There are 3 translations of tender in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈtendər; ˈtendə(r)/


  • 1.1 (sensitive, vulnerable) [spot] sensible; [issue] delicado, espinoso it still feels a bit tender todavía me duele/me molesta un poco despite her tender years a pesar de su corta or tierna edad at the tender age of 12 a la tierna edad de 12 años
    More example sentences
    • She got up, raising her tender body onto her left elbow.
    • A slight splinter can chafe the skin until it is tender and sore.
    • She winced in pain as her sheets slid against her tender skin.
    More example sentences
    • It was already a very tender and awkward situation.
    More example sentences
    • This young man, at the tender age of 24 years, was the victim of a tragic accident.
    • At the tender age of 25, she is quickly becoming an authority on urban fashion.
    • The teen singer and actress has been in showbusiness since the tender age of nine.
    1.2 (soft) [meat] tierno cook the leeks until tender hervir los puerros hasta que estén tiernos
    More example sentences
    • The stew was filled with tender meat, beans, barley and carrots.
    • There are fresh fruit juices and tender coconut.
    • Her plate was heaped with several good, thick slices of tasty, tender pork.
    1.3 (affectionate, loving) [gesture/smile/thought] tierno he has a tender heart tiene buen corazón
    More example sentences
    • He took my hand and laid a gentle, tender kiss on it.
    • His kisses were tender and gentle.
    • His voice as tender and gentle as his kiss.

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There are 3 translations of tender in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 c u [Busn] (offer) propuesta (f), oferta (f), plica (f) (Esp) to put sth out to tender sacar* algo a concurso or a licitación, licitar algo (esp AmS) to make o put up o submit a tender for sth presentarse a concurso or a una licitación para algo
    More example sentences
    • The tenders were evaluated on price, experience of the tenderer, methodology, quality and technical merit.
    • The Department of Defence has invited tenders to supply the air force with six new military helicopters.
    • The corporation sought tenders for the land.
    1.2 u
    (legal tender)
    moneda (f) de curso legal
  • 2 c 2.1 [Rail] ténder (m) 2.2 [Naut] embarcación (f) pequeña, gabarra (f)
    More example sentences
    • You can tie up your own tender at the dinghy docks or go ashore in one of the harbor launches.
    • Some served as motor torpedo boat tenders, battle damage repair ships or aircraft engine repair ships.
    • Re-crewed and supplied by ocean-going tenders, the ships could pursue fish anywhere in the world for months on end without ever visiting a port or even sighting land.
    More example sentences
    • On this particular day, my fireman and I had old #19 steamed up, oiled, greased, with a full tender of water and fuel.
    • These near-indestructable Hi-Riser cars were rebuilt in the 1960's from steam locomotive tenders.
    • Two tenders behind are spare water cars for work train service.

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There are 3 translations of tender in Spanish:



  • [company] presentarse a concurso or a una licitación to tender for a contract presentarse a concurso or a una licitación para obtener un contrato
    More example sentences
    • The new policy sets out clear procedures for religious groups to follow in tendering for land designated for purposes of worshipping.
    • We did prevent British companies from tendering for contracts and supplies.
    • He is part of a consortium tendering for a licence in Scotland.


  • [formal] [resignation/apologies] presentar, ofrecer* he tendered his services as an adviser ofreció sus servicios or se ofreció como asesor please tender exact fare (BrE) se ruega entregar el importe exacto
    More example sentences
    • He formally tendered his resignation to the president the following day.
    • He formally tendered his resignation on reaching the age of 75.
    • The four employees concerned had tendered their resignations.

Definition of tender in: