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Pronunciation: /striːt/


  • calle (f) to cross the street cruzar* la calle I met him on o (esp BrE) in the street me lo encontré en or por la calle it's on o (BrE) in Elm Street queda en la calle Elm the landlord put them out on the street el dueño los echó a la calle they were left on the streets se quedaron sin techo or en la calle the demonstration brought 20,000 people onto the streets 20.000 personas se volcaron a la calle para manifestarse we took to the streets to protest against tax increases salimos a la calle a protestar contra los aumentos en los impuestos to walk the streets andar* or deambular por las calles [prostitute] hacer* la calle, hacer* la carrera (Esp) anyone could just walk in off the street and take it cualquiera podría entrar y llevárselo the whole street turned out to welcome them todos los vecinos salieron a recibirlos the Street (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] Wall Street to be on easy street [colloquial/familiar] estar* forrado [familiar/colloquial] if we get it, we'll be on easy street si lo logramos, nos forramos [familiar/colloquial], si lo logramos, nos llenamos de oro [familiar/colloquial] to be on the streets hacer* la calle or (Esp tb) la carrera to go on the streets prostituirse* to be right up one's street [colloquial/familiar] the job would be right up her street sería un trabajo ideal para ella the movie is right up your street es justo el tipo de película que a ti te encanta to be streets ahead of sb/sth the company is streets ahead of its competitors la compañía está muy por encima de la competencia she's streets ahead of her classmates está mucho más adelantada que sus compañeros de clase, les da mil vueltas a sus compañeros de clase [familiar/colloquial] to be streets apart the two sides are still streets apart todavía hay un abismo entre las dos partes he's just not in the same street as Picasso no está a la altura de Picasso, no le llega ni a los talones or ni a la suela de los zapatos a Picasso [familiar/colloquial] (before n) [musician/theater] callejero street corner esquina (f) street crime delincuencia (f) callejera street directory guía (f) de calles, callejero (m) street entertainer artista (m,f) callejero, -ra street furniture mobiliario (m) urbano street map o plan plano (m) de la ciudad street market mercado (m) al aire libre, feria (f) (CS) street people (AmE) gente (f) de la calle street theater teatro (m) callejero, teatro (m) de calle street trader or (AmE also) , street vendor vendedor callejero, vendedora callejera (m,f)
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    • It has become impossible to pass through streets and roads at night because of dogs.
    • Do you know how hard it is to walk through the shattered streets of my city and see how hard it fell?
    • The amount of chewing gum stuck on roads and streets around the country drives me up the wall.

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