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American English: /tæks/
British English: /taks/

Translation of tax in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable and countable (Finance)
    (in general) impuestos (masculine plural)
    how much tax do you pay
    ¿cuánto paga de impuestos?
    free of tax to pay one's taxes
    pagar los impuestos
    I paid $1,500 in tax(es)
    pagué 1.500 dólares de or en impuestos
    to put or place a tax on something
    gravar algo con un impuesto
    federal/state taxes (in US)
    impuestos federales/estatales or del estado
    tax on goods/services
    impuesto sobre mercancías/servicios
    tax deducted at source
    retenciones (feminine plural) fiscales
    it can be offset against tax(es)
    es desgravable
    before/after taxes or (British) taxI earn £17,000 before/after tax(es)
    gano 17.000 libras sin descontar/descontados los impuestos
    gano 17.000 libras brutas/netas
    profits before/after tax(es)
    beneficios (masculine plural) antes/después de impuestos
    (Latin America also) utilidades (feminine plural) antes/después de impuestos
    the first £2,000 is free of tax (British)
    las primeras 2.000 libras son or están libres de impuestos
    $20 including tax
    20 dólares impuestos incluidos
    (before noun) tax abatement or (British) relief tax base
    base (feminine) imponible or impositiva
    tax burden
    carga (feminine) tributaria or fiscal
    I get tax credits for my mortgage (US)
    me desgravan el interés sobre la hipoteca
    tax demand
    solicitud (feminine) de pago de impuestos
    tax form
    formulario (masculine) de declaración de renta
    tax incentive tax law
    (discipline) derecho (masculine) tributario
    tax loophole for tax purposes
    a efectos fiscales or impositivos
    tax rebate or refund
    devolución (feminine) de impuestos
    tax revenue
    ingresos (masculine plural) tributarios or fiscales
    recaudación (feminine) fiscal or tributaria
    the tax system
    el sistema or el régimen tributario or fiscal
    the tax year (in UK)
    el año or ejercicio fiscal
    Example sentences
    • It would have replaced the corporate income tax with a tax on the net return to capital for all businesses.
    • All local governments in Kenya have taxing authority, including the right to levy a tax on property.
    • Thus a tax on rent may represent a violation of justice while a tax on other incomes does not.
  • 2 (strain) (no plural) it was a tax on my resources
    me puso a prueba
    it proved too great a tax on his health
    su salud no lo resistió
    Example sentences
    • The only tax on the reader's mind is to remember as many facts as possible.

transitive verb

  • 1
    we're being taxed too highly
    nos están cobrando demasiado en impuestos
    my income is taxed at source
    mis ingresos ya vienen con los impuestos descontados
    Example sentences
    • Otherwise the profits are taxed at the full rate.
    • This can represent a significant tax saving, compared with an ordinary share option scheme where the option is generally exempt, but the gain is taxed at income tax rates.
    • Profits from unincorporated businesses are taxed at 15 percent.
  • 2 2.1 (strain)
    poner a prueba
    Example sentences
    • The need to properly categorize, inventory and secure the massive number of garments and shoes must have taxed their resources and creativity.
    • And director Jasper Bagg takes on the title role with energy and commitment, though sometimes its sheer weight seems to be taxing his powers to the limit.
    • Radeschi said the community's resources have been taxed by dealing with troubled youth.
    2.2 (charge) [formal]to tax somebody with something
    acusar a alguien de algo
    she became evasive when taxed with the matter
    contestó con evasivas cuando se le planteó directamente el asunto
    Example sentences
    • Tax me with my crimes!
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