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Pronunciation: /sʌtʃ/

Translation of such in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (emphasizing degree, extent) tal (followed by noun/seguido por nombre); tan (followed by adjective/seguido por adjetivo) I woke up with such a headache me levanté con tal dolor de cabeza … it's such a bore! ¡es tan aburrido! such a charming girl! ¡qué chica más or tan encantadora! she gave me such a look! ¡me miró de una manera … ! I've got such a lot of work to do tengo tanto (trabajo) que hacer I've never heard such nonsense nunca he oído semejante or tamaña estupidez such impertinence! ¡qué impertinencia! 1.2 (with clauses of result or purpose) such … (that) tal/tan … que it was done in such a way that nobody noticed se hizo de tal manera que nadie lo notó do it in such a way that nobody notices hazlo de (tal) manera que nadie lo note I was in such pain (that) I couldn't sleep tenía tanto or tal dolor que no pude dormir 1.3 (in comparisons) such … as tan … como such a patient teacher as you un maestro tan paciente como tú he had never experienced such pain as he was feeling nunca había sentido un dolor tan fuerte como el que sentía
  • 2 2.1 (of this, that kind) tal such children are known as … a dichos or a tales niños se los conoce como … such a journey would take weeks un viaje así or como ese llevaría semanas no doubt some such solution will be found sin duda se encontrará una solución semejante or de ese tipo there's no such person here no hay nadie con ese nombre aquí there's no such thing as the perfect crime el crimen perfecto no existe I said no such thing! ¡yo no dije tal cosa! you'll do no such thing! ¡de ninguna manera! would you have such a thing as a calculator on you? ¿no tendrías por casualidad una calculadora? there's such a thing as a comb, you know ¿sabes que existe una cosa que se llama peine? such jobs as mine trabajos como el mío 2.2 (unspecified) tal the letter tells you to go to such a house on such a date la carta te dice que vayas a tal casa a tal hora until such time as we are notified [formal] hasta (el momento en) que se nos notifique
  • 3 (the few, the little) [formal] such … as such women as he knew were all older las pocas mujeres que conocía eran todas mayores such money as I earn I give to my parents el poco dinero que gano se lo doy a mis padres


  • 1 1.1 (of the indicated kind) tal such were her last words tales fueron sus últimas palabras snakes, lizards and such serpientes, lagartijas y cosas por el estilo such is life así es la vida 1.2such as como incidents such as these incidentes como estos many modern inventions, such as radar … muchos inventos modernos, (tales) como el radar … I've read many of his books — such as? he leído muchos de sus libros — ¿(como) por ejemplo? 1.3as such como tal/tales he was a great leader and will be remembered as such fue un gran líder y será recordado como tal dolphins don't possess a language as such los delfines no tienen un lenguaje propiamente dicho or en el sentido estricto
  • 2 2.1such as, such … as [formal] such (people) as were dissatisfied quienes estaban descontentos 2.2 (indicating lack of quantity, quality) the evidence, such as it is, seems to point to his guilt las pocas pruebas que hay parecen indicar que es culpable dinner's ready, such as it is la cena está lista, si se le puede llamar cena my wages, such as they are, go mainly on food lo poco que gano se me va casi todo en comida
  • 3 (of such a kind, extent, degree) such that tal … que the pain was such that I screamed fue tal el dolor or fue tan grande el dolor, que grité

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