Translation of surprised in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /səˈpraɪzd/


  • [look] sorprendido, de sorpresa a surprised Mr Smith said he had no idea why he had been chosen el señor Smith dijo sorprendido que no tenía idea de por qué lo habían elegido a élto be surprised I've never been so surprised in my life! nunca en la vida me había llevado una sorpresa así don't be surprised if he doesn't like it no te sorprenda si no le gusta I wouldn't be at all surprised if she were behind all this no me extrañaría or no me sorprendería nada que ella estuviera detrás de estoto be surprised at sth/sb I'm surprised at John missing a meeting me extraña or me sorprende que John haya faltado a la reunión well, I'm surprised at you, Laura bueno, Laura, me sorprendes she was surprised at how easy it was le sorprendió lo fácil que era I'm surprised (that) me sorprende or me extraña (que) (followed by subjunctive/seguido por subjuntivo) I'm surprised (that) she accepted me sorprende or me extraña que haya aceptado they were surprised that the parcel had arrived so quickly se sorprendieron de que el paquete hubiera llegado tan rápidoto be surprised to + infinitive/infinitivo I was very surprised to hear of your engagement me sorprendió mucho enterarme de tu compromiso

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