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American English: /streɪ/
British English: /streɪ/

Translation of stray in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (wander away)
    (get lost) extraviarse
    to stray from somebody/somethingwe strayed from the rest of the group
    nos apartamos or nos alejamos del resto del grupo
    several sheep strayed from the flock
    varias ovejas se separaron del resto del rebaño or se descarriaron
    to stray from one's course/route
    desviarse del camino/de la ruta
    to stray from the path of virtue/the party line
    apartarse or desviarse del buen camino/de la línea del partido
    we strayed off the path
    nos apartamos del camino
    I strayed into a military zone
    me metí sin querer en una zona militar
    Example sentences
    • Once or twice I thought I had strayed into a lecture course for undergraduates, because it feels as if the writer is repeating things he has said before.
    • The Marines were arrested after they strayed into Iranian waters.
    • No fewer than four aircraft had strayed into the exclusion zone around Elvington, putting the lives of those in the air and on the ground at risk.
  • 2 (wander) her eyes were straying around the room
    paseaba distraída la mirada por la habitación
    my hand automatically strayed toward my wallet
    la mano se me fue instintivamente hacia la cartera
  • 3 (digress) he kept straying from the issue
    se apartaba or se desviaba una y otra vez del tema
    divagaba continuamente
    the conversation strayed to less serious topics
    la conversación derivó hacia temas menos serios
    he let his thoughts stray
    se puso a pensar en otra cosa
  • 4 (err) [literary]
    apartarse del buen camino


  • 1 (dog) (ownerless)
    (lost) perdido
    Example sentences
    • Your child should never touch or feed stray cats or dogs wandering in the neighborhood or elsewhere.
    • And he has a string of bands to take to the stage to help raise cash for abandoned and stray cats and dogs.
    • The stray cats were seen wandering around in the greenland of Yandlord Garden, playing and searching for food day and night.
  • 2 (random, scattered) a stray bullet
    una bala perdida
    a few stray hairs
    algunos pelos sueltos
    been busy today? — a stray customer or two
    ¿han tenido mucho trabajo hoy? — alguno que otro cliente
    Example sentences
    • The long-haired variety needs a regular brush and comb and occasional trimming of stray hairs.
    • A stray hair can lead to unpleasant sensations in one's mouth.
    • She hurriedly grabbed her papers, gloves, and keys, tucked a stray hair behind her ear and looked sternly at me.


  • (ownerless animal)
    perro (masculine) callejero or vago
    gato (masculine) callejero or vago
    (lost animal) perro (masculine) /gato (masculine) perdido
    Example sentences
    • The former stray, who had been Mr Boffey's companion for the past three years, was later found unharmed in another farm vehicle.
    • It seemed to be a healthy animal, not a wild stray, and more importantly, it sported a black collar.
    • Cats are meat eaters so a large bowl of good quality tinned cat food along with a handful of dried cat food and a bowl of fresh water will most probably get a very warm reception from a hungry stray.
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