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American English: /swit/
British English: /swiːt/

Translation of sweet in Spanish:

adjective sweeter, sweetest

  • 1 (of taste)
    (with sugar) dulce
    this soup tastes sweet
    esta sopa sabe or está dulce
    the liquid was sweet to the taste
    el líquido tenía un gusto or sabor dulce
    I don't like my coffee too sweet
    no me gusta el café demasiado dulce or azucarado
    avoid sweet things
    evite los dulces
    Example sentences
    • They all exhibit sour, salty, sweet, and bitter tastes or can be any combination of the four.
    • Human taste buds react to four tastes: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.
    • Some people taking the drug simply complain that food has lost its taste, but others report a strongly metallic bitter or sweet taste.
  • 2 2.1 (fresh, wholesome)
    the air smelled sweet after the rain
    después de la lluvia el aire olía a limpio
    Example sentences
    • She enjoyed the shade that the rustling green canopy gave herself and her boyfriend as they sat together, breathing the fresh and sweet air.
    • There breathes in the face a sweet air of the purest grace, with the hair gathered simply, and all the lineaments are formed to beauty and to modesty.
    • Fresh, sweet air breezed past Shana's head, her fawn-colored hair streaming behind her in the gust.
    Example sentences
    • I took in a deep breath and smelled the flowers' sweet fragrance.
    • Never again would she see her mom's sparkling blue eyes when Lillie told her one of her lame jokes, or smell the sweet fragranced perfume her mother always wore.
    • Up closer he could smell the sweet scent of her perfume, he only just realised too how incredibly beautiful she was.
  • 3 3.1 (pleasant, gratifying)
    for him victory/success was sweet
    la victoria/el éxito le supo a gloria
    their applause came as sweet music to my ears
    sus aplausos me sonaron a música celestial
    good night, sweet dreams
    buenas noches y que sueñes con los angelitos
    she always goes her own sweet way
    siempre hace lo que (se) le da la real gana
    Example sentences
    • Ears still stand up, but for the sweet sounds of the silver lining in the music they make together.
    • To walk across fields and meadows in early summer and no longer see a speck in the sky and hear a sweet trill like song and crescendo of melodic notes from the skylark.
    • The sweet sounds of Bach echoed in a seemingly empty loft.
    Example sentences
    • The influence of punk is quite sweet and gratifying.
    • Derry Rovers Youths gained sweet revenge over rivals Spink Celtic in this Shield match played in the Ben Mulhall Park on Sunday, April 7.
    • They are tales of brutal death and sweet revenge, savage slayings and cryptic final words - stories that lift the coffin lid on Yorkshire's grisly past.
    3.2 (kind, lovable)
    she's a very sweet person
    es un encanto (de persona)
    es una persona encantadora
    it was very sweet of her to offer to do it
    fue muy amable de su parte ofrecerse a hacerlo
    it was very sweet of you to buy me flowers
    fue todo un detalle de tu parte comprarme flores
    he says he loves me just to keep me sweet
    dice que me quiere solo para tenerme contenta
    to be sweet on somebody [colloquial]she's sweet on a boy at school
    le gusta mucho un chico del colegio
    está enamoriscada de un chico del colegio [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • But you better not cross her, because even though she's mostly sweet and nice and very pretty, she's not afraid to write a song about you if she has to.
    • I always thought that you were sweet and nice, and you were always there for me.
    • Alyssa had known Valerie for a couple of months then and thought Valerie was a sweet person.
    Example sentences
    • It's a rather sweet and endearing little premise, one which the folks behind this film are hoping that coveted tween market might enjoy.
    • Haden has an endearing and sweet voice and Frisell's guitar is just as elegant and persuasive.
    • Once again, he blew everyone away with his sweet voice and endearing songs about love and loss.
    3.3 (attractive) (baby/puppy)
    rico [colloquial]
    mono [colloquial]
    amoroso (Latin America) [colloquial]


  • 1 (confectionery) (British)
    caramelo (masculine)
    (Latin America excluding Río de la Plata) dulce (masculine)
    she eats too many sweets
    come demasiados caramelos or demasiadas golosinas
    Example sentences
    • Halvais have produced as many variations on their themes as European confectioners have on boiled sugar sweets.
    • Casey James Confectionery Store has sold sweets and candies on St Mary's Street, off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, since 1954.
    • Another point to stress is that they do not seem to have candies or sweets for children: sugar is in short supply and regarded
  • 2 (dessert) (British)
    Example sentences
    • Pudding was rose - flavoured chum chum sweetmeats, lachedar rabri, a milk sweet, and tila kulfi - Indian ice cream on a stick, delivered by cart.
    • A number of desserts and sweets have a national presence, principally a group of milk desserts of the flan or caramel custard family.
    • Faced with multiple sweets and puddings, I simply reclined and used the best of the divan.
  • 3
    also: sweets plural
    3.1 (sugary food) (US)
    dulces (masculine plural)
    avoid all sweets
    procure no comer dulces
    3.2 (pleasures) [literary]
    placeres (masculine plural)
    the sweets of youth
    los placeres de la juventud
    the sweets of victory
    el dulce sabor de la victoria
    Example sentences
    • Or is this repertoire of sweets a taste of things to come for the Indian team?
  • 4 (as form of address) my sweet
    mi vida
    mi cielo
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