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Pronunciation: /ˈsɪstəm/


  • 1 1.1 (ordered structure) sistema (m) , método (m) 1.2 (procedure) sistema (m) filing/classification system sistema de archivo/clasificación to get to know the system familiarizarse* con el sistema there's no system in your approach tu enfoque no es nada sistemático or metódico 1.3 (organizational whole) sistema (m) the prison system el sistema penitenciario
  • 3 3.1 [Anat] [Physiol] the digestive/respiratory system el aparato digestivo/respiratorio the nervous system el sistema nervioso 3.2 (body) cuerpo (m) , organismo (m) my system can't cope with so much food mi cuerpo or mi organismo no puede con tanta comida to get sb/sth out of one's system it took me years to get her out of my system me llevó años olvidarla or sacármela de la cabeza I had to say it; I needed to get it out of my system se lo tuve que decir; me tenía que desahogar it will help get the toxins out of your system te va a ayudar a eliminar las toxinas
  • 4 4.1 (form of government) sistema (m) capitalist/democratic system sistema capitalista/democrático 4.2 (establishment, status quo) the system el sistema it is the system which is at fault lo que falla es el sistema he tried to beat the system intentó burlar el sistema

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