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American English: /streɪt/
British English: /streɪt/

Translation of straight in Spanish:

adjective straighter, straightest

  • 1 1.1 (not curved or wavy)
    sin curvas
    to walk in a straight line
    caminar en línea recta
    keep your knees straight
    no dobles las rodillas
    he walks with a straight back
    camina muy erguido
    a straight left/right (Sport)
    un directo con la izquierda/derecha
    straight cylinders (Motor Vehicles)
    cilindros (masculine plural) en línea
    see alsostraight angle
    Example sentences
    • At the end of the straight section, the road bends to the right and appears to go down slightly.
    • There is a mistaken belief that it is a straight road, while in fact there is a slight bend.
    • Two cars start off at the same point on a straight highway facing opposite directions.
    Example sentences
    • After a quick survey of the room, she saw that she was one of a handful of women whose hair was straight rather than curly.
    • I have long, straight hair and I don't want it to be curly so please keep that in mind.
    • She watched as the rain rinsed off Evelyn's layers of make-up and her straight hair became frizzy curls.
    Example sentences
    • This consisted of a white fitted shirt, a blue straight skirt which came just above the knee and a blue sweatshirt and tie.
    • They wore satin dresses with scalloped bodices and straight skirts and carried cream and cerise roses.
    • The waitresses wear authentic Thai clothes and look elegant in their long straight skirts and blouses in silks of every hue of the rainbow.
    1.2 (level, upright, vertical) (predicative) to be straight
    estar derecho
    is this picture (hanging) straight?
    ¿está derecho el cuadro?
    is my tie straight?
    ¿tengo la corbata derecha or bien puesta?
    your tie isn't straight
    llevas or tienes la corbata torcida
    Example sentences
    • Your back should be reasonably straight and upright.
    • Even his tie, blown to one side by a slight wind, was back to its normal straight position.
    • The black tie was straight and positioned perfectly, giving him an overall very professional appearance.
  • 2 (in order) (predicative) is my hair straight?
    ¿tengo bien el pelo?
    I have to get or put my room straight
    tengo que ordenar or arreglar mi cuarto
    I need a few days to put or set or get my affairs straight
    necesito unos días para poner mis asuntos en orden
    if I pay for the coffees, we'll be straight
    si pago los cafés quedamos or estamos en paz or (Southern Cone) a mano
    to get something straightlet's get this straight
    a ver si nos entendemos
    you have to make sure you've got your facts straight
    tienes que asegurarte de que la información que tienes es correcta
    I went to see the boss to set the record straight
    fui a ver al jefe para aclarar las cosas
    just to set the record straight, I never actually said that
    que conste que yo nunca dije eso
    to put or set somebody straight about something
    aclararle algo a alguien
    I soon put him straight
    enseguida le aclaré las cosas
    Example sentences
    • It took eight solid hours of cleaning to get the place straight.
    • My maid is coming in the morning and I need to get the place straight so she can actually clean.
    • I was pretty tired by evening - unpacking and trying to get the house straight had really taken it out of me, so instead of staying up to watch Big Brother, I went to bed early.
  • 3 3.1 (direct, clear)
    the proposal met with a straight rejection
    la propuesta fue rechazada de plano
    it's a straight choice between buying a car or going on holiday
    la alternativa es clara: o compramos un coche o nos vamos de vacaciones
    this is a straight borrowing from an earlier work
    esto está sacado directamente de una obra anterior
    I made $20,000 straight profit
    saqué 20.000 dólares limpios de beneficio
    she's on straight commission
    trabaja solo a comisión
    to vote straight Democrat
    votar a los demócratas para todos los cargos
    it's a straight fight
    es un mano a mano
    she got straight A's
    sacó sobresaliente en todo
    Example sentences
    • It was straight, forthright and honest, and, once the situation was resolved, there were no grudges and no problems.
    • But the people he deals with are all evasive to the point that he can't get a straight answer.
    • The only way to truly find out why would be to ask all the coaches how they voted and even then it might be hard to get a straight answer.
    Example sentences
    • This time, the message was simple and straight: You too will grow old one day.
    • I wasn't going to be doing any watching so I thought it best to put it in simple, straight terms.
    • On the issue of the replacement, the coach said it was not as simple as making a straight swap.
    3.2 (unmixed)
    I always have my Scotch straight
    siempre tomo el whisky solo
    Example sentences
    • By the age of 14 Annie was drinking straight vodka, smoking cannabis on a daily basis and almost never going to school.
    • That makes it more difficult for employees to hide beer, wine, or straight liquor in a Styrofoam cup or shaded glass.
    • I didn't want to just order a beer - how classic - or a glass full of straight vodka.
  • 4 (honest, frank)
    all I want is a straight yes or no
    lo único que quiero es que me digas que sí o que no, sin más
    you won't get a straight answer out of him
    no conseguirás que te dé una respuesta clara
    I've been absolutely straight with you about the whole business
    no te he ocultado nada del asunto
  • 5 (successive) he won in straight sets (Sport)
    ganó sin conceder or sin perder ningún set
    she's had five straight wins
    ha ganado cinco veces seguidas
    ha obtenido cinco victorias consecutivas or al hilo
    this is the fifth straight day it's happened (US)
    este es el quinto día seguido que pasa
    a straight flush (Games)
    una escalera de color
    una escalera real
  • 6 6.1 (serious)
    de música seria
    Example sentences
    • It's a great experience as there is a lot more latitude but I actually prefer dramas and straight thrillers.
    • Though the subject matter is somewhat similar, this is a straight drama, devoid of comic moments and Seventies retro.
    • It is a subject familiar to us from screwball farces, and one from which a straight drama could also be drawn.
    6.2 (conventional) [colloquial] straight sex
    relaciones (feminine plural) sexuales convencionales
    Example sentences
    • They are straight, decent guys; unassuming and happy to take whatever slings and arrows are on the pitch.
    • They're so straight, some of these people, that you can see how stressed they are when it comes to asking for cannabis.
    • They were very good people and very straight, honest people.
    Example sentences
    • But let's face it - straight people have the option to get married.
    • One reader even suggested that an organization should be founded to encourage other straight people to do the same.
    • I don't really care what it's called, but if non-religious straight people can get married, so should gays.
    6.3 (heterosexual) [colloquial]


  • 1 1.1 (in a straight line)
    en línea recta
    they live straight across from us
    viven justo enfrente de nosotros
    she looked straight ahead/up
    miró al frente/hacia arriba
    the truck was coming straight at me
    el camión venía derecho or justo hacia mí
    el camión se me venía encima
    I aimed straight for his heart
    le apunté justo al corazón
    he made straight for the bar
    se fue derecho al bar
    can you look me straight in the eye and tell me that?
    ¿podrías decírmelo mirándome a la cara?
    keep/drive straight on until you come to the lights
    sigue derecho hasta llegar al semáforo
    the bullet went straight through his arm
    la bala le atravesó el brazo
    Example sentences
    • The lid fell down with a great force straight on to my hand.
    • Immediately after the causeway, head right through a gate and follow the lakeside path straight on then through woodland to reach a lane across your path.
    • Follow the road straight on through the village passing the church on your left then follow Bankwell Road straight on.
    1.2 (erect)
    sit up straight
    ponte derecho
    Example sentences
    • Stifling a cry of pain, she stiffly moved herself into a better position holding her arms straight as possible.
    • Before he was even able to stand up straight he pulled her over towards an awaiting wagon.
    • I pull my navy jumper straight and flex my fingers, ready to type.
  • 2 2.1 (directly) I came straight home from work
    vine directamente or derecho a casa después del trabajo
    she drank it straight from the bottle
    se lo bebió directamente de la botella
    he looked like something straight out of a horror movie
    parecía salido de una película de terror
    I joined the army straight from school
    me alisté en el ejército en cuanto terminé el colegio
    they walked straight in
    entraron sin llamar
    2.2 (immediately) I went out straight after dinner
    salí inmediatamente después de cenar
    salí en cuanto terminé de cenar
    I regretted it straight afterwards
    me arrepentí inmediatamente
    me arrepentí en cuanto lo dije ( or lo hice etc. )
    that music takes me straight back to my childhood
    esa música me transporta a mi infancia
    I'll bring it straight back
    enseguida lo devuelvo
    she said straight off she wasn't paying [colloquial]
    dijo de entrada que ella no pagaba
    I'll come straight to the point
    iré derecho or directamente al grano
    if you do that again, you go straight to bed
    si vuelves a hacer eso, te vas derechito a la cama [colloquial]
    straight away straightaway
  • 3 [colloquial] 3.1 (frankly)
    con franqueza
    give it to me straight, Meg, am I going to get better?
    dímelo con franqueza, Meg ¿me voy a mejorar?
    she told him straight out
    se lo dijo sin rodeos
    Example sentences
    • You need to tell him straight and not make excuses; it's not your fault that you like another person and it's not as if you used to be going out with him, so it won't be so bad telling him. Just say I'm sorry, I don't feel the same.
    • I think just tell them straight that you cannot take up their job offer.
    3.2 (honestly) are you playing straight with me?
    ¿estás jugando limpio conmigo?
    to go straighthe swore he'd go straight
    prometió que se reformaría or se enmendaría
    I'm going straight
    me estoy portando bien
    estoy llevando una vida honrada
  • 4 (clearly)
    con claridad
    I can't think straight
    no puedo pensar claro or con claridad
    Example sentences
    • When we are emotionally upset and complain that we can no longer think straight we are in fact quite correct.
    • Europeans have to think straight, to talk honestly and recognise their commonality.
    • So often she had been too drugged to think straight or she had been kept too busy to think.
  • 5 (Theatre)
    de manera clásica
  • 6 (at fixed price) [colloquial]they sell at 50 cents straight
    se venden todos a 50 centavos


  • 1 1.1 (on race track) (Sport)the straight
    la recta
    to reach/enter the (final) straight
    llegar a/entrar en la recta final
    Example sentences
    • The field bunched up turning into the straight with over four furlongs to run and a host of horses were in with a chance.
    • Woodbine, with big, sweeping turns and a long straight, is the perfect track for European horses.
    • He kept his horse against the far rails all the way up the straight for a popular win in the Stanley Racing Handicap.
    1.2 (straight line) cut the material on the straight
    corta la tela al hilo
    see alsostraight and narrow
  • 2 2.1 (heterosexual) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I have heard both gays and straights say that bisexuals can exercise heterosexual privilege and live a straight life, enjoying all the rights that gays don't have.
    • ‘There is no difference on average between the economic status of gays and lesbians and straights,’ Badgett says.
    • Nobody knows what makes someone gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight.
    2.2 (conventional person) [colloquial]
    tipo (-pa (masculine, feminine) ) convencional [colloquial]
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