3 [colloquial/familiar] (stay) quedarse I can't stop no me puedo quedar won't you stop for supper? (BrE) ¿no te quieres quedar a cenar?

Phrasal verbs

stop by

v + adv, v + prep + o
why don't you stop by tonight? ¿por qué no (te) pasas por aquí ( or por casa etc) esta noche? I stopped by (at) the store for some milk pasé por la tienda para comprar leche

stop down

v + adv
[Phot] reducir* la apertura del diafragma

stop in

v + adv [colloquial/familiar]
1.1 (call in) Bill stopped in for a chat Bill pasó por aquí para charlar 1.2 (stay inside) (BrE) quedarse adentro, no salir*; (stay at home) quedarse en casa, no salir*

stop off

v + adv
I stopped off at home to change pasé por casa para cambiarme we stopped off in San Juan for a few hours paramos unas horas en San Juan

stop on

v + adv
(stay in a place) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar], quedarse

stop out

v + adv (BrE)
1.1 (not come home) [colloquial/familiar] no volver* a casa, quedarse por ahí [familiar/colloquial] 1.2 (on strike) [colloquial/familiar] hacer* huelga, parar (AmL)

stop over

v + adv
1.1 (break journey) parar; (overnight) hacer* noche, pasar la noche we plan to stop over in New York for a day or two pensamos parar or quedarnos en Nueva York un par de días 1.2 [Aviat] [plane] hacer* escala

stop up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (block) (usu pass) atascar* 1.2 (fill) [hole/crack] tapar, rellenar 1.1v + adv [Phot] aumentar la apertura del diafragma 1.2v + adv (BrE) stay up 2

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