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American English: /strɛŋ(k)θ/
British English: /strɛŋθ/
, /strɛŋkθ/

Translation of strength in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable (of persons) 1.1 (physical energy)
    (health) fortaleza (feminine) física
    with all my strength
    con todas mis fuerzas
    con toda mi fuerza
    he doesn't know his own strength!
    ¡no sabe la fuerza que tiene!
    ¡no tiene conciencia de su propia fuerza!
    his strength failed him
    le fallaron las fuerzas
    you must rest now to get your strength back
    ahora tienes que descansar para recuperarte or para recobrar las fuerzas
    to save one's strength
    ahorrar (las) energías
    Example sentences
    • It seems oddly ironic that one could build an exterior of strength, that being strong seems strangely easier than being weak.
    • Male advantages in physical strength and spatial skills were probably more useful in the past.
    • His strength and other physical qualities already outmatch those of normal humans, but they are far from complete.
    1.2 (emotional, mental) he prayed for strength to withstand temptation
    rezó pidiendo fortaleza para resistir la tentación
    strength of will strength of character
    firmeza (feminine) de carácter
    fortaleza (feminine) de carácter
    strength of purpose give me strength! [colloquial]
    ¡Dios me dé paciencia!
    Example sentences
    • In which situations did you receive strength to face difficulties?
    • In emotional and mental strength she far supersedes a man.
    • Berbizier castigated them after Paris, saying that it was more a lack of mental strength than an absence of fitness that saw them beaten.
  • 2 uncountable (of economy, currency) political/military strength
    poderío (masculine) político/militar
    the independence movement is growing or gaining in strength
    el movimiento independentista es cada día más fuerte
    a show of strength
    una demostración or exhibición de fuerza or de poderío
    to negotiate from (a position of) strength
    negociar desde una posición fuerte
    Example sentences
    • A great power possesses economic, diplomatic, and military strength and influence, and its interests extend beyond its own borders.
    • They would then possess better strength and power to anticipate negative elements around them, he added.
    • The solution is a world government with a full legislature, courts, and enough military strength to enforce its power.
  • 3 uncountable 3.1 (of materials)
    (of wind, current) fuerza (feminine)
    (of drug, solution) concentración (feminine)
    (of tea, coffee) lo fuerte
    (of alcoholic drink) graduación (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Similar considerations to those we have just given show that the weak force changes in effective strength as the energy at which it is measured increases.
    • As a hurricane gains strength, its barometric pressure reading drops.
    • We just had a wind gust report down there on the coast of hurricane force strength.
    Example sentences
    • The bone tissue is normal with a normal shape but it has lost mass and density and so lacks sufficient strength to withstand the forces which normally occur in daily life.
    • It exceeds the elastic strength pressure and permissible pressure.
    • Bracing variables include wind pressure, strength of masonry, type of system, and type of strut anchorage.
    Example sentences
    • In practice, even if patients were to take the wrong strength of these drugs it would make only a small difference, but for more toxic medicines it could prove fatal.
    • The black market also makes judging the drug's strength impossible, making overdose a high likelihood.
    • The clostridium virus is believed to have come from dirt used to cut the drug to reduce its strength.
    3.2 (of sound, light)
    (of emotions) intensidad (feminine)
    (of spices) lo fuerte
    Example sentences
    • With that strength of belief, all we needed was a break.
    • Speculation that China may adjust its own currency peg and allow the yuan to rise has also lent strength to the belief that Malaysia might follow suit.
    • The strength of her belief, of her conviction, warped the dream around her.
    3.3 (of magnet, lens) 3.4 (of argument, evidence)
    lo convincente
    (of protests) lo enérgico
    we employed her on the strength of his recommendation
    la contratamos basándonos en su recomendación
    on the strength of that performance she was offered a part in the movie
    en virtud de esa actuación le ofrecieron un papel en la película
    esa actuación le valió la oferta de un papel en la película
    Example sentences
    • The strength of the argument, however, lies not in its ability to convince but in what it removes.
    • Many of you commented and added strength to the arguments (thanks again for that).
    • Also, addressing people by correct name and title may put more strength to your argument.
  • 4 countable (strong point)
    virtud (feminine)
    punto (masculine) fuerte
    the strengths and weaknesses of the play
    las virtudes y defectos de la obra
    los puntos fuertes y débiles de la obra
    from strength to strengththe firm has gone from strength to strength since she took over
    la empresa ha tenido un éxito tras otro desde que ella está al frente
    his career seems to be going from strength to strength
    su carrera marcha viento en popa
    Example sentences
    • America's economic strengths lie in qualities that are hard to distill into simple statistics or trends.
    • As you might expect, he believes his physical attributes are his greatest strengths.
    • But at the end of the day, everyone has their own unique attributes and strengths that drive them forward.
  • 5 uncountable and countable (number)
    efectivos (masculine plural)
    the strength of the workforce has fallen by 50%
    el número de trabajadores ha descendido en un 50%
    they have a peacetime strength of 100,000 men
    en tiempo de paz tienen 100.000 efectivos militares
    we're below or under strength at the moment
    en este momento estamos cortos de personal
    en este momento mucha gente está ausente
    their fans were there in strength
    sus hinchas estaban allí en bloque or en masa
    is he on the strength?
    ¿forma parte del personal?
    Example sentences
    • In legal terms, these numbers don't count against the Army's end strength.
    • The plan states that the army's numerical strength should be brought down to 42,100 people by 2004.
    • We have got more than half the deployable strength of the U.S. Army there.
    Example sentences
    • Ballinakill were now back at full strength having been reduced to 14, midway through the opening half.
    • If police can cut crime with their present manpower levels, imagine what they could achieve at full strength.
    • Fortunately, Stackpole Community Council remains at full strength and a recent vacancy attracted interest from more than one candidate.
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