Translation of teach in Spanish:


(past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado taught)
Pronunciation: /tiːtʃ/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 [subject] dar* clases de, enseñar he teaches handicapped children da clase(s) a or es profesor de niños minusválidos I teach a class of 40 tengo una clase de 40 (alumnos) the course is taught by Dr Green el curso lo da or [formal] lo imparte el profesor Green to teach school (American English/inglés norteamericano) dar* clase(s) en un colegio to teach sth to sb dar* clase(s) de algo a algn, enseñar algo a algn I teach French to businessmen doy clase(s) de francés or enseño francés a hombres de negocios he taught himself Greek aprendió griego él solo or por su cuenta to teach sb to + infinitive/infinitivo enseñarle a algn a + infinitive/infinitivo she taught him to read/swim le enseñó a leer/nadar they taught us to believe in God nos enseñaron a creer en Dios will you teach me how to do that trick? ¿me enseñas (a hacer) ese truco? teach them who's boss demuéstrales quién manda
    More example sentences
    • This guide contains all the skills and requirements as well as the background and reference information needed to teach the skills.
    • How the information and skills are taught are considered to be equally as important as the award itself.
    • Interventions can provide the information and teach the skills necessary to implement those strategies.
    1.2 (cause to learn) to teach sb to + infinitive/infinitivo enseñar a algn a + infinitive/infinitivo this will teach you to appreciate what you've got esto te enseñará or así aprenderás a valorar lo que tienes I'll teach you to tell lies! ¡ya te voy a enseñar yo a ti a decir mentiras!, ¡para que aprendas a no mentir! that'll teach her eso le servirá de lección or de escarmiento history teaches us that power corrupts la historia (nos) enseña que el poder corrompe
    More example sentences
    • The experience of many decades had taught us to understand that the black poor of our country valued a just peace as deeply as they valued their lives.
    • The experience taught me how much it's possible to learn away from home in a new environment.
    • Experience teaches us, however, that humility often departs when the remembrance of imperfections grows more distant.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • dar* clase(s) I teach at o in the local school doy clase(s) en el colegio del barrio I'd like to teach me gustaría ser profesor or dedicarme a la enseñanza

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