There are 2 translations of struggle in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈstrʌgəl/


  • 1.1 (against opponent) lucha (f); (physical) refriega (f) to put up a struggle luchar, oponer* resistencia a struggle broke out at the stadium se produjo una refriega en el estadio the struggle between the two nations el conflicto entre las dos naciones I'm not giving up without a struggle no me voy a rendir sin luchar or sin oponer resistencia
    More example sentences
    • Ambulance chiefs today condemned a teenager who assaulted a senior paramedic and a policeman during a violent struggle in York.
    • In a violent struggle, Bourgass stabbed police officer Stephen Oake to death and wounded three others as he tried to escape.
    • America's wars and violent struggles are always fought with goals of preventing future terror attacks and saving lives.
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    • For Abbas, representations are always at the centre of power conflicts and expressive struggles.
    • Many on the left see moral arguments as a smokescreen over the real conflict - the struggle over who gets what.
    • It is these worlds they want to shape, these struggles they want to engage.
    1.2 (against difficulties) lucha (f) to give up the struggle abandonar la lucha his struggle against the elements/for survival su lucha contra los elementos/por la supervivencia their struggle for better working conditions su lucha por conseguir mejores condiciones laborales everything seems such a struggle to her todo se le hace tan cuesta arriba it's a struggle to make ends meet cuesta mucho llegar a fin de mes we had quite a struggle to convince him nos costó bastante convencerlo
    More example sentences
    • At the same time, their determined struggle against adversity is a source of inspiration for all of us.
    • This would, however, require a determined struggle, relying on Senate filibusters and similar tactics.
    • Social reforms alongside a determined struggle for liberation will lead us towards democracy and independence.

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There are 2 translations of struggle in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (thrash around) forcejear he struggled with his attacker forcejeó con su asaltante I tried to struggle free forcejeé tratando de liberarme
    More example sentences
    • Alarmed, Darlene lurched forward, struggling to break free, but it was no use.
    • Kicking and thrashing, Jennifer desperately struggled to break free.
    • He struggled to break free, and the pair stumbled across the room and up against the bureau.
    1.2 (contend, strive) luchar she had to struggle to support her family tuvo que luchar para mantener a su familia to struggle (against/with sth) luchar (contra algo) to struggle for sth luchar por algo to struggle for freedom/power luchar por la libertad/el poder to struggle for breath respirar con dificultad she was struggling for words no encontraba palabras
    More example sentences
    • This shift in rodeo queen criteria did not sit well with women who struggled to continue competing in rodeo.
    • Mass marketers continue to struggle against thick competition from department store and specialty brands.
    • Retailers continuing to struggle amidst intense competition, a slowing economy and low inflation.
    1.3 (be in difficulties) pasar apuros
    More example sentences
    • Most of their batsmen are still struggling to cope with the New Zealand pace attack.
    • He was struggling mightily at the plate in the play-offs and appeared out of sorts.
    • The US $183 million Yankees are struggling mightily at the plate, leaving their fans restless.
  • 2 (move with difficulty) (+ adv compl) he struggled up the hill subió penosamente la cuesta she struggled into her dress se puso como pudo el vestido he struggled to his feet se levantó con gran dificultad we struggled through no sin dificultad salimos adelante they struggled on through the storm siguieron adelante con gran esfuerzo en medio de la tormenta

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