There are 2 translations of stream in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /striːm/


  • 1 1.1 (small river) arroyo (m), riachuelo (m)
    More example sentences
    • After buying a licence you have hundreds of fishable streams creeks and rivers to fish.
    • The streams and rivers offer excellent fly fishing for trout and bass; hook a smallmouth on a six weight rod and you're having fun.
    • My chosen tackle for sea trout when fishing small rivers and streams is usually a six weight rod with floating line and a nine foot leader.
    1.2 (current) corriente (f) to go against the stream ir* contra la corriente, ir* a contracorriente I was weak and just went along with the stream fui débil y me dejé llevar por la corriente
    More example sentences
    • Off to the west is what was once Legion Avenue, where steady streams of cars and trucks barrel in from the suburbs or head out to them along twin one-way roads given over entirely to traffic.
    • Bicycles were again in the spotlight at a local housing estate last week, which day in, day out plays host to a steady stream of fast moving traffic.
    • There was no far-off hum of constant traffic, no train whistles or car horns, and certainly no distant streams of moving lights from the nearest highway.
  • 2 (flow) a thin stream of water issued from the fountain un chorrito de agua salía de la fuente a stream of lava un río de lava a stream of sunlight entered the room el sol entró a raudales en la habitación she poured out a stream of abuse at him le soltó una sarta de insultos the affair generated a stream of books and articles el caso generó un torrente de libros y artículos there is a continuous stream of traffic pasan vehículos continuamente, el tráfico es ininterrumpido streams of people were coming out of the theater un torrente de personas salía del teatro to be/come on stream (BrE) [Busn] [Min] estar*/entrar en funcionamiento
  • 3 (BrE) [Educ] conjunto de alumnos agrupados según su nivel de aptitud para una asignatura
    More example sentences
    • Those not in the A stream are taught at a different pace.
    • This means the two streams are often taught different subjects in the same room at the same time.
    • Instead, her IQ of 109 took her to Ryder Brow Secondary Modern, where she was in top streams despite poor attendance.

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There are 2 translations of stream in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (flow) (+ adv compl) blood streamed from the wound salía or manaba mucha sangre de la herida water streamed from the burst pipe el agua salía a chorros or a torrentes de la tubería rota tears were streaming down her cheeks lloraba a lágrima viva, le corrían lágrimas por las mejillas the sunlight was streaming in through the window el sol entraba a raudales por la ventana the children streamed in from the yard los niños entraron en tropel del patio traffic was streaming out of the city salían caravanas de vehículos de la ciudad
    More example sentences
    • In spring, I can feel the currents of cool air streaming toward me carrying odors of herbs and roots.
    • I felt drenched, the water was streaming down my face, and my immaculate hair was soaked.
    • Lanette nodded, salty water streaming down her cheeks.
    1.2 (run with liquid) peeling onions makes my eyes stream cuando pelo cebollas me lloran los ojos the walls streamed with water corría agua por las paredes I've got a streaming cold tengo un resfriado muy fuerte, me gotea constantemente la nariz
  • 2 (wave) [flag/hair] ondear
    More example sentences
    • Her hair streamed behind her and fanned out like a cloak and her skirts flew up around her slender legs in a tornado of color.
    • Her long golden hair streamed behind her like a golden flag as they galloped across the plains.
    • Hair streaming in the wind, cloak rippling out behind him and eyes flashing, he bore down upon the fortifications.


  • 1 (emit) my nose streamed blood me salía sangre de la nariz his eyes streamed tears se le saltaban las lágrimas
  • 2 (BrE) [Educ] dividir (a los alumnos) en grupos según su aptitud para una asignatura
    More example sentences
    • Why should we be so dismissive of the grammar schools selection process when most schools stream students of similar ability for science, maths etc?
    • Donnelly, however, sees no objection to streaming students according to ability and interests, within a school or between schools.
    • Pupils are then streamed in each subject according to their ability and aptitude.
  • 3 [Comput] descargar* en continuo

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