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American English: /ʃʊr/
British English: /ʃɔː/
, /ʃʊə/

Translation of sure in Spanish:

adjective surerPronunciation: /ˈʃʊrər/, /ˈʃʊərə(r)/, /ˈʃɔːrə(r)/, surestPronunciation: /ˈʃʊrəst/, /ˈʃʊərɪst/, /ˈʃɔːrɪst/

  • 1 (convinced) (predicative) to be sure about something
    estar seguro de algo
    are you sure about that?
    ¿estás seguro de eso?
    are you quite sure about it?
    ¿estás absolutamente seguro?
    I like it but I'm not too sure about the color
    me gusta, pero el color no me convence del todo
    I'm sure (that) you're right
    estoy seguro de que tienes razón
    I'm not sure I agree with you
    no sé si estoy de acuerdo contigo
    I'm not sure who/why/what …
    no sé muy bien quién/por qué/qué …
    he's not sure what he wants
    no sabe muy bien lo que quiere
    he's not sure if he can come
    no sabe si va a poder venir
    fascinating, I'm sure [ironic]
    ¡interesantísimo, no cabe duda! [ironic]
    to be sure of something/somebody
    estar seguro de algo/alguien
    are you sure of your facts?
    ¿estás seguro de lo que dices?
    I'm sure of one thing: he's a liar
    de una cosa estoy seguro or convencido: es un mentiroso
    he seems very sure of victory
    parece muy seguro de que va a ganar
    we can be sure of a good meal
    seguro que nos dan bien de comer
    tenemos asegurada una buena comida
    I want to be sure of getting there on time
    quiero asegurarme de que voy a llegar a tiempo
    can we be sure of him?
    ¿podemos confiar en él?
    to be sure of oneself
    (convinced one is right) estar seguro
    (self-confident) ser seguro de sí mismo
    Example sentences
    • I'm not sure of his objections but I'm sure, if we try, we can reach agreement to our mutual satisfaction.
    • She came home, sure of a good number of those questions, not as sure about several others.
    • I was absolutely sure of myself, sure I was going to make him proud of me and I did.
  • 2 (certain) one thing is sure: he's lying
    lo que está claro or lo que es seguro es que está mintiendo
    de lo que no cabe duda es de que está mintiendo
    victory is sure
    la victoria está asegurada
    it's sure to rain
    seguro que llueve
    she's sure to be there
    seguro que va a estar allí
    be sure to let me know
    no dejes de avisarme
    be sure not to touch it
    no lo vayas a tocar
    to make sure of something
    asegurarse de algo
    I think I've got everything, but I'll just make sure
    creo que lo tengo todo pero voy a asegurarme or a cerciorarme
    have you made sure of a hotel when you arrive?
    ¿has hecho una reserva en un hotel para cuando llegues?
    make sure (that) you're not late
    no vayas a llegar tarde
    sure thingit's a sure thing they'll find out
    seguro que lo descubren
    no cabe duda que lo descubrirán
    his latest movie is a sure thing
    su última película tiene el éxito asegurado
    sure thing! (as interjection) [colloquial]
    ¡claro (que sí)!
    ¡por supuesto!
  • 3 (accurate, reliable)
    she has a sure grasp of the issues
    conoce estos temas a la perfección
    with a sure touch
    con pulso firme
    con mano segura
    Example sentences
    • Teague scowled, and his wings pressed closer to his back, a sure sign of agitation.
    • Evidence of derelict buildings being refurbished at council expense are a sure sign of the nature of the trust.
    • I delight in such juicy characters and put Bath's book down wanting more of them - a sure sign of a great read.
    Example sentences
    • It lacks the usually sure sense of design that Conran brings.
  • 4 (in phrases) for surewe don't know anything for sure
    no sabemos nada seguro or con seguridad
    we'll win for sure
    seguro que ganamos
    I'm not lending him money again and that's for sure!
    ten por seguro que no le vuelvo a prestar dinero
    no le vuelvo a prestar dinero, de eso no te quepa la menor duda
    to be sure (admittedly) it could be improved on, to be sure, but …
    se podría mejorar, por cierto, pero …
    why, it's Patrick, to be sure! (as interjection)
    ¡anda, mira quien está aquí, si es Patrick!


  • 1 [colloquial] (as intensifier) she sure is clever, she's sure clever
    ¡qué lista es!
    ¡si será lista!
    he sure likes to talk
    ¡cómo le gusta hablar!
    ¡si le gustará hablar!
    he sure could use a bath!
    no le vendría mal darse un baño
    do you like it? — I sure do!
    ¿te gusta? — ¡ya lo creo!
    as sure as I'm standing here, he stole it
    él lo robó, como que me llamo Ana ( or Juan etc. )
    Example sentences
    • For two decades, though, his constituents have sure voted as if they wanted lower taxes.
    Example sentences
    • He wasn't there when I rang but a couple of hours later the answer came back - sure, no problem.
    • Increasingly they do, but, sure, it's a major aspect of the museum that needs to be out there more.
    • She's still a part of my life and, sure, it hurts sometimes to think about us not being together in the same way that we once were.
  • 2 2.1 (of course) sure she loves you
    por supuesto or claro que te quiere
    he'll help you — oh, sure he will! [ironic]
    él te ayudará — sí, ¡seguro! [ironic]
    may I join you? — sure, sit down!
    ¿me permites? — ¡claro que sí or no faltaría más or por supuesto, siéntate!
    2.2 (it's true that) sure, he's a great guy, but …
    es cierto que es un gran tipo, pero …
  • 3sure enough and sure enough, he was late
    y efectivamente or en efecto, llegó tarde
    it's their car sure enough
    efectivamente or en efecto, es su coche
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