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American English: /sə(ɡ)ˈdʒɛst/
British English: /səˈdʒɛst/

Translation of suggest in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (propose) he suggested dinner the next evening
    sugirió or propuso que cenáramos juntos al día siguiente
    to suggest something to somebody
    sugerirle algo a alguien
    I suggested three alternatives to them
    les sugerí or les propuse tres alternativas
    the only thing I can suggest to you is to tell them the truth
    lo único que te puedo sugerir es que les digas la verdad
    to suggest -ing
    sugerir + infinitive
    sugerir que + subjunctive
    she suggested leaving them a note
    sugirió dejarles or que les dejáramos una nota
    to suggest to somebody that
    sugerirle a alguien que followed by subjunctive
    he suggested to me that I (should) look for another job
    me sugirió que buscara otro trabajo
    it was you who suggested (that) I tell my parents
    fuiste tú quien me sugirió que se lo dijera a mis padres
    I suggest (that) we eat before the show
    sugiero or propongo que comamos antes de la función
    can you suggest where we might meet?
    ¿se te ocurre algún lugar donde podríamos encontrarnos?
    he suggested to us how we might do it
    nos sugirió cómo podríamos hacerlo
    he suggested Smith (to us) as a suitable candidate
    (nos) propuso a Smith como un candidato idóneo
    Example sentences
    • I suggested to her we start our own scholarly website and she was very taken with that idea.
    • Her psychiatrist suggested to her parents that they should take her back to Nigeria for a long holiday.
    • We have suggested to the Mayors that they form a League of Cities to lobby for a better deal.
    1.2 (offer for consideration) can you suggest a possible source for this rumor?
    ¿se le ocurre quién puede haber empezado este rumor?
    I suggest (that) he's lying
    yo diría que está mintiendo
    no one is suggesting you stole the money
    nadie está diciendo que se robó el dinero
    I suggest (to you) that you are not telling the whole truth
    me atrevería a afirmar que no nos está diciendo toda la verdad
    1.3 (imply, insinuate) what are you trying to suggest by that?
    ¿qué quieres insinuar con eso?
    are you suggesting (that) my son is a thief?
    ¿insinúa usted que mi hijo es un ladrón?
    Example sentences
    • Such scenes suggest the larger problem with the film, which is chiefly one of subtlety.
    • These figures suggest a further significant increase, but they need to be treated with some caution.
    • It has not been suggested that it has any reference, expressed or implied, to arbitration.
    1.4to suggest itselfan idea/a plan suggested itself to him
    se le ocurrió una idea/un plan
    nothing suggests itself
    no se me ocurre nada
  • 2 (indicate, point to) his reaction suggested a guilty conscience
    su reacción indicaba or daba a entender que se sentía culpable
    all the evidence suggests that he was involved
    todas las pruebas indican que él estaba involucrado
    Example sentences
    • An unfinished lead buckle suggests some metalworking was taking place at the site, and there are also crucibles.
    • Residues of zinc and lead may suggest experiments in pottery glaze manufacture.
    • The fact a urine sample had been requested may reasonably have suggested an infection.
  • 3 (evoke, bring to mind) what does this melody suggest to you?
    ¿qué le sugiere esta melodía?
    Example sentences
    • It was certainly a nicer name than platinum, which suggested to me something flat and rather dull.
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