There are 2 translations of swat in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /swɑːt; swɒt/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (-tt-)

  • [insect] matar ([ con matamoscas, periódico etc ]); [person] pegarle* un manotazo a
    More example sentences
    • The fly then landed on National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Davis (Va.), who tried in vain to swat the insect.
    • These bats are primarily insectivorous, and most hawk insects in flight, often using their wings like tennis rackets and swatting the insects into the tail membrane.
    • The tail is often used as an ‘extra hand’ to swat insects.
    More example sentences
    • She laughed and swatted him with a towel and we witnessed what we would later come to recognize as the rejuvenating power of real estate.
    • My first game was against Stirling County, and Gareth Flockhart just thought I was some little joker and swatted me.
    • Bob swats him away in anger, calls him a queer and tells him to get out.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (-tt-)

  • to swat at sth intentar darle a algo he was swatting at the wasps estaba tratando de matar las avispas


  • (no plural/sin plural) golpe (masculine) he took a swat at it le dio un manotazo ( or un golpe con el periódico etc)

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There are 2 translations of swat in Spanish:



  • (US police unit)
    Special Weapons And Tactics