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American English: /ˈsəkər/
British English: /ˈsʌkə/

Translation of sucker in Spanish:


  • 1 [colloquial] (fool) [pejorative] the poor sucker believed her
    el pobre imbécil le créyo
    to play somebody for a sucker (American English)
    engañar a alguien como a un chino [colloquial]
    to be a sucker for somethingI'm a sucker for musicals
    las comedias musicales son mi debilidad
    he's a sucker for punishment
    es un masoquista
    (before noun) sucker bet (American English)
    apuesta (feminine) de bobos
    Example sentences
    • The gullible sucker actually plunks down money for an ‘outfit’ of software and seed emails.
    • Yes, someone made it up solely for the purpose of trying to see how many gullible suckers they can con into forwarding it.
    • I do feel sorry for the poor suckers who bought the book in the airport bookstore who think they are getting a book about blogs when they are actually getting a typical piece of right wing rubbish.
    Example sentences
    • Your editor begins by disclosing a prejudice: he is a sucker for real estate.
    • Then again, I always was a sucker for Churchill.
    • Always a sucker for a bit of cream cheese and smoked salmon I was delighted to discover the basil seasoning added some extra taste sensations to the panini.
  • 2 (suction device)
    (on animal, plant) ventosa (feminine)
    (made of rubber) (British English)
    ventosa (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • NoNo is the funny little red (nail-eating) robot with rubber sucker feet, given from Ulysses to Telemicus, as a birthday present.
    • The basic mechanism of suction attachment is straightforward; the sucker forms a seal at the rim and reduces the pressure in the acetabular cavity.
    Example sentences
    • Hillstream loaches have flattened bodies and utilize suckers, permanently clinging to rock faces so they are not swept downstream.
    • The tube feet of ophiuroids lack suckers and ampullae.
    • What are the implications of the physical properties of water for suction attachment in octopus suckers?
  • 3 (Botany) (shoot)
    Example sentences
    • The vitex, too, can produce water sprouts, or vigorous vertical growths from larger branches and root suckers from the base of the tree.
    • Keep root suckers, growths from the base of the tree, removed at all times.
    • Black raspberries do not produce root suckers as do red raspberries.
    Example sentences
    • It sounds as if your mother plant has produced suckers while the fruit has been developing and ripening.
    • If your original plant is healthy and has produced suckers while the fruit has been developing and ripening, a sucker may produce a second fruit.
    • Many plants, such as strawberries, reproduce both sexually by seeds and also by putting out suckers that produce plants that are simply extensions of the parent plant.
  • 4 (American English) [colloquial] lollipop 1
    Example sentences
    • One Scottish scrum disintegrated completely and the Springboks are not noted for giving a sucker an even break.
    • If the woman had let me drive a nail - that's right, I wasn't allowed to drive the nails - it wouldn't have taken two hours to get those suckers on the wall.
    • Right, so after one of these suckers and only one, on account of the moderate alcohol consumption as dictated by the party poopers, some tension is alleviated.

transitive verb

  • (American English) [colloquial]to sucker somebody into -ing
    embaucar a alguien para que + subjunctive
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