Translation of suffer in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈsʌfər; ˈsʌfə(r)/


  • 1.1 (undergo) [injury/damage/loss/defeat] sufrir; [pain] padecer*, sufrir; [hunger] padecer*, pasar to suffer hardship pasar necesidades
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    • He learnt a great deal about the sufferings, the courage and the strengths of the East European churches.
    • The physical and psychological sufferings of survivors tend to pale in comparison to the total number of victims.
    • I feel like I should wear my battle wounds with pride, flaunt my sufferings, but I don't think I have suffered.
    1.2 (endure) aguantar, tolerar 1.3 (permit) [literary/literario] to suffer sb to + infinitive/infinitivo dejar que algn + subjunctive/subjuntivo she would not suffer him to come near her no dejaba que se le acercase
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    • I accept that I suffered the defendant to supply heroin from my premises although I informed him on numerous occasions that I did not want him to do so.


  • 1.1 (experience pain, difficulty) sufrir to suffer in silence sufrir en silencio to make sb suffer hacer* sufrir a algn to suffer for sth sufrir las consecuencias de algo she suffered later for this rash decision más tarde sufrió las consecuencias de esta precipitada decisión to suffer for one's sins [Religion/Religión] expiar* sus ( or mis etc) culpas I drank too much last night and now I'm suffering for my sins [humorous/humorístico] anoche bebí demasiado y ahora estoy sufriendo las consecuencias 1.2 (be affected, deteriorate) [health/eyesight] resentirse*; [business/performance/relationship] verse* afectado, resentirse*
    More example sentences
    • You need hundreds of megabytes of spare disk space to store your movie, you can't use a Mac and if you try to enlarge the image (using a media player), picture quality suffers.
    • Graffiti is a nuisance, it lowers the tone of the neighbourhood and everybody's quality of life suffers.
    • Limiting the selection in this way ensures that the food is freshly prepared and that the chefs stick to the specialities they cook best so that neither taste nor quality suffers.
    1.3 (be afflicted) to suffer from sth sufrir or [formal] padecer* de algo he suffers from asthma sufre or [formal] padece de asma he still suffers from the wound todavía le duele ( or le molesta etc) la herida, todavía se resiente de la herida I suffer dreadfully from shyness soy terríblemente tímido
    More example sentences
    • The child was not suffering from any physical ailment which could be cured through surgery.
    • Sid suffers from a mental illness and spends his days rocking in a chair.
    • Police called an ambulance as the woman suffered from emphysema but she was not taken to hospital.

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