There are 2 translations of sun in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /sʌn/


c and u
  • sol (masculine) the sun is shining hace sol, brilla el sol to rise with the sun levantarse al amanecer the sun's in my eyes me da el sol en los ojos don't stay out in the sun too long no te quedes mucho tiempo al sol let's sit out of/in the sun sentémonos a la sombra/al sol Denver had eight hours of sun yesterday ayer hubo ocho horas de sol en Denver to think the sun shines out of sb's eyes o [slang/argot] backside o [vulgar] arse (British English/inglés británico) creer* que algn es maravilloso under the sun I've tried everything under the sun he probado de todo I've looked everywhere under the sun he buscado por todas partes she called him every name under the sun le dijo de todo there's nothing new under the sun no hay nada nuevo bajo el sol (before noun/delante del nombre) [hat/bonnet] para el sol sun blind (British English/inglés británico) toldo (masculine) sun god dios (masculine) del Sol the Sun King el Rey Sol sun oil aceite (masculine) solar or para el sol sun parlor o (British English/inglés británico) lounge jardín (masculine) de invierno sun umbrella sombrilla (feminine), quitasol (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • Plant it in an area which receives full sun, digging it into soil which has been improved with the addition of compost and manure.
    • Buy them in bloom, and plant them in full sun (light afternoon shade in hot climates).
    • It compensated for standing in the hot sun without proper food or water for five days!

reflexive verb/verbo reflexivo (-nn-)

  • to sun oneself tomar el sol or (in Southern Cone also/en Cono Sur también) tomar sol, asolearse (Latin America/América Latina)

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