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American English: /staɪl/
British English: /stʌɪl/

Translation of style in Spanish:


  • 1 countable and uncountable 1.1 (manner of acting) his style of living
    su estilo de vida
    telling lies is not my style
    decir mentiras no va conmigo
    that's the style!
    ¡así se hace!
    ¡así me gusta!
    to cramp somebody's style
    inhibir or cohibir a alguien
    limitar a alguien en su libertad de acción
    Example sentences
    • I find ‘brainstorming’ an effective way to create modifications to teaching styles and procedures.
    • In trials of different styles of patient management, surgical procedures, or alternative therapies, full blinding is often impossible.
    • Teachers with very different teaching styles and approaches can be equally effective.
    1.2 (Art, Literature, Music) interiors in the Baroque style
    interiores de estilo barroco
    in the style of William Morris
    al estilo or a la manera de William Morris
    a publisher with a closely defined house style
    una editorial con normas de estilo muy definidas
    Example sentences
    • During his lifetime, the artist went through different periods of characteristic painting styles.
    • These are some characteristics of the writing style of someone under a lot of stress or tension.
    • The series features all styles and periods of buildings, from country houses and gothic castles to a radar station and a water mill - dating from medieval times to the 20th century.
    Example sentences
    • The tone, the attitude, the style, the language; all have changed significantly.
    • More than the style of language has changed at the paper since then.
    • Mr Midgley criticised our website and the style of language used.
  • 2 uncountable (fashionable elegance) he/she has style
    tiene estilo
    you handled the situation with style
    te desenvolviste elegantemente en la situación
    to live/travel in style
    vivir/viajar a lo grande
    they were married in style
    se casaron a lo grande or por todo lo alto
    can you keep her in the style to which she is accustomed?
    ¿va a poder darle el estilo de vida al que está acostumbrada?
    Example sentences
    • This kind of fridge has become a symbol of taste, elegance, style and wealth.
    • But when a temple of style and urban sophistication founders on ambience, food and service, it doesn't leave much to cling to.
    • Waterford Crystal, the epitome of style and elegance, is the world's most successful luxury crystal brand.
  • 3 countable 3.1 (type, model)
    Example sentences
    • Distinctive styles of local pottery appear around 2500 BC along with Neolithic polished stone axes.
    • What we have here are a series of large, eight foot high canvases, generally untitled, painted in a number of styles, and appearing to hark back principally to Abstract Expressionism.
    • Maurice is a popular artist and has contributed to numerous group shows and his distinctive style will be familiar to many.
    3.2 (fashion) the style is currently for a baggier outline
    actualmente se lleva la ropa más holgada
    in the style of the 1950s
    al estilo de los años 50
    long skirts are back in style
    las faldas largas vuelven a estar de moda
    to go out of style
    pasar de moda
    to spend money as if or like it's going out of style [colloquial]
    gastar dinero como si fuera agua [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Big sleeves were in a variety of Chinese clothing styles from various dynasties.
    • This time around he went for being modern, by encompassing modern styles and techniques with Chanel's intricate classic designs.
    • What are your favorite styles or pieces of clothing that defy trends?
    also: hair style
  • 4 countable (form of address, title) [formal]
    Example sentences
    • With a living trust, you need to be sure all of your assets and investments are styled in the name of the trust for the rest of your life.
  • 5 countable (Botany)
    Example sentences
    • As the pistil emerged from the bracts, the style elongated and the stigma expanded markedly in size and, finally, became receptive to pollen.
    • Five pistils were dissected from flowers and the stigmas and styles were mounted on aluminium stubs using carbon paste.
    • This has been used previously to detect ethylene biosynthesis successfully from a variety of flowers and floral tissues including styles and during pollen tube growth.

transitive verb

  • 1 (name, designate) [formal] he styles himself Count/Maestro
    se hace llamar conde/maestro
    the Action Plan, as the new initiative is styled
    el Plan de Acción, como se ha dado en llamar a la nueva iniciativa
    Example sentences
    • Sleek modern bikes are aggressively styled with names to match: ‘Pulsar’, ‘Victor’, etc.
    • If his future wife is styled Duchess of Cornwall, she will be taking his name, since that is one of his existing titles.
    • Well-known atheist, Richard Dawkins, now styles himself as A Devil's Chaplain, the title of a recent book.
  • 2 (design, shape)
    to style hair
    Example sentences
    • The car was styled by the new design team.
    • The automaker, which designed and styled the vehicle in-house at its Gentro Stile facility, decided to meet that goal by developing two completely different cars.
    • These cuts define how your pants are styled and designed in terms of fit and how they fall.
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