There are 2 translations of sweep in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /swiːp/


  • 1 (act) (no pl) barrido (m), barrida (f) give it a sweep dale un barrido or una barrida, bárrelo a clean sweep o (AmE also) a sweep nothing but a clean sweep of all the major prizes would satisfy him solo si barría or arrasaba con todos los premios se iba a quedar contento we can now make a clean sweep of all our debts ahora podemos quitarnos todas las deudas de encima the polls pointed to a coast-to-coast sweep by the President los sondeos pronosticaban un triunfo aplastante del presidente
  • 2 2.1 c (movement) with a sweep of his arm con un amplio movimiento del brazo with a sweep of his scythe con un golpe de la guadaña the broad sweeps of his brush strokes el ancho trazo de sus pinceladas 2.2 c (curve — of road, river) curva (f) notice the superb sweep of the train (of dress) fíjese en la estupenda caída de la cola 2.3 (range) (no pl) alcance (m), extensión (f)
  • 7 c
    (chimney sweep)
    deshollinador, -dora (m,f)
  • 8 c sweepstakes

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There are 2 translations of sweep in Spanish:


vt (past & pp swept)

  • 1 1.1 (clean) [floor/path] barrer; [chimney] deshollinar he swept the room clean o out barrió bien la habitación
    More example sentences
    • She swept out the dirt floor, her broom struck something under the bed.
    • Stable boys were bedding the horses down for the night or sweeping the stabling area clean.
    • ‘We can cram in loads of people and it doesn't matter if anything gets dropped, as it can be swept out the next morning,’ says Skelton.
    1.2 (remove) [leaves/dirt] barrer; [mines] barrer he swept the crumbs off the table limpió la mesa de migas, quitó las migas de la mesa he swept his hair back se echó el pelo hacia atrás she swept the leaves into a pile in the corner barrió la terraza ( or el patio etc) y amontonó las hojas en el rincón he swept the coins into a box con la mano reunió las monedas y las deslizó en una caja to sweep sth under the rug o (BrE) carpet correr un velo sobre algo
    More example sentences
    • Before beginning the sanding procedure carefully sweep all dirt, dust and other debris from the floor.
    • She didn't have a beautiful garden, but she kept the place neat and tidy, even to the point where she swept the bare dirt in her yard.
    • I said that I had a broom but I didn't have a pan to sweep the dirt into.
  • 2 (touch lightly, brush) [surface] rozar* her coat swept the ground as she walked al andar su abrigo rozaba el suelo her hand swept the strings pasó la mano por las cuerdas
    More example sentences
    • Her long, curling dark hair had been swept upwards into the most fashionable style as of late, pinned into place by delicate silver gems that shone in her hair.
    • She picked up her brush and quickly swept her long hair into a fashionable ponytail and then got up and walked over to her closet, which was brimming with clothes.
    • Tilting her face upwards, she swept her long hair back, her hand skimming the stitches along her hairline.
  • 3 3.1 (pass over, across) severe storms swept the coast grandes tormentas azotaron or barrieron la costa the waves of protest that were sweeping the state las olas de protesta que recorrían el estado dismay swept the meeting when the news broke la noticia causó consternación entre los reunidos the epidemic is sweeping the country la epidemia se extiende como un reguero de pólvora por el país 3.2 (remove by force) arrastrar the avalanche swept them to their deaths el alud los arrastró consigo y perdieron la vida we were being swept out to sea by the tide la marea nos arrastraba mar adentro she succeeded in sweeping us along with her enthusiasm consiguió arrastrarnos con su entusiasmo he advanced across Italy sweeping all before him cruzaba Italia arrasando (con) todo a su paso
    More example sentences
    • I was swept along with the crowd and found myself genuinely delighted when Fulham went ahead.
    • She did not wish to go to the top, for she knew what would take place and had no desire to see it, but her own feelings were quelled and she was docilely swept along with the crowd.
    • The riotous crowd around him swept him along through arcane underground tunnels to a vaulted hall.
  • 4 4.1 (scan) recorrer he swept the horizon with his telescope recorría or escudriñaba el horizonte con su telescopio 4.2 (search) [area] peinar, rastrear
    More example sentences
    • The classic example has been the Toronto Blessing, which came to Slovakia via the UK, and swept through many churches affecting thousands of believers.
    • On the morning of August 16, hundreds of soldiers surrounded and swept through areas of the northern town of Mannar and suburbs.
    • Fifty years ago, an epidemic swept across this nation affecting millions of people and lasting for many years.
    More example sentences
    • Then I take off at a jog across the tilled field, carefully avoiding the search tower spotlights which sweep the area under the beady eye of the armed guards.
    • Only seconds after removing the vent cover and ducking inside, nearly a dozen powerful beams of light swept the area in search of the intruder.
    • Lonely eyes swept the room, searching for open arms or warm eyes.
    More example sentences
    • Dressed in an oriental-style black and white top and designer jeans, Georgina held her hand up to her face as the car swept past the waiting crowds.
    • As the fire swept over the car the fuel tank began to boil and a six metre jet of flames spurted out of the back of the car.
    • We walked down the tar road that was shimmering in the heat, dodging the occasional car sweeping past, until we came to the bridge.
  • 5 (win overwhelmingly) our team swept the series nuestro equipo arrolló or arrasó en la serie nobody was surprised when she swept the country a nadie le sorprendió que se impusiera aplastantemente en todo el país

vi (past & pp swept)

  • 1 (+ adv compl) 1.1 (move rapidly) the car swept by o past without stopping el coche pasó rápidamente sin detenerse he swept to power on a wave of popularity una ola de popularidad lo llevó al poder 1.2 (move proudly) she swept into the room entró majestuosamente en la habitación he swept past as if I wasn't there pasó por mi lado con la cabeza en alto, como si yo no existiera
  • 2 (+ adv compl) 2.1 (spread) extenderse* fire swept through the hotel el fuego se propagó or se extendió por todo el hotel panic swept through the ranks cundió el pánico en las filas 2.2 (extend) the path sweeps down to the road el sendero baja describiendo una curva hasta la carretera the river sweeps over the plain to the sea el río recorre la llanura hasta llegar al mar 2.3 (survey) his gaze swept over their faces recorrió sus rostros con la mirada

Phrasal verbs

sweep aside

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 [object] apartar, hacer* a un lado 1.2 [opposition/objection/doubts] desechar

sweep away

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (carry away) [flood/storm] arrastrar, arrasar con 1.2 (abolish) [custom/injustices] erradicar*

sweep up

v + adv (clear up) barrer, limpiar 1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o 2.1 (clear up) [dust/leaves] barrer y recoger* 2.2 (gather up) [belongings/bags] recoger* he swept her up in his arms la levantó en brazos she wears her hair swept up in a bun lleva el pelo recogido en un moño

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